This Watch Has All The Characteristics Of Breguet Watches

Estimated price: 85,000 ~ 100000 HKD
Stream shot
Accessories: watch box
Size: 36 mm diameter
Case: 18-karat gold pin buckle, three-piece polished 18-karat yellow gold case, gold-plated silver-plated Newsuo pattern engraved dial, Roman numerals. 37 ruby ​​movements, single metal balance, flat hairspring. The dial, case, and movement are all signed.
Friends who are interested in Breguet watches should own this watch. This watch has all the characteristics of the Breguet watch, or in other words, friends who know the watch need not look at the brand, just look at the style to know that this is a Breguet watch. A watch with functions of energy display, moon phase, and pointer calendar can only be designed so elegantly. The used price of this watch has been stable for many years.