Why Can It ‘kill A Blood Way’ In The Watch Market?

Parmigiani is a relatively niche brand in China. It was born in 1996 and has a history of more than 20 years. Although the time is not long, many table friends should be impressed by Parmigiani’s Kalpa series barrel design, ‘Florier quality’ certification, etc., from the recognition of the shape to the performance of the movement, Parmigiani’s level is excellent. Everyone has seen this year’s new products. Last time, I analyzed the new watches of the Parmigiani Kalpa series (click on the article ‘Parsing the most classic Parmigioni watch this year’). Let’s take a look at Parma today. Another watch from Johnny’s other classic TORIC series with dual time zone function.

Parmigiani Toric Hémisphères watches over the years

 Parmigiani TORIC 2017 Hémisphères Rétrograde Watch

Parmigiani TORIC 2018 Hémisphères Rétrograde Watch

  This is the new TORIC Hémisphères Rétrograde watch (model PFC493-1000200-HA1242) launched by Parmigioni this year. Speaking of which, Parmigioni has produced this watch in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

  The appearance of this year’s new product basically continues the design of the previous model, but mainly adjusts the case material and dial. For example, the 17-year model used a rose gold case with a beige dial, and the 18-year model used a stainless steel case with a black model. In comparison, the price of this watch in 18 years was slightly lower. . In this year’s new watch, we can see that the case is an 18K rose gold case with a dial decorated with hand-engraved patterns. The layout of the function dials on these three dials is basically unchanged, and the movements used are also PF317 movements.

Where are the highlights of these three watches?

Golden ratio
  Let’s solve one question first: What is the golden ratio?

  Suppose a straight line is divided into two parts, like this.


  If the ratio of the longer section to the entire straight line is equal to the ratio of the shorter section to the longer section, this ratio is the golden ratio we want. But this ratio is an infinitely non-cyclic number, which is approximately equal to 0.618. This ratio is special. It can arouse people’s beauty. It is often used in architecture and art. For example, Parthenon and Athena are made according to the golden ratio.

  The golden ratio is a very important design concept of Parmigiani. You can see this from the design of the case, buckle, lugs, etc., and it is very balanced in visual effects.

Mona Lisa

  In addition to the above designs, the pattern on this new model’s dial this year is also based on the golden ratio and Fibonacci spiral (also known as the golden spiral, like the ‘Golden Spin’ applied to the Mona Lisa), imitating Concentric patterns in nature, like the scale-like layout on the pine cone and the spiral structure of the nautilus shell. The pattern on the dial is done by hand, and the decorative pattern is engraved on the material, which finally gives us such a visual effect.

2. Two hours to the minute
  Another feature of the Parmigiani TORIC two-time watch is that the time in the second time zone can be accurate to the minute. In general, the ordinary two-hour watch can only display the hour, but not the minute. The time of the second time zone of this watch from Parmigiani TORIC is displayed at 12 o’clock, which can be accurate to the minute. At the same time, there is a small day and night display window on the dial to display the day and night of the second time zone.

  There is also a day and night display window at 6 o’clock. This window is used to display the local day and night.

  Why does the second time zone need to be accurate to the minute?

  for example. Our country uniformly adopts the Eastern Eight Regions as the time standard. Russia, which crosses Asia and Europe, has eleven time zones in the country, but some countries and regions are more special, such as India. India has crossed East 5th and East 6th districts, but after World War II, India discussed the issue of time zone division. After intense discussions, India set up East 5.5 District according to the location of the capital New Delhi, which became India’s standard time, like Myanmar I also learned this one from India.

  So the difference between India and our country is not two hours or three hours, but two and a half hours. The general two-time watch in these areas does not accurately display the time in the second time zone (hometown), but Parmigiani’s two-time watch solves this problem.

3.PF317 movement
  Previously, when Michelle Parmigiani repaired a pocket watch, there were two movements in this watch to control two different time zones. Michel Parmigiani took inspiration from this watch, using the same movement to control the time in two time zones, and each time zone can be accurate to the minute. Such a movement was introduced in 2010, and in 2017 it was introduced into the TORIC series of dual time zone watches, which we have seen above.

  The PF317 movement is based on the PF331 movement, with the addition of a dual time zone module. Because the second time zone module is added, the size is larger than that of PF331 (25.6mm wide and 3.5mm thick).

  This movement has a special feature, the main movement is associated with an additional module, this module was developed by the AGENHOR movement factory. Pulling out the crown at 2 o’clock, this model will be disengaged from the movement, and we can adjust the time in the second time zone independently. This operation is more convenient and practical.
  Finally, let’s talk about the price issues that everyone is more concerned about. The price of this watch is about 32,000 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to about 218,000 yuan. Last year’s steel model was cheaper, 19,800 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to about 143,000 RMB.
 In summary: Parmigiani is still very optimistic about its watchmaking strength. With five watch factories, it can produce watches completely independently. The results of design and performance are very good.

Fighting Rolex Date 116244-63600 Ladies Watch Appreciation

Although Rolex is famous for its Oyster professional watches, its women’s watches are also rich and colorful, constantly stimulating the small heart that loves beauty. However, delicate and beautiful things are not enjoyed by everyone, and Rolex women’s watches are indeed more expensive.
 In the 2014 Australian Open Women’s Singles Final, our sister struggled to win the championship. The Rolex watch accompanies her throughout the entire process, recording the minutes, seconds, and seconds of her race. Let’s take a look at this Rolex Date 36mm 116244 which is the closest to this character. The official price is 137600 yuan.

 The case of this watch is made of white gold and stainless steel, and the bezel is set with 52 diamonds, which is very colorful. The 36 mm size is slightly larger for girls, but Dai Lao girls generally don’t care about this. The dial is covered with pink floral patterns, which have a similar appearance to Rolex’s starry sky. The Oyster case is also waterproof, with a depth of up to 100 meters. The crown and cover are screw-in to help waterproof.
 Its heart is Rolex’s own self-made 3135 movement. Like other permanent magnet movements, this movement is also certified by the Swiss Observatory. This movement also has a good nickname called ‘The King of the Big Three Needles’, from which it is known that few organic cores can be compared with it. The classics in classics have been launched for so many years without hearing any problems.

 This watch has the reputation as the spokesperson of the first tennis day in Asia. 36mm it is not suitable for small birds according to human type, it should be the favorite of women with a unique personality like Sister Na. The mixed metal of platinum and stainless steel makes it reflect a low-key and noble temperament, but only reveals the feminine tenderness and cuteness on the dial. Rolex watches do not win by appearance. More quality lies in the movement. The built-in 3135 explains everything.
 Watch details: rolex / 13940 /