Inventory Of High-end Watches Of Impure Origin

With the diversification of aesthetic needs and the avant-garde design, in addition to focusing on the innovation of materials and movements, the design of the watch has also become the key to success. The classic models of big luxury brands are usually quite distinctive in appearance, and the natural design advantages make these watches more suitable for young people to wear. In the hearts of watchmakers, it seems that only traditional and pure blood watch brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex and Omega are the only choices when buying watches. It is true that the influence of old-fashioned high-end watch brands is deeply ingrained, but judging from the order situation of various watch brands this year, a group of not so pure pedigrees is creating sales success, and they are the top luxury brands we are most familiar with.
Large luxury collective collective market share
LV bags, Chanel perfumes, Burberry trench coats, Hermes leather goods, Bulgari jewelry. If you think this is the product that big luxury brands should sell, then you are totally wrong. Today’s high-end watch market has already become another position of these top luxury brands, and they are still good.
Hermes sales last year were about 3.78 billion US dollars, an increase of 18.3%, a record high, of which the watch business grew the most strongly, reaching 23.2%; Louis Vuitton Group sales in 2011 rose 16% to 31.2 billion US dollars, of which watch and jewelry business growth The fastest, 23%, thanks to the group’s successful acquisition of Bulgari last year.
Classic watch introduction
With the diversification of aesthetic needs and the avant-garde design, in addition to focusing on the innovation of materials and movements, the design of the watch has also become the key to success. The classic models of luxury brands are usually quite distinctive in appearance. The natural design advantages make these watches more suitable for young people to wear. The following editors recommend them to you.
Louis Vuitton
10 years ago, Louis Vuitton began to involve the production of watches and jewelry, and set up a dedicated watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, in the Jura Mountains. Louis Vuitton combines the technologies of LVMH Group’s watch brands TAGHeuer, Zenith and Hublot to create a brand of exclusive Louis Vuitton watch series. In 2002, it launched the first watch series-Tambour.
This is a high-end watch with the theme of road travel. The design of this watch is quite sophisticated. The design of the 44mm dial is inspired by the dashboard of old racing cars. The strong movement creates the retro atmosphere of the cold industrial era. The Louis Vuitton brand “V” engraved on the small second dial is subtly merged with the two dots on the left and right. It is like an oncoming car. The brand identity echoes and is specially designed.
实用 From a practical point of view, this watch also has a practical speedometer function to help the wearer accurately calculate the average speed of the vehicle during the journey. The operation method is very simple: press the 2-point chronograph button, the central chronograph second hand of the watch will start running; when driving to one kilometer, press the button again, the chronograph second hand will stop rotating. At this time, the red scale value fixed on the dial is the average speed of the wearer currently traveling one kilometer.
的 The Hermès watch factory based in Biel, Switzerland, has added a belt-making workshop since 2006, becoming the first watch manufacturer to make its own belt. Early Hermès watches were equipped with movements made by famous watchmakers such as Movado, Jaeger-leCoultre, Lip, Vacheron Constaintin, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, etc .; since 2003, Hermès has an alliance with the well-known movement manufacturer Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier with a long history. , Began to design and develop the brand’s own dedicated movement. In 2006, Hermès formally invested in Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier (currently owning 25% equity), further consolidating and strengthening its ability to manufacture movements. In fact, Hermès has always focused on the development and innovation of watchmaking technology.
Hermes Arceau Time Suspendu
Time is considered immutable, but for Hermès time is a good friend. It imparts luster to leather and enriches history through many small stories. It is a real asset and it stimulates imagination. This inspiration Hermes finally practiced on this watch.
At first glance, the appearance of the Arceau Time Suspended timepiece is nothing special except for the retrograde date at five o’clock. But as long as you press the knob at the nine o’clock position, the hour and minute hands will jump to the V shape between 11:30 and 12:30, and the date hand will be hidden under the dial. At this time, the movement of the movement under the dial is still working, but the connection with the hands is cut off. As long as the handle is pressed again, all hands will instantly jump back to the correct time. This world’s first time-pause module was developed by Geneva-based independent watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. It took three and a half years to develop and produce. After pressing the handle, the hour hand, minute hand and date hand suspend time in a retrograde manner at the same time. A retrograde watch with a 360-degree retrograde movement of the hour and minute hands is also patented.
In terms of watch manufacturing, since the Bulgari Bulgari watch series became popular all over the world in the late 1970s, Bulgari tried to take full control of the design and manufacture of the watch, and in 1982 established Bulgari Time in Switzerland. Since then, Bulgari’s various watch series have been well received, prompting the Group to spend huge sums of money to start vertical integration, becoming one of the world’s leading vertical integration watch brands. Through continuous acquisition and running-in, in 2006, Bulgari also The ultimate goal of designing, producing and assembling the movement by itself was achieved, and a series of watchmaking initiatives were completed.
Bvlgari Gerald Genta Octo Collection
The classic interpretation of the octagon not only perfectly combines the geometric lines and the design of the watch, but also brings a lot of surprises to watch lovers. This watch is called from the perspective of materials and craftsmanship. It is a model of art design.
This design is easily reminiscent of Audemars Piguet’s classic series-Royal Oak. However, compared with the rough masculine of the Royal Oak, the simple and generous face of the Bulgari Octo watch and the unique middle case and bezel composed of 110 facets show another more noble temperament.
The Bvlgari Gerald Genta Octo series watch is equipped with BVL193 self-winding movement, which is a meaningful work that naturally deserves to be paired with an outstanding ‘calibre’. With hour, minute and second hands display, date window at three o’clock. The movement frequency is 4Hz, with two barrels, enhanced long-term isochronism, and a power reserve of about 50 hours. BVL193 follows the standards of high-end watches and is crafted to the highest level of self-made movements without any dispute.
In 2012, the most photogenic watch inventory, Chanel’s J12 with the highest appearance frequency and the most sought after stars occupy a seat. The J12 series was born in 2000. In 2003, the J12 white watch was born. It was extremely popular at the beginning and led another wave of white watches. J12 embodies the values ​​promoted by the founder Coco Chanel: bold creativity, innovation, simplicity and purity, neutral temperament, and elegant style. From any perspective, this watch is the continuation of the spirit of the Chanel brand.
Chanel J12 Chromatic Titanium Ceramic Watch
As the latest interpretation of Chanel J12, this watch with ‘stormy’ color has its own uniqueness in terms of color and material. The use of new high-tech precision titanium ceramic materials makes this watch has many advantages: lightness, constant temperature, wear resistance and so on. The new polishing technology has a stormy color. The choice of different models of 33, 38 and 41 mm also highlights humanity.
10On October 3, 2012, Burberry announced the release of The Britain men’s and women’s mechanical watch series, which is a beautiful tribute to Burberry’s 156-year history and culture, British functional design, and superb craftsmanship that Burberry values. In this series and the details of the design of the watch, you can see the classic Burberry color scheme, while the transparent case back of the automatic movement watch highlights the complex movement structure and excellent Swiss manufacturing technology.
英 Burberry British fashion watch
In the words of Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey: ‘This is a watch with the same design philosophy and manufacturing process as the Burberry Trench trench coat. The relaxed and casual style makes this watch elegant and moving.’ 47 mm case The unique arc octagonal design is inspired by antique British bottle caps. The exposed screws make him full of masculine charm. The power reserve display at 6 o’clock and the window calendar at 3 o’clock mark his pragmatism. In general, this is a daily watch that is designed to be quite brilliant, and it is a super weapon with a windbreaker.

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin Pocket Watch Sells Amazing Prices

A 20-karat gold Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin complication pocket watch from the renowned collector James Ward Packard was successfully sold at Christie’s for $ 1.8 million. More than three times the estimate before the auction.
Christie’s auction in New York proves once again that Vacheron Constantin’s strong appeal to international collectors. During the auction, bidders from around the world showed great interest. This distinguished watchmaker based in Geneva was created by the famous American car manufacturer and fine watch collector James Ward Packard (1863 – 1928). Pocket watches set an absolute record and become a classic. He was the first American collector to work directly with the Geneva watchmaker to create a unique watch collection.

At an auction in New York, Vacheron Constantin’s 20-karat gold pocket watch (lot n ° 100) proved its undisputed star at a high price of $ 1.8 million.
A truly outstanding timepiece has the same outstanding results: In addition to displaying the hours, minutes and seconds under the rock crystal glass, this pocket watch also has complex functions combined with personalization, including timekeeping, three questions and two questions Time telling and half-ask, big and small self-talking and a 30-minute timer.

The back is decorated with the gorgeous blue enamel monogram JWP, which was designed by James Ward Packard himself and produced in Geneva. This elegant pocket watch is still in perfect condition and has been placed in a bank intact for the past 60 years.
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