Which Watch Is The Hardest To Buy? 100,000 Budget Sad People

Before writing the 20,000 budget, after the 40,000 budget, many readers silently guessed whether the next article should be 80,000. The result is, of course, that the rabbit did not play cards according to common sense. It was originally intended to end there, but some people protested. Anyway, 100,000, you give a list! Think about it, well, as you wish. But after receiving numerous readers’ inquiries, Rabbit found that this price is the most difficult to choose a watch, because it plays a role in connecting and connecting. As a hurdle, 100,000 is a number naturally chosen by many people, but at the same time, it is very likely that they will experience fluctuations in their hearts-hesitating and hesitating beyond imagination, or looking forward to wearing them. After all, the hot and cannon fodder are concentrated here, and the middle option has been compressed, so cruel. Let me tell you a real story. Some readers found the rabbit a few days ago with a budget of 100,000 (at hand price). He planned to buy a watch. At first he belonged to a very clear category-only the Rolex log type, blue Face of 126334. The only tangled problem is that he has 4 choices for this model, which is to arrange and combine on the five-bead chain and diamond engraving. The problem is not difficult to solve here, because this essence is a personal aesthetic problem-rabbits have their own preferences, but they cannot be imposed on everyone, so I must recommend respecting the heart. However, when the problem was about to be resolved, he suddenly said quietly: ‘The price difference between this watch is not big, maybe the cheapest is less than 70,000, and it is unwilling, after all, the wife approved the 100,000 budget. Rabbit sister also Is there any other recommendation? ‘At that moment, the rabbit felt that all efforts were in vain-100,000 can’t buy (I think) a suitable Rolex. For him, this decision to reselect is equivalent to overthrowing all the previous ones. consider. The public price of 112,300 yuan for the blue-faced Skywalker is very beautiful. Unfortunately, more than 140,000 have been fired and everything has begun again. The problems we have considered have become very realistic: 1. The sports watch is still a formal watch. 2. The transitional style can still be worn for many years (of course this varies depending on the economic strength of the person). 3. Is there any special preference for the shape of the watch. Let’s analyze it step by step. First of all, at the price of 100,000, I first recommend sports models. Of course, everyone also understands that there are already many popular sports models that have exceeded the public price, and they are mainly concentrated in Rolex and Audemars Piguet. The most obvious Rolex is the steel Daytona. The public price of 967,000 yuan has become history. Because the price has not been seen for many years, the rabbit has to check it before writing this number to prevent mistakes. Now it has been fired to more than 160,000, so it can be ranked. The green water ghost belongs to the super public price to 100,000, and it is not in my consideration (rabbit does not recommend the style with too much super public price, of course, everyone can decide according to their own affordability). Audemars Piguet, all watches priced at more than 100,000 are not easy to buy. The newly-launched 15500 has successfully replaced 15400 and has become the most popular. They are all styles that need to be ordered to buy. The market price has also broken 200,000 (the public price is 143,000 yuan). Last year, rabbits suggested that people avoid popular sizes and start with 37 mm. Some men’s wrists are thin and are still a suitable choice. So 15450 is also a good choice. It is a pity that this year’s 37 mm Royal Oak rose across the board (even the 15451 with diamonds has this trend, don’t blame the rabbits for not reminding them in advance), and sometimes hesitation becomes remorse. PP is to avoid this crazy competition field, Nautilus fought at a price of more than 300,000. At present, only 5167 grenades in this list are in this price range, and the public price of 138,700 yuan is of course not available. At present, it seems that this price is relatively hot, and will continue to be hot sports models, there is a more comprehensive option, that is, Blancpain’s 50 yuan. In fact, there are some popular models and watches that are difficult to find in the 50s. Fortunately, there are relatively many styles in this series. Everyone will not be in a hurry to compete for several watches, and there are more opportunities to choose the favorite model. At this moment, we still have to cherish it. Second, what exactly is a transition section? The rabbit’s explanation is that if you can’t achieve high, you will not be satisfied with the style you want to update in the future. I believe someone will ask me curiously, why are there no more suitable choices for Rolex within 100,000? From the point of view of the public price, Jinjin Daytona is right in this price range, but ‘Jianjin’ is a transitional paragraph in my eyes-it is a substitute for steel models, but it may hinder you in the future. The stumbling block to buy gold (of course, if anyone thinks that the ultimate goal of their economic strength is gold, then it doesn’t matter). In addition, many formal watches around 100,000 can easily become transitional models. The reason is very simple. People who buy high-end formal watches will eventually raise their budget to more than 200,000 to 300,000. Generally speaking, brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin or Lange with very strong formal watch genes will become the ultimate for some people. Goal, then this means that the 100,000 you have before is likely to hit the water. If you plan to choose a dress watch temporarily (and you want to upgrade in the future), how can you avoid becoming cannon fodder in the future? Rabbit takes Jaeger-LeCoultre as an example. In the very hot master series, you can choose a low-priced but characteristic steel model, and try not to choose the simplest gold dress watch (easiest to be replaced). The Noisy Master Series is a distinctive steel model (left). The gold dial of the Calendar Master series is rich (right). Third, the shape is not exclusive. The rabbit has 2 special recommendations. The first is Panerai’s. Bronze watch, the second is the flip of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Of course, there is only one model of Panerai’s copper watch currently on sale, 968, which is relatively difficult to buy, but once this watch is owned, it will definitely not be eliminated at least in the next few years. In comparison, Jaeger-LeCoultre is much easier to flip. This is simply the biggest benefit for those who buy a watch for a budget of 100,000-this is a watch that can be used as the ultimate, even if it is upgraded. The rabbit will choose one for you at random. The public price is 154,000 yuan. The reason is simple. You always have a way to discount it, so I have room for everyone to play it. The Reverso Classic large double-sided small seconds watch remembers the ultimate meaning-the gold watch and the two-time function. There are many flipping options that meet similar needs, and you can browse them on your own website. No matter how we grow in the future, this watch has no direct competitors and there is no possibility of being replaced. Of course, choosing a square table can be considered a clumsy, what about the most regular round table? Rely on recognition. For example, Vacheron Constantin, in my eyes, one of the most distinctive dress watches is the historical masterpiece series, the first triple calendar 1942, the price of 147,000 yuan (how to spend less, it depends on you each show great power). Its design is in the same kind of dress table, there is no similarity, which is the chip. I remember a reader asked me a few days ago that he wanted to take out the two watches on his hand and save money to buy an expensive watch. As I judged, these two pieces are ‘transitional models’ and the price is just at 100,000. After completing a phase of the mission, their situation is extremely embarrassing (not named, so as not to be unhappy). However, the newcomer buys a watch, it is very easy to follow the current temperament, can’t wait to start as soon as he likes it, and finally two lines of tears of regret. What the rabbit says ‘whatever you want’ is deliberation and insightful decisiveness. In the early days of buying a watch, we could not escape the fame of popularity, value for money, and conservative style, but in the later stages, we would appreciate the importance of personality and characteristics. Because in the long run, watches are not isolated in our collection. They are the best partner for our daily wear-complementary and each has its own light. Our knowledge, experience and growth are written into every watch bought. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!