Moderately Spreading Fantasy Nights Is Really An Exaggeration

From the West to the East, Halloween is more and more a night when hipsters are happy to dress up. On this night full of pumpkins and fancy dresses, everyone fully exerted their imagination to dress up. From dress to accessories, one cannot be ignored. Although the changes in ‘strange’ watches are not as rich as clothes and jewelry, you can make a big fuss about colors, patterns, shapes, and make it your topic and focus. Of course, the watches we have introduced have the principle of ‘modest exaggeration and amusement’ to ensure that you can still use these watches to go out on Halloween days.
Two ‘pumpkin’ sports watches suitable for daily wear
1. Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe Watch 2. Mido Helmsman Series Special Watch
The two watches have their own advantages. The Omega Seahorse series is even more flamboyant. In addition to the strap, even the bezel, timing button and scale are decorated with pumpkin color, which is very high-profile. In addition, it has a revolutionary coaxial chronograph movement, which is definitely not out of the ordinary; Mido this helmsman watch is relatively low-key in comparison, with the orange details on the streamlined black dial The design echoes the strap, and the ETA7750 multi-function movement is tried and tested and very stable. The waterproof depth of 100 meters and the more affordable price make this watch sought after after listing!
Seemingly ordinary but can light up the night
说 Let me first say that this seemingly easiest element to cater to Halloween night-pumpkin-colored strap! If you wear a watch with this color strap, even if you are all black from head to toe, it will make others look like the word ‘Yingjing’. As one of the indispensable symbols of Halloween, the pumpkin can be said to be everywhere, and the bright orange yellow color is a symbol of Halloween. The most practical thing is that, except for Halloween, as long as you wear casual clothes, you can wear them every day! The appearance rate is extremely high!
An extremely luxurious ‘pumpkin’ jewelry watch
宝 齐莱雅丽 嘉华 系列 watch
谁 Can anyone control this watch? The pearl fish skin strap, covered with various gem-staggered surfaces, cases and lugs, is really luxurious! Although it is a collection of various colors, the dial color with yellow and orange as the main theme caters to the theme of ‘pumpkin’, which is really the best watch for various parties and events!
In addition to pumpkin color, there are fluorescent colors!
de GRISOGONO fluorescent watch
In fact, the de GRISOGONO brand itself has a dark aesthetic meaning, and it is best at using black diamonds. Although this watch does not have a pumpkin-colored upper body, the fluorescent green is very eye-catching. It is covered with straps, dial scales and hands. If you do not plan to drown in the vast sea, wear it and raise your arms, which is your most dazzling sign!
Personality pattern
A good helper that complements wonderful clothing
Speaking of Halloween, the current dress is far more than the realm of big ghosts and little ghosts. Angels, cartoon characters, cosplay … There are only things you can’t think of, and absolutely no tide people can do. Of course, the watch does not have much room to play tricks. If you want to find an interesting watch to wear, you still need to think a little bit. The three watches recommended below have different styles, but they are all suitable for Halloween wear. They have confidence in color, form, and even the storyline, and they can be countless if they have one.
功能 A watch that is really suitable for playing Mahjong from a functional perspective
Rolex Oyster Perpetual ‘Green Glass’ Watch
The biggest feature of the new generation of green glass is that it can adapt to high-density magnetic field environments. Its name MILGAUSS is derived from the French word ‘1000Mil’ and the magnetic field unit ‘gauss’. . If you only need to play Mahjong for Halloween, this watch is laughed by industry insiders as ‘standard’!
A skull watch that best suits the theme of Halloween
Bell & Ross BR01 Paratrooper Special Forces Tourbillon Watch
It is difficult to stagger the eyes when you see this watch. Not only does it meet the theme of dark aesthetics, but the skull design of the entire dial is too cool! The rivet design is firmly locked on the face plate, and the large skull is covered with a small skull, and even the design has captured the limelight of the tourbillon function!
1. Cartier Master Craftsmanship Watch
2. Chopard L.U.C. XP Urushi
3. Movado Artist Watch
Each of Cartier’s master craftsmanship series watches has its own unique charm. Except for the 18K white gold case and dial, the brown bear is drawn with precious wood! And in order to inlay the fur of the bear, the watchmaker needs more than a dozen different natural woods from Europe, cutting and coloring, and sticking to the dial one by one! Is such a lifelike dial too shocking?
The Chopard watch is not only ultra-thin, but also in cooperation with the Japanese national treasure-level lacquer master Mr. Kiichiro Masamura. The raw lacquer raw materials are extracted from the resin on the Urushi tree (lacquer tree) in small quantities. The dial is painted layer by layer to draw a lifelike image, and few masters know this. The crouching tiger and the environment on this watch are very peaceful, as if before the storm, it is full of reverie.
This watch from the Sabine Vatican again presents a very childlike dragon, which is the result of cooperation between the brand and the artist. The overall yellow-green dial with this childlike work is another scene of Halloween night!