Watch Mashup: The New Blood Of The ‘fang Fang Yuan’ Watch Altar

For the mashup design of watches, there is currently no theory of shaping. We can only roughly divide it into three types by referring to the definition of the fashion industry, that is, mashup in the general sense, compatible with retro style and futurism. Age mashups, and style mashups that break the tradition of wearing watches.
     In a general sense, the mash-up design can be traced back to the beginning of the birth of watches-a period when women’s bracelet-style watches were full of flowers and men’s formal watch order had not yet been established. For example, the appearance of the famous Cartier’s Tank series watch (born in 1922) refers to the shape of the tank that came out during the First World War. This design style has also gradually become a part of Cartier’s product DNA. Later Crash series, Ballon bleu (blue balloon) series, Le Cirque Animalier (circus animal) series have also adopted a mix and match design, and continue to bring people unexpected surprise.

     In the past two or three decades, the use of mix and match designs on watches has become more and more common. More well-known, like Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series mix and match the ship’s porthole design, Chanel’s J12 series mix and match the shape of a sailboat and camellia, Hermès’ Arceau series lugs mix the design of stirrups, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series The shell and bezel are mixed with the octagonal window design of the British ‘Royal Oak Battleship’, and Hamilton’s Khaki aviation series is mixed with many aircraft and helicopter design elements. It can be said that these intriguing mix and match elements have injected a vibrant new blood into the basically ‘non-square is round’ table altar.