The Vast Starry Sky Tasting Piaget Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch

At the 2019 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show (SIHH). Piaget presents a new Altiplano watch, incorporating Piaget’s iconic classic design. The ultra-thin watchmaking process, extraordinary gem setting, extending to the hard gem application of meteorite material, has become the finishing touch of this watch.

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052)

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052) Dial Details

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052) Date Display Details

  This 40mm rose gold Altiplano meteorite watch expresses the vastness of the starry sky. The dial is made of dark blue meteorite. The design of the hour and minute display is simple and pure. The date window is set at three o’clock, perfectly reflecting Piaget’s ultra-thin wrist It is the essence of elegance and timelessness. The 18K rose gold bezel is set with 73 diamonds weighing about 1.00 carats, making the watch more like a starry night sky.

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052)

   Piaget Blue’s unique dark blue tone is between cobalt blue and midnight blue. The dial is like a sky, showing a completely different appearance with the change of the sun’s light. The walking light exerts dazzling magic of light and shadow. The watch shows vividness in the changing light Fascinating light.

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052) Case Back
   This watch is equipped with Piaget’s own 1203P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement, which is only 3 mm thick, making the watch very lightweight. On the bottom cover, you can see the gray gold rotor with the Count Family Medal engraved.

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052) Crown

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052) Strap

   The real shot on the side shows how thin this watch is, but the Piaget 1203P automatic winding movement can provide the watch with a power reserve of about 44 hours. The crown is engraved with the Piaget ‘P’ logo, and the strap uses a blue alligator strap similar to the dial, with an 18K rose gold pin buckle.

Piaget New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial Watch (G0A44052)
   It is not uncommon to add a meteorite dial to a watch, but not so many beautiful blue meteorites are used. On this ultra-thin watch, the ring-shaped Geneva corrugated decoration, the polished round main plate and the chamfered bridge are enough to see the earl’s attention to detail. This watch is limited to 300 pieces. I don’t know who can get it in it.
   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 SIHH Geneva International Watch Salon brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

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Celestial 5102g Patek Philippe Watch

Estimated price: 1300000-1600000 HKD
White gold case, self-winding movement, blue starry dial, moon phase, lunar orbit and Sirius display, meanwhile, it can also display the midday time of Sirius and the moon.
简 [Short Comment]
Ld ‘Celestial’ was first born in Patek Philippe in 1933 at the request of a customer, a pocket watch containing 24 complex functions. It wasn’t until the launch of the Caliber89 pocket watch with 33 functions in 1989 that the title of the most complicated function watch was made.
StarStar Caliber 2000 introduced in 2000. The Patek Philippe Heavenly King 5002 ‘Sky Moon’ watch that was subsequently launched, the simple version of the 5102 represented by this Lot, and the 5106 special edition specially launched for Only Watch, all adopted this concept. Patek Philippe 5102G is a frequent visitor to major auction companies. Compared with the 5102J in the gold case, the platinum version is on average 10% higher.
In the first half of this year, the transaction price of Patek Philippe 5102G fluctuated around 1.7 million Hong Kong dollars. This also revealed from the side a feature of Christie’s valuation strategy: attracting expression through lower valuations, and then relying on the fiery atmosphere of the site to raise the price point. The end result is that, for seemingly undervalued important lots, the final transaction price is often higher than the normal price.
Those who often linger in the world’s major watch auction houses, must be proficient in this way, so for a certain number of ‘estimated price’ has been used as a bargaining chip, often dismissive. Individuals who have been tempted to increase their prices due to the bottom valuation, and eventually make high-price transactions, should also be happy when they spend a few more dollars to buy a few minutes. After all, this is also one of the fun of playing watches.

Meidu Belem Celli Multifunctional Chronograph Moon Phase Watch

Astrology and time are two cosmic phenomena that human beings have been obsessed with since history. The astral movement is imaginative, and the rhythm of time brings human beings an enlightenment to life. The regular operation of the moon has an inseparable relationship with the continuous flow of time. As early as 2000 BC, the ancients used the equation of 12 full moons per year and a period of 29.5 days per month to perform calendar calculations. The moon is like this The subtle cyclical changes in the cycle from the new moon, the first quarter moon to the full moon, and then to the second quarter moon have added infinite fun to human life, and also affected the tide and all related activities. The moon phase watch was born when the master watchmaker used mechanical operation to show the luster of the moon, and the infinite changes in the vast starry sky were hidden in a small movement. The deep roots between the stars and the time are unobstructed.

  The Mido Berencelli multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch has a harmonious and beautiful overall shape, and the details are sculpted and refined. It combines elegant style with precision technology, the right shape design, the finest detail processing, and the harmonious and symmetrical vault. The curved radians make this watch an impeccable look. Inheriting the harmonious and gorgeous design concept of the Rennes Opera House in France, the Belem Celli series multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch has a delicate curve, exuding the ancient and mysterious elegant temperament connotation, under the quiet night sky, the Rennes Theater in France, the lights are brilliant In the hall, there is a flowing movement; a bright moon outside the hall is clear and clear; the night is quiet, the head looks at the moon, and the infinite reverie is exciting.

  Belem Sairee Moon Phase PVD rose gold-plated dial shines in the moonlight, symbolizing the long-distance jade plate; the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, under the mapping of the starry sky, The timing and readings are clearer; the diamond-polished hands repeat the last week on the dial, recording the passage of time and the constant friendship to friends and relatives; the transparent case back can easily observe the strong movement of the multifunctional mechanical movement and the carved The finely carved oscillating weight operation, as if in the vast starry sky, is a sincere heart in the jade pot; the date display on the dial is concise, clear, easy to read, and the sand on the wrist sees through the years. Mido Berencelli series multi-functional chronograph moon phase watch, carrying the deep love and deep thoughts for loved ones, friends, and loved ones, and time is recorded minute by minute, it is never Burnout Time Keeper. Mido Berencelli multifunctional chronograph moon phase watch with a diameter of 42mm, equipped with automatic winding power reserve function. At 6 o’clock, there is an hour lap and a gorgeous moon phase ring. At 12 o’clock, the minute hand counts. At the same time, two small hollow windows display the month and week respectively. The dial is extended by a date circle on the inside of the dial. Take the date. The two concentric circles at 9 o’clock play the functions of the second hand and 24-hour timekeeping respectively. The black rolled crocodile leather calfskin leather watch shows the charm of a mature and elegant gentleman’s wrist, while also exposing deep love to your dear ones. At the same time, the Mido Berencelli series multi-function chronograph moon phase watch is also equipped with a stainless steel case with a belt to choose from. I believe that in this beautiful and long-term Mid-Autumn Festival, you and your family will experience Swiss watchmaking. While enjoying the unique charm and excellent craftsmanship, enjoy the most wonderful moon phase scenery on your wrist.

Technical Information

Mido Belem Celli Men’s Watch
Movement Mechanical multifunctional automatic and manual winding. MIDO1321 movement (based on ETAValjoux7751) 13¼’’, diameter 30.00mm, thickness 7.90mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swing / hour, gold-plated nickel balance. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, rounded gums, Geneva ripples and a logo-torped automatic rotor, with a 46-hour power reserve.
Function Hours, minutes and seconds display, 24-hour timekeeping, multi-function; date, week, month, moon phase indication; time: hour and minute hands, short second hand and 24-hour chronograph hand at 9 o’clock; multi-function timekeeping: 60-second timekeeping in the center The 30-minute time lap is at 12 o’clock, and the 12-hour time lap is at 6 o’clock; Date-Day-Month: The date hand is in the center, and the day and month are displayed at 12 o’clock.
Case 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back can see the carefully crafted movement, 11-digit serial number, 50 meters waterproof.
Strap Black calfskin leather strap with rolled crocodile pattern and PVD rose gold-plated folding buckle.
Dial White dial with independent scale display
Hands Diamond Cut and Polished

About Swiss Mido
In 1918, the experienced and talented master watchmaker George Sharon founded the Swiss Mido in Solothurn, Switzerland. Its name comes from the Spanish word ‘Yomido’, which means ‘I measure’. Mido aims to make a watch that perfectly combines practical functions with unlimited value. MIDO entered China for the first time in 1938, when it was called ‘meter’. In 2000, MIDO entered China again under the name of ‘Meitu’ under the SWATCH Group.
Real design is more resistant to the flow of time than the trend of the moment. Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, and interprets the philosophy of time and space art together with the architecture, and wears eternal architecture with inspiration and creativity on people’s wrists: from the Great Wall of China to the landmark building of New York, from the ancient The Colosseum from Rome to the Arcade of Emmanuel II in Milan, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Rennes Opera House in France, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Cape Europa Lighthouse in Gibraltar … From the Great Wall, Bruner, Perfection, Belem Celli, Helmsman, Commander, Starfish and other series watches, they all accurately interpret the classic motto of ‘inspired and timeless’ with classic design.
While emphasizing timeless design, Mido is also one of the brands of choice for Swiss official observatory-certified watches. For nearly a century since its birth, Mido has always insisted on manufacturing 100% Swiss-made watches with high-quality materials, precise movements, excellent waterproof performance, and long-term ownership.
The Swiss Mido watch is no longer a mechanical product that simply records time, but a symbol of taste and a timeless interpretation.