2015 Sihh Walks Into The World Of Love Of Van Cleef & Arpels

At this SIHH watch exhibition, if you are on the scene, when you walk into Van Cleef & Arpels’s pavilion, each new watch comes into view under the lilac light, you You will feel as if you have entered a world of spring, summer, autumn, winter, flowers, birds, fish, insects, landscapes and feelings.
   This year’s Van Cleef & Arpels watch design is once again integrated into nature, rendering every moment with the joy of life. Echoing the endless movement of nature, the charming and interesting scenes in nature are carefully captured and condensed in the square dial, like a delicately crafted painting. Beauty and love, every Van Cleef & Arpels product embodies these two points.
Let’s review the most watchable models of Van Cleef & Arpels at this Geneva watch exhibition:
Carpe Koï Bracelet Watch
   This watch is definitely a watch that was very stunning to all the audience at this Geneva watch exhibition, and blinded everyone’s eyes.

   The entire watch is presented in the early form of koi. The orange-yellow swimming fish has smooth lines, harmonious proportions, and a sense of harmony and completeness. Koi is the embodiment of love, embellishing the tranquil scenery of the Zen-style courtyard with colorful colors, bringing a touch of vitality to the tranquility. At the same time, the koi, which has always been up against the tide, is also a symbol of courage and strength.

   This one-of-a-kind masterpiece is set with 8,000 colored gems, and the exquisite handwork is the brainchild of 3450 hours of creation and convergence. The fish body is inlaid with yellow sapphire and golden yellow manganese aluminum garnet to create a progressive gradient of layers, which is pleasing to the eye. Under the blue swirls and white diamond ripples interspersed by Paraiba tourmalines, people can see the quiet and deep underwater world. The watch surrounds the jade hand like an amulet, and the lock can be released by simply pressing the tail. This elegant and harmonious haute jewellery watch hides the gem-set dial inside the fish mouth, allowing the wearer to read the time in a low-key manner.
Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs
   The Charms Extraordinaire series watch was launched in 2008. The simple and clean line design interprets the gentle aesthetics to the fullest, and has the feminine feminine charm. The lucky charm dances around the flowing time, swaying in a gesture of raising hands. At this exhibition, the Charms Extraordinaire Langage des Fleurs released by Van Cleef & Arpels is a limited-edition work series. There are three styles each with different gold outlines of different sizes. Each watch conveys a different vision.

Charms Extraordinaire Espérance
   The most delicate work in this series cannot be overstated by the bright sunshine. The 25mm case is dazzling with yellow gold. Convex enamel outlines the beautiful impatiens that symbolize beauty; narcissus represents the thirst for true love; and is contrasted with the trolls that symbolize crickets. The daffodil carved from white mother-of-pearl is painted yellow with intricate painting process and is set on the dial. The realistic shape of the earrings on the dial once again shows the craftsman’s superb craftsmanship. The phoenix flower buds are arranged around the yellow sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet. Narcissus petals are also inlaid with yellow sapphires, embellished with a manganese aluminum garnet flower. The phoenix pattern is engraved on the bottom of the watch, echoing the dial design.

Charms Extraordinaire Désir
   The medium-sized watch in this series, with a 32 mm diameter white gold case, blooms with a soft lilac lilac flower, overflowing the romance of the first love, and interpreting the lingering love between young lovers. The saffron is outlined by the convex enamel on the dial, and the petals surround the three yellow k gold makeup. The lilac flowers outlined by pink sapphires and amethysts create a brilliant bloom in the three-dimensionally detailed painting of the carved mother-of-pearl. The saffron symbolizing happiness is transformed into a Charms lucky charm, which can be rotated around the dial, echoing the gradual pink sapphire and the delicate purple sapphire.

Charms Extraordinaire Amour
   On the dial of rose gold with a diameter of 38 mm, the dials of laurel bamboo, forget-me-not and rabbit ears vividly show the delicate form of blooming flowers, showing the unique craftsmanship of the master craftsman. The delicate brushwork of the carved mother-of-pearl captures the lively posture of the rabbit ear flower swaying in the wind, and the laurel and bamboo scent created by the convex enamel process is more vivid and dynamic. Rabbit ear buds created by a pear-shaped pink sapphire are lively and lovely, echoing the bright pink sapphire and manganese aluminum garnet on the Charms lucky charm.
Cadenas Watch
   Van Cleef & Arpels has revived its Cadenas series, a series of horseshoe watches. Introduced a variety of exquisite watches in different materials.

   This Cadenas watch, crafted in yellow gold, perfectly embodies the meticulous and simple aesthetic design concept. The yellow-gold double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet adds a delicate and graceful charm to this classic piece, thereby praising the timeless contemporary atmosphere of this classic design. This watch is also available in a crocodile leather strap style that adds charm to the slim wrist.
Poetic Complications ™
   There are flowers and fish, how can there be no birds and insects. These two complex watches cast by Van Cleef & Arpels present the fascinating scene of nature’s renewal on the dial. The light and elegant figures of the beetle and the bird of paradise are transfigured between the square inches of the dial. The craftsmanship carefully crafted the square inch landscape on the dial, and the inlaid and filigree enamel outlined the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains.
Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Coccinelles

   The beetle is a permanent symbol of luck. Van Cleef & Arpels accompanied the beetle and lucky clover to outline the wonderful scenery. The white gold case with a diameter of 38 mm is lined with a brilliant bezel set with round cut diamonds. The dial’s alternating track of the sun and the moon is interwoven into a poetic journey with the steps of two small beetles. The self-winding mechanical movement awakens the pocket world on the watch, performing wonderfully vivid magic on the rotating stage of a square-inch dial. During the day, the silk enamel outlines two little beetle figures that are active on the dial; at night, the quiet night is set against the beautiful diamonds on the flowers, shining brightly.
Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Oiseaux de Paradis

   The white gold case with a diameter of 38 mm is also lined with a brilliant bezel set with round cut diamonds. The beautiful figure of the bird of paradise rests on a bird of paradise flower. The bright wings flick the petals, shining brilliantly. Diamond shine. The night was drooping, the flowers were immersed in the night, and a bright moon rose at the beginning of a bright moon, sprinkled with a high purity. The melody that alternates with the sun and the moon makes the bird of paradise shine, and is intoxicated by the poetic beauty of the stars. The filigree enamel turntable records the passing of time and interprets the wonderful story of day-to-day and star-shift with a rhythm of 24 hours a day.
    Summary: Flowers, birds, fish, insects and feelings. Through these elements, Van Cleef & Arpels has brought the two points of love and beauty to the extreme, and also used various top-level fine craftsmanship in the dial process, such as infill enamel, convex enamel and pearl The mother-of-pearl fine-painting and so on, this SIHH can be described as a big stage for Van Cleef & Arpels to show design and ultra-high craftsmanship.
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