150 Days Manual Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe, Ref. 3969R, 150th anniversary of the establishment of the factory, manual jumping watch
Estimated price: 35000 ~ 45000 Swiss francs
Price: Bid
Attachment: original box, 150th anniversary certificate, medal, booklet, certificate and back-up file
Size: caliber 38 × 28mm, thickness 8mm
Condition: Brand new unused product
Condition: Two-piece polished and brushed 18K red gold case, barrel-shaped case, Cal.215HG movement, 18 diamonds, balance weight, flat balance spring, dial, case, movement signature.
[Comment] 1989 was the year of Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe launched a series of limited-time commemorative watches: small three-hand, jumping time, three-minute watch, perpetual calendar three-minute watch … The highlight is a super pocket watch, setting a world record, with 33 functional gold Calibre89. Having said that, I would like to tell my watchmates that the astronomical gold Calibre89 will be released on November 15th after 20 years of incubation, and I will introduce it in the next issue. In order to see the ‘Idol’ Calibre89, I made a special trip to Hong Kong last week to get started, take photos, and ask the Westminster to ask three questions … Wow, it’s super cool! As a hardcore watch fan, I am finally satisfied! People happened to go to Switzerland again, Zhang Xiong shouted that he missed the opportunity and regretted his life! Speaking of this one-eyed dragon 3969, which is limited to 450 pieces, it has now become the king of time-shifting watches. The reason for the bidding or the post-financial tsunami period is slightly more expensive. I still do n’t understand. I already have the original certificate. Why did the watch owner spend 100 Swiss francs to get money to add a piece of paper? Could it be the same injustice with the owner of 3919?