The Best Age To Fall In Love With Rolex

Four years ago, I wrote an introductory text to Rolex, ‘Qualifications to Say Hello.’ The name comes from an older generation of Hong Kongers who said, ”Luo’ is stubborn, so do you want to say hello to everyone?’ In Cantonese, Lao Lao is the same pronunciation. In Hong Kong, if you do n’t eat ginkgo (Ginkgo), even if you only Lipstick, everyone who comes out to eat meals has a labor. The first ultra-close contact with Rolex was following the first job owner, Z Sheng, to Jingfu, Tsim Sha Tsui, to find a teacher in the store to open a new labor back cover. At that time, the information was far from developed today. In order to accompany the article, I could only send my watch to take pictures. Z Sheng is a legend. In the 1980s, he received Rolex sent by the gamblers at the pawnshop in Las Vegas, USA. The good-looking ‘coffins’ are many. A Jinlao $ 100, according to Z Sheng’s original words, ‘If you melt the gold and sell it, you can make money.’ He chose a batch of self-wearing and then another batch to sell to Hong Kong, earning the first bucket of gold in his playing watch career. The coffin doll is the Rolex Bubble-Back series. Because of its side like a coffin, Hong Kong people nicknamed it the coffin doll ‘promoted fortune’, but it was a good lip service. Unfortunately, I only liked to hear stories and didn’t like Rolex. I still hate the tacky Rolex, naturally did not ask Z students, when did I like Rolex. Later he passed away and had no chance to ask again. It was absolutely unexpected, and one day, I also like Rolex. I am not alone. Over the years, I don’t remember how many friends who made me recommend watches. After hearing the words ‘Rolex’, they scorned and resisted, rising from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads. But the vast majority of people, from one year to four to five years, changed their minds, forgetting their ‘initial intentions’ and put on Rolex. I asked Mr. Zhu Lei, the Rolex dictionary in the Chinese world, the author of the ‘Rolex Big Picture Book’, did he ever think that Rolex was not good-looking and tacky, he said yes. It looks like nobody really liked Rolex as soon as no one was born. But how exactly did this change happen? At what age did everyone change Rolex? In order to find out, I interviewed 8 friends around me at random to talk about their wonderful chemical reaction to Rolex when they were a few years old. 1 Lao Dan: 27-year-old suddenly felt good-looking, pleasing to the eye, and out of control, it felt good-looking, reliable, and practical for no reason, and could meet all the needs of a watch (including X, etc., of course, of course) I’m not). Boys and girls must have a piece of gold for life: boys are Day-Date with 36mm gold presidential chain and diamonds; girls are Day-Just with 28mm gold chain. 2 Diao Sheng: At the age of 28, he was infected with Hong Kong-made films, Wimbledon tennis, celebrity effects, etc. Those who feel successful in their careers need to wear Rolex as a label of success. 3 Zhao Qichen: At the age of 31, I think we should respect time. (Do n’t you abandon Rolex before? Tell me about the change in your heart’s journey) Never abandon it and refuse to admit it, don’t bullshit! 4 Xiaobei: The 28-year-old hated Rolex before that. He didn’t hate it between the ages of 28 and 30. He began to like it at the age of 30 and started at the age of 32. I found that after removing colored glasses, Rolex was not at fault, and began to get tired of many storytelling brands nowadays. The more we know about Rolex, the more we find a very practical brand. But statement Oh, I only like a few Rolex, some popular models are not good-looking, hee hee. 5Sally: At 31 years old, I especially like gold. I plan to save myself a gold brick or a small yellow croaker for my birthday. I will see everyone wearing Rolex (coordinates: Hong Kong) as they look more and more pleasing to the eye. Small yellow croaker with time display function. 6 Old fresh meat G: I was 12 years old when I was in elementary school and I liked to work. At that time, I hoped that my mother could buy me a Seiko diving watch. She didn’t agree, and I was not grateful to talk to her. Later, when the grandfather heard about it, he smiled and said, ‘It won’t matter if you grow up and wear a golden labor on your own.’ Later, I almost forgot about it, and bought a piece of green glass when I got married in 2009. This ring was designed by me and was made by Jens Hansen, the creator of the Lord of the Rings movie. 7KK: Worked in a German company before the age of 32. Only the oldest senior in the company wore a Rolex, so I felt that this watch had nothing to do with me. But suddenly one day I felt that the watch was good, very reliable, and it set off my solidity. I’m not a fan of watches myself. I only have to watch time when I work, so I always wear it. King 8: A good friend who played basketball together at the age of 24 wore a black water ghost. At first, he didn’t feel it, but he gradually felt pretty, so he bought it for one year of work. In that year, it only cost more than 20,000 yuan (HKD, However, at that time, the Hong Kong dollar was almost the same price as the RMB), and it can be worn on weekends at work, and it is worth it. So, according to my simple, rough, and non-scientific survey, the average age at which Rolex has changed is 27 years old-although the number of samples is not enough, the conclusions drawn are not much different from the speculation. But I felt a little bit accurate. Not only that when you are 27 years old, you are likely to fall in love with Rolex. It also means that after this age, you still do not like Rolex. It is likely that you have been immune to it in your life. There is also an interesting discovery: Once someone rightly announces that they like Rolex, 90% probability, TA sees Jin Lao. This is not surprising. Rolex is the largest gold user in the Swiss watchmaking industry, using several tons per year. It is also the only watch factory in Switzerland that smelts gold alloys by itself. Other factories basically buy them for processing. Rolex’s gold watch is full of materials, Jin Chancan, to meet humanity’s most primitive desire for gold. Wait a minute, isn’t that the reason why we abandon Rolex back then? @ 老 鲜肉 G’s Daytona is like one day you suddenly acknowledged from the bottom of your heart that your dad read it a thousand times, but you have never taken it seriously. You suddenly fell in love with Rolex and There are LV presbyopia and gold. Those big gold watches that you once thought would be loved only by the upstarts who are unkind to the salted fish’s turning up for less than 10 years, and the standard configuration of those Hong Kong and Macao associations with Taiwan’s Tianqiao Zai, one day, you also feel that … It’s really attractive. How? What? return? thing? Are you fallen? Do not. Did you compromise? Do not. Are you assimilated? Do not. You just, no longer young. -END- author: Jennifer under the tutelage of Mr. Chung Yong Lin has served as editor in China three places a number of media, editor and columnist watches comment published nearly a decade of micro-channel public number: two stars microblogging: @ Jennifer write – —