Shaohua Time Tasting Oris Artist Series Large Moon Phase Diamond Watch

Oris Artist Series is a model of the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Imagine what kind of sparks will be created when the classic artist series meets the function of romantic big moon phase? Just like the classics of the artist series, this time Oris combines classic and modern to create a gentle and intellectual artist series big moon phase ladies watch. (Watch model number: 0176372374951-0751866FC)

Oris Artist Large Moon Phase Diamond Watch

Large moon phase display

   ‘She is a beautiful lady and the epitome of Oris watchmaking aesthetics,’ said Ulrich W. Herzog, global president of Oris. ‘The latest Oris763 movement brings the traditional large moon phase function to the woman’s wrist for the first time. Among the watches. Emotion, art, and Swiss watchmaking technology are fully reflected in this watch. ‘What this watch shows us is a wonderful mood, watchmaking and art are integrated into one.

Silver-white dial

   The silver-white dial is decorated with a fine guilloche pattern, and 11 diamonds dot it, corresponding to the five-minute scale, and a calendar window at 6 o’clock.

Dark blue moon phase disk

   The dark blue moon phase disk is designed into an elegant fan shape, and through the hollowed out window, it records and interprets the gloomy and sunny round of 29.5 days. Most brand moon phase disks are round, but Oris is unique in its ingenuity. It uses fans to highlight this function, which is romantic and unique.

Diamond bezel

   The large diameter of 36 mm leaves more space for the dial design. 72 Wesselton diamonds surround the dial. The bright diamonds and the bright moon phase contrast with each other, exuding elegant elegance that cannot be masked.

Movement display

   Through the transparent mineral glass case back, we find that this large moon phase watch is equipped with a newly developed Oris763 self-winding mechanical movement, which provides continuous and stable power for the watch. At the same time, a single crown can be used to adjust the time calendar and large moon phases. Girls generally don’t like complicated functions, so the simple design and operation are very pleasing to girls.

Dark blue leather strap

   The dark blue cowhide leather strap with stainless steel buckle is also quite elegant.

Watch overall display

To sum up: adding the traditional moon phase function to women’s watches for the first time can be a challenge, and Oris presents this large moon phase watch with its creative design concept. Like Ulrich W. Herzog said, this watch perfectly combines emotion, art, and craftsmanship, and dedicates a pleasing classic timepiece to female friends. (Photo / text watch home Sun Fangfang)

Watch House Interview With Wan Zhifei, Vice President Of Swiss Rado China

As the first Swiss watch brand to enter China after the reform and opening up, it can be said that since 1958, both the soft quality and the hard technology of watches have made a qualitative leap. Of course, behind this change is the unremitting efforts of the brand. Today, Watch House is honored to have an exclusive interview with Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Swiss Rado China. From him, we can not only see what the brand conveys. At the same time, I can deeply feel the background and story behind a brand that has experienced more than half a century in China.

Watch House: I am honored to be able to interview you. We would like to know how the Hao Xing series, which is the main product of Radar Watches this year, is different from previous products, and what are the breakthroughs in technology?

Wan Zhifei: In fact, if the appearance of watches is very different, our radar products will look more serious as a whole and are more formal. We don’t have many sports watches, but Haoxing is more different. Haoxing is more sporty in appearance and younger and more fashionable in design. In addition, there are quite a lot of changes. There is no inheritance point in the past. The radar has more innovative materials, including high-tech ceramics. This watch will have some. I take this as an example. This is our Haoxing advertising model. More athletic, stylish and young. Haoxing is a very large product series. There are many models. You will see that in addition to its own design sense, there is a very interesting place. It is made of different materials, such as an arc on both sides. The design of the whole is what we call a single-structure case, and there will be this curved design on both sides. It is a stainless steel, and the stainless steel part is enclosed in a bracket. So you will see some fusion of different materials. There are also some considerations for use. But more is to make this product younger and more distinctive. This is the stainless steel part. Stainless steel and black ceramic. This bezel uses a rubber ring. This is to ensure that you will not touch you too much when you are exercising, because there are many seals when wearing a watch, and it will not be possible to use a rubber ring. There are many details on this watch. Creation.

Watch House: The 2013 Basel Show is just over. Which radar watch is your favorite?

Wan Zhifei: As for me, I have a very clear product-the Court Tennis model of the radar Haoxing series, but it will not be available on a large scale until the second half of this year. Because everyone knows that the Radar brand has sponsored many tennis events, including Andy Murray, now the third-ranked tennis player in the world. He is also our spokesperson. He personally won the Olympics and the US Open, although he won the Shanghai Masters Cup. Won the runner-up, but that game is also known as the most exciting game ever. The reason why I like and recommend this model is not only because the brand has an inseparable connection with tennis. At the same time, this watch looks very interesting. Its color is inspired by the green and red earth and blue of the tennis court. This choice makes the entire watch look very vibrant.

Home of Watches: ‘Live and comfortable’ as the brand spirit of Radar’s new season, what kind of elements do you think reflect this feeling in terms of products?

Wan Zhifei: Hao Xing is the best interpretation. We talk about ‘Loving Lives’ is not the brand’s theme, but more about Hao Xing products themselves. We talk about Hao Xing. Hao Xing is the product we pushed last year. We will also push it for a long time. We feel that Hao Xing is different from previous products. There are some different materials and designs. For example, a watch has The combination of some materials and styles are now young and fashionable. You can basically find formal wear in the Haoxing series, you can wear it in sports, you can wear it in business occasions, and even shopping. There are some styles. It can be wild, so it is very young, fun, and sporty, and it is also related to tennis.

Watch House: As a well-known brand like Radar, Liu Ruoying was chosen as the brand’s spokesperson. Would you like to ask her what are the similarities between her personal and the brand?

Wan Zhifei: Liu Ruoying has cooperated with radar for three years, it can be said that it is a long time. As a radar, it is a well-known brand, but we are still very low-key in acting. We will spend a lot of money on the development of brand technology and the development of new materials. In contrast, the investment in advertising is not very large. What we want to present is something of quality. On the other hand, the spirit of the brand itself is not to follow the crowd, not to compromise, and to pursue unique taste. When you remove the logo on the watch’s dial, many watches can’t tell who is who, but the radar can basically see at a glance, which is what we are pursuing. From these perspectives, we will find a spokesperson who is very compatible with the brand itself. As an artist, Liu Ruoying, from singing to acting, to writing books and acting as a director, can be said to be a very intellectual and charismatic female image. And the most rare thing is that she has not stopped her footsteps, but constantly broke through herself, which is what the radar watch wants to express.

Watch House: You just said that radar watches are dedicated to the development of new materials and achieved extraordinary achievements. Can you reveal the advantages of radar ceramics compared to other ceramic materials?

Wan Zhifei: Radar is best known for high-tech ceramics. Of course, I also know that many brands are now making ceramic watches. If you want to compare them, you should speak from two perspectives. The first is that it is different. There are many grades of high-tech ceramics. Although the division of this grade is not as clear as the A, B, and C grades, we can still see the material itself compared to ordinary high-tech ceramics. Density, color, weight, and uniformity of brightness are all significantly different. We present not only a new and durable material, but also an advanced quality. On the other hand, radar’s leadership in high-tech ceramics is not that we have many watches of this material, but that the brand has absolute top-notch technology and breakthroughs in high-tech ceramic watchmaking. For example, we can make the thinnest high-tech ceramic watch in the world, and the highest-tech high-tech ceramic watch. Of course, in addition to ordinary high-tech ceramic watches, we have also developed a material called ‘titanium carbide cermet’, which has better hardness characteristics. At the same time, we can also use high-tech ceramic materials to make the color and brightness of precious metals. . These are not available in many brands.

Watch House: Will there be any guiding changes in the brand’s marketing strategy for the future changes in purchase demand in the Chinese market?

Wan Zhifei: China will be the largest market for radar watches at present and for a long time to come. In order to meet and meet this huge market demand, we will focus on the following points in the future, open more flagship stores, more Marketplace advertising, as well as increased marketing activity and more new products. As a mature watch brand, our sales channels are already mature. In the future, we will also focus more on the market development of second- and third-tier cities and improve the product after-sales service. I believe that after doing this, radar watches will achieve better results in the future.

 Although it is only ten minutes, I still feel a lot as an editor. Such a brand that has been stationed in China for more than half a century has experienced the turbulence of the times and changes in society, but no matter how the outside world changes, the brand can always adapt to the needs of the market while inheriting the essence of the brand, and find its deep-rooted foothold, Until now, a mature consumer group with such a strong brand recognition and huge foundation has been formed. It can be said that this is not just a brand. It is more like a legend. Of course, in the face of the growing demand for watch purchases in the domestic market, I believe that radar watches will definitely take this opportunity to create another miracle that belongs to it.

Tag Heuer Launches Its Fourth Monaco Limited Edition Watch

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Monaco Series, TAGHeuer has just launched a new Monaco series watch (model: CAW211Y.FC6469). This watch is the fourth of five limited edition watches. Its bold and fearless design is inspired from 1999 to 2009. It is implicit and intoxicating, which is what makes this watch unique. .

   The watch features a black dial with white and red elements and a small dial at 3 and 9 o’clock. As with the original model, the date display window and vintage ‘HEUER’ logo are located at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively. The color scheme of black is very modern, but also presents a unique retro look. Despite the numerous dial details, the layout is clever and not overcrowded at all. The black leather strap with white lining completes the overall look. This watch has a distinctive neutral temperament and is unisex.

   The stainless steel case is finely sanded and polished, with a diameter of 39 mm. It has a perfect size and is equipped with the iconic Calibre11 movement. The buttons are located at 2 and 4 o’clock, which can protect against accidental start or impact. The watch is equipped with a sapphire crystal and a dense bottom design. The entire watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

   This 2000s-style watch is engraved with the ‘MONACOHEUER’ logo on the case back and the words ‘1999-2009SPECIALEDITION’ (1999-2009 Special Edition) and ‘ONEOF169’ (one of 169 pieces). This limited edition of 169 watches, the official website price of 6,550 US dollars, equivalent to about 46,700 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Zhi Ya One Real Shooting Fiyta Indian Series Light Smart Watch

Looking back on the passing of time, there are always some beautiful old days that have passed through the calendar and become indelible marks in life. These imprints are in the bottom of my heart, slow down at this moment, quietly taste the past years, and enjoy the beauty that time gives us. At the 45th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show 2017, Fiyta exhibited a new retro fashion watch series-the Indian series of light and smart watches (model: A1001.WWB).
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The case is made of stainless steel, with simple lines and an atmospheric layout. The round case highlights the beauty of modern touchable arcs, giving the watch both beauty and style, adding a calm and elegant temperament to you. The side of the lugs incorporates the figure 8 element of a single bicycle chain.

   The ivory white dial is rounded and elegant, decorated with black digital studs, slender hands and steel blue seconds hand, highlighting the classic style of watch design. Strong luminous sword-shaped needle, Sven retro; round pendulum seconds hand, steady ethereal.

   Equipped with Fiyta’s smart quartz movement, the wearer can grasp the time between the two places. In addition, it also has automatic time calibration, charging reminder and other functions. The research and development of the watch and Alibaba Group’s smart operating system YunOS have actively cooperated. It can connect to the APP using Bluetooth, grasp calories, screen important information, protect mobile phones from loss, and be compatible with Android and Apple systems.

   The strap is made of Italian calf leather. After more than 500 repeated tests, the Italian top calf leather is soft, comfortable and durable.

   The above is the information related to the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone in the future. Everyone pays attention.
2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Coverage