The King Of Steel Watches Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak

Audemars Piguet, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, caused a sensation in the watch industry when it launched the Royal Oak series. Prior to it, luxury watches with stainless steel cases had never appeared in the watch industry. The launch of the Royal Oak series also announced the birth of the first stainless steel luxury watches. The price was no less than that of precious metal models, creating a steel watch. As expensive as a gold watch.

The first Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch from 1972, reference 5402ST

   As we all know, the basic material of steel is steel, and steel is smelted from iron. It can be smelted from iron filings by electric furnace steelmaking or electric arc steelmaking, and iron ore can also be smelted in a high-temperature furnace. The pig iron obtained by these methods has high carbon content and many impurities, is very brittle, and cannot be used. It has to be processed again.

   The pig iron will be further processed by technologies such as alkaline oxygen blowing. Fill the converter vessel with liquid pig iron at a high temperature, and then blow oxygen into the molten iron with high pressure to heat the mixture to 1,650 degrees Celsius. During this process, impurities in the pig iron are oxidized and turned into gas or slag to be eliminated. After removing the impurities, different types of steel are made according to the composition and use. Among these, only steel that reaches a specific purity can be called a refined steel.

   Don’t underestimate these steels used in watches, which are quite difficult to handle. These steels of a certain purity can only be processed with particularly tough tools. Only after complicated pretreatment and fine grinding can the appropriate construction materials be provided for the watch.

   A high-quality watch case must pass a high level of manufacturing and post-processing to present a perfect appearance. First of all, the metal strips used for the case are punched out of the basic shape with abrasive tools, and these abrasive tools are individually made according to the shape and size of each case. After the first stamping, the final shape of the case cannot be obtained, and a very complicated multiple stamping process is required. Only the bottom of the case requires up to 10 to 15 stamps to complete.

   Then the blank case is further processed into shapes after casting, turning, etc. In order to solve the internal stress caused by this, a heat treatment must be performed after each process to heat the metal to about 1,000 degrees Celsius. After the heat treatment, likewise, the case must be cleaned, deburred and the edges polished with sanding stones.

   After the case is formed, the polisher will use his superb skills to remove the processing marks of the case and restore the bright luster of the metal surface. Add a lubricant to the round wheel or sanding belt for sanding. From the first grinding process to the next grinding process, the lubricant used is becoming more and more fine. After two to three fine polishings, polishing, brushing, matte and other treatments are performed according to demand to show the final appearance of the case.

   Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series stainless steel watch needs more technical challenges than ordinary stainless steel watches due to its unique shape and many cutting faces. After the iconic stainless steel octagonal bezel is cut and shaped, it requires 70 manual retouching procedures to polish and polish the eight bevels. The eight platinum screws also need to be polished and polished. The monobloc case requires 44 steps to finish the sanding process after the stamping process.

   The process of the integrated strap is more complicated. There are 138 corners of the strap links of different lengths that need to be sanded and polished manually, so that each link achieves a completely symmetrical bevel on the left and right, as well as the visual beauty of polishing and frosting. These exquisite craftsmanship that cost endless effort and ingenuity make each Royal Oak stainless steel watch show a distinctive color, mild but unforgettable. With the angle of light and shadow more refracting mysterious and intelligent light, it is worthy of steel s King’.

National Goddess’ Gao Yuanyuan Airborne Shenzhen Fashion Interpretation Of Fiyta Four-leaf Clover Series

The 2015 Basel International Watch & Exhibition ended successfully and Fiyta returned home with honor. As the top event in the global watch industry, Fiyta has exhibited at the Basel Watch Fair No. 1 International Brand Hall for the fifth year. Since entering the International Brand Hall No. 1 in Basel Watch & Clock Fair in 2011, Fiyta’s watchmaking skills and brand value have become more and more internationally recognized and widely praised by the industry.
   On April 18, the Fiyta brand will join hands with the brand ambassador Gao Yuanyuan at the Shenzhen Coastal City Shopping Center to hold a grand launch event with the theme “Love Time, Fashion Interpretation”. This is the first time that the ‘National Goddess’ appeared in front of the public with the Fiyta brand in 2015. At that time, Gao Yuanyuan, who was haunted by a happy moment, will present to the guests the first time, which was released at the 2015 Pakistan Exhibition and won the reputation of the new clover series table.
New products in Pakistan
   This year, Fiyta brought the first limited edition of the Master Series Twelve Beasts, a special three-dimensional reading model that won the 2014 German Red Dot Design Award; the limited edition tourbillon watch of the aerospace series; a model of cross-border cooperation between watch and sports car elements. It is the 2015 new series of extreme series; the clever design and happiness haunts the four-leaf clover series limited edition of the Year of the Sheep. It has also received a lot of attention in Hall 1 where high-end brands gather. The four-grass series sheep year limited edition watch is a perfect wish to continue writing. The designer specially chose a gold bezel inlaid with purple gemstones and a purple strap, which symbolizes the coming of purple gas. It can also achieve the goddess wrist. Noble and elegant.
Gao Yuanyuan’s ‘Cosmo’ fashion interpretation of happy four-leaf clover series
   In the spring of 2015, ‘Fashion COSMO’ magazine carefully planned to go to Hong Kong with the temperament goddess Gao Yuanyuan, and started an unparalleled fashion journey. This time, Fiyta brand spokesman Gao Yuanyuan appeared on the cover of ‘Fashion Cosmo’ magazine, walking elegantly, looking back, smiling. The national goddess displayed charming sparkles during the journey, and interpreted many Fiyta clover series with the happiness of time. New watch. In the fast-changing fashion circle, the Fiyta Clover series watch, with a touch of clean beauty, has created a map of women’s hearts leading to the other side of happiness. In front of the camera, Gao Yuanyuan is sometimes playful and cute, and sometimes graceful and luxurious, wearing a new Fiyta Clover series watch on his wrist, with a calm and elegant posture, mouth and eyebrows, filled with sweetness and strong happiness.
Four-leaf clover series
   The greatest pursuit in life is that all time is haunted by happiness. The Fiyta Clover watch is one such existence. The flower clover, representing the four-leaf clover leaf of happiness, is drawn on the dial of mother-of-pearl with rose-gold silk thread, lingering at all times. This four-leaf clover ‘high-value’ watch has elegant gemstones on the bezel and the edges of the leaf petals. On the surface of the natural shell, the four-dimensional clover elements are depicted in a large dimension, which is artistically beautiful. Shells, like human fingerprints, are all different; in the sun, they will change like clouds and present a unique luster. No matter which Clover series watch, they are thinking about beautiful expectations. The Fiyta Clover series, enjoying the beauty of time, always maintaining a calm and elegant attitude, is the best way to treat time.
Event details
   On April 18, ‘National Goddess’ Gao Yuanyuan landed in Shenzhen! Fiyta and Gao Yuanyuan launched a special event: Every purchase of the specified model of the event can enjoy exclusive discounts, participate in WeChat sweepstakes, 8 kinds of exclusive beautiful prizes are waiting for you! There is also a chance to win a face-to-face with the goddess (including round-trip air tickets, only 5 in the country); in addition, there are also Gao Yuanyuan limited edition watches, limited to 10 watches worldwide, first come first served!
   For more information, please call: 0755-86012720
Watch configuration:

Name: Fiyta Clover Series
Model: LA8562.PWRD
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Bezel: stainless steel, rose gold plating, gem setting
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: white shell, natural diamond setting
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Strap: Brown leather
Water resistance: 50 meters

Name: Fiyta Clover Series Year of the Sheep Limited Edition
Model: LA862015.GWZS
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel gold plated
Bezel: stainless steel plated with gold, zircon inlay
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: mother-of-pearl
Strap: Purple leather
Water resistance: 50 meters