Lange 1815 And Saxony’s Important Invention

Lange’s 1815 watch series is reminiscent of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, the founder of the Saxony precision watch industry born in Dresden the same year. 1815 was also a turning point in European history: Napoleon returned from the last battle in Waterloo. The Vienna Conference established a new international order. Innovative inventions have also accelerated the advent of the industrial age and brought endless inspiration to young people like Ferdinando Adolf Lange. The David Safety Light, introduced in 1815, is one of the new inventions.

   Deep underground: miner safety lights and 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR under the ‘Reiche Zeche’ mine in Freiberg, Saxony. Since pocket watches were rare at the time, miner’s lamps also had a time display function. Workers are accustomed to calculating the working hours by the duration of the miner’s light.
   The mining industry, which has been the source of Saxony’s wealth since the Middle Ages, ushered in a major breakthrough in 1815. This has since saved the lives of thousands of miners worldwide and enabled the development of new resources. In 1815, the British chemist Humphry Davy successfully developed a safety light, eliminating a major threat to underground work at the time by miners, which was the explosion of biogas. When the concentration of biogas in a mine reaches a critical level, even the smallest spark can cause a fatal explosion.
   David observed that when a highly explosive biogas / air mixture was confined to a narrow metal tube with a diameter of less than 3.5 mm, it would not ignite. This inspired him to place the flame of a miner’s lamp in a round tube wrapped in a tight mesh. The result was very successful. The thermal conductivity of the metal kept the temperature of the flammable gas below the ignition point, thereby preventing the explosion of biogas. Another benefit of this invention is that any biogas entering the tube through the metal mesh will light blue fire at the top of the flame. Now, miners can judge the concentration of biogas around the air through the size of this aperture.
   However, David lamps also have the disadvantage that the smoke and dust formed on the screen will reduce the brightness. However, the quick Saxons quickly found a workaround. In 1884, Carl Wolf from Zwickau was awarded a patent for a gasoline lamp with a borosilicate glass tube. This lamp does not accumulate soot and burns brighter, and became popular after its launch. Friemann & Wolf soon became the world’s largest manufacturer of mining lamps. During the same period, Lange became synonymous with Saxony’s watchmaking craftsmanship and became internationally renowned.
   The ‘Reiche Zeche’ in Freiberg was commissioned in 1384. This is the oldest mine in Saxony on record. The Himmelfahrt-Fundgrube to which this mine belongs was once the largest and most productive mine in the region, with more than a thousand horizontal roadways. Today, it is a research and training mine managed by TU Bergakademie Freiberg, an internationally renowned mining technology university.

Fifteen Fifteen, You Must Buy A Summer Travel Essential Watch

How to choose a watch for your favorite summer trip? In the face of high pricing, you don’t want to ‘give everything out’ in terms of design and quality? There are so many choices, which one is the ‘Mr. Right’ in your mind? CaptainCook mechanical watch from RADO radar watch, inspired by the sailing pioneer Captain Cook three times in the Pacific Ocean. Captain Cook, who has a long history of navigation and adventure, is perhaps the new watch of choice this summer! (Model: R32505305)

 The new RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook automatic 42mm watch series retains the extraordinary elements that made the prototype watch launched in 1962 a great success, and is made of RADO’s popular iconic materials, set The landmark breakthrough elements of RADO are all in one, giving the watch its endless charm while possessing the characteristics of a prototype watch.

 The shape has always played an important role in the design of the RADO Swiss Rado watch. The classic shape of the new RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook automatic 42mm watch has given this series an extraordinary charm. The design of the sword-shaped and arrow-shaped hands and the arched dial is loyal to the original, and the style is outstanding.

Wedge-shaped luminous scale real shot, date display window at three o’clock

 The new RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook Automatic 42mm Anchor-shaped logo base with a 1960s-style artificial ruby, this famous swingable anchor-type logo has now become automatic for all RADO Swiss radars Iconic features of mechanical watches.

Table mirror detail real shot

 RADO Swiss Rado used the sapphire glass for the first time in 1962. Nowadays, this material has replaced the plexiglass in the prototype model, and it has become the full range of RADO Swiss Rado watches. The iconic material of the watch greatly improves the wear resistance of the watch while retaining its box-shaped appearance.

Bezel detail real shot

   The sunken rotating bezel of the new watch is made of high-tech ceramic that is not easy to wear. Since 1986, RADO has been using this remarkable high-tech material to create watches.

Crown detail real shot

 The dial and bezel of the prototype Captain Cook are black, while the new RADO Captain
The Captain Cook Automatic 42mm watch is crafted from a polished black ceramic bezel. As early as 1986, RADO used polished black high-tech ceramics in the Integral Precision Ceramics watch, setting a precedent for the brand to use high-tech ceramics.

Snap buckle with ‘RADO’ brand logo

Strap detail real shot

The back of the case is engraved with three seahorses that symbolize the spirit of the brand
 Like the 1962 prototype, this design underscores RADO’s relentless pursuit of quality and precision. New RADO Captain
Captain Cook’s 42mm automatic watch is equipped with Swiss high-quality C07 movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, making RADO Captain
Captain Cook watches can better meet the needs of modern consumers. And as can be seen from the detailed real shot of the case back, the strap is equipped with a quick release device, which also makes it easier and more convenient for us to replace the strap ourselves.

Summary: Brand-new high-tech ceramic color matching is the new RADO Swiss radar table Captain
Another noteworthy element of the Captain Cook automatic 42mm watch series. At present, this series has also launched other color schemes, including blue and green, giving you more choices. The domestic price of this watch is 1,4900 and it is now fully available. The new Captain Cook Captain Cook series watches are available at RADO’s official Tmall flagship store,’s self-owned flagship store and major sales outlets nationwide. Friends who like it may wish to consult at the store or call the official phone for more information.

Time Is Water, Reflecting Our Love Look

If I were a poet on the riverside, I would surely leave you in the tip of a pen, lingering on the abyss of the distant sea.

A blue wave, ripples floating

When the rain beats you and me

And played the most romantic voice

(Left) Cartier Clé de Cartier watch men’s recommended retail price: 138,000 yuan
(Right) Cartier Clé de Cartier series women’s watch Suggested retail price: 187,000 RMB

Ears, your tenderness sounds for a long time

I can see your lovely face in my dreams

(Left) Women’s Cartier Clé de Cartier Watch Suggested retail price: 99,500 RMB
 (Right) Cartier Clé de Cartier watch men’s recommended retail price: 138,000 yuan

I lay by the soft dream bed and began to miss

When I wake up, there is still a fascinating obsession

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 (Right) Cartier Clé de Cartier series women’s watch Suggested retail price: 235,000 RMB

I have left footprints in the past

I hope to be a shining star in your future time

(Left) Cartier Clé de Cartier series women’s watch Suggested retail price: 59,800 yuan
(Right) Cartier Clé de Cartier watch men’s recommended retail price: 73,000 yuan

Winter night, summer day

Time is water, reflecting the way you and I love

(Left) Cartier Clé de Cartier series suggested retail price: 37,700 yuan
(Right) Cartier Clé de Cartier series suggested retail price: 73,000 yuan

Although it is like a flower, it is like a stream of water

I hope the river can flow in a long time and record the warmth between us