2015 ‘true Seconds’ Watch Brief Reward

Like many function or structure names, the origin of the name ‘true second’ is also based on appearance, which is based on the movement of the second hand of the watch, one second and one jump. At this point, it seems that the languages ​​are interlinked. In professional foreign language books, the word ‘true second’ is also used to indicate ‘Jumping Second’ or ‘True Beat’. I do not know why, such a function that seems to be useless, but you have to pay more to buy it, is now gradually getting hot. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory’s steel real-time watch was even told that the stock was very tight shortly after it was released.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory Series

    Since Jaeger-LeCoultre was mentioned before, let’s start with Jaeger-LeCoultre. Jaeger-LeCoultre had already produced a large complex jumping seconds pocket watch in 1880, which was introduced in the previous article. The brand itself is specialized in the movement. Therefore, in terms of the various complex functions of the movement, it has Deep technical accumulation. This year, Jaeger-LeCoultre has produced two jumping seconds watches: one is the ‘real second’ watch of the geophysical observatory series, and the other is the world time watch of the geophysical observatory series. In terms of movement, it is newly developed 770 movement and 772 movement (world time model), equipped with jumping seconds components and Gyrolab balance (Jacques patent), but also automatic movement. According to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s previous product line development trends, this series may next add monthly equivalent function models.
Jacques de Grande Seconde Collection

    Jacques Dro, known for his outstanding craftsmanship and robotic puppets, also unexpectedly released a limited edition of 88 Grande Seconde automatic watches this year. The founder of Jacques Dro has made a skip-second structure very early through his outstanding mechanical design and production skills, and dedicated this to the European royal family. This year, the brand has specially developed a new movement for this purpose, which once again showed the old complex function of skip seconds. The watch uses a large open flame enamel dial that represents the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship, an 18K gold case and a built-in 2695SMR movement. This movement uses a silicon balance spring, an 18K gold automatic tourbillon and a date retrograde structure.
Arnold & Son Family


Sir John Franklin Set

Constant Force Tourbillon

Gold Wheel

TB Tiger

   In recent years, the Arnold brand has gradually entered the line of sight of a large number of watch friends. Whether it is a complex-function watch or a basic model, it has been very distinctive, and the development of new mechanisms has become more frequent. This year, Arnold launched a number of high-level complex jumping seconds watch, which makes people overwhelmed. Surprisingly, among the many models of the two main series of Arnoldo, there are actually 9 models and 2 sets of watches (each 3 sets) are skip seconds watch styles, far more than any current brand Although I do n’t know why Arnold’s preferred the jumping seconds, but each one is very special, or the structure is exquisite, or with complicated functions, or echoes special craftsmanship. This year is mainly Golden Wheel, TBTE, constant-power tourbillon, DSTB, TB Tiger and so on.
Leroy Osmior Tourbillon

    This is a mysterious watch, and compared to most of the seconds watch, its mystery is amazing. If you look at the surface, you can only see the luxury side of diamonds, rose gold and other luxury brands. Even on the back, it still uses the official cover to hide its richest inner. . However, when you opened the general cover, you were deeply shocked. The complex tourbillon, beautiful gear structure, sesame chain, and power protection mechanism are all features of the top-level complex pocket watches of the 19th century. A few brands have the power to integrate these institutions into watches. Comparing it like this, in fact, its jumping seconds have become the foil.
Grönefeld one herz

   Grönefeld is also a very niche brand. It is good at making some high-end and complicated models. The PARALLAX tourbillon watch has won the 2014 GPHG Tourbillon Award. In coincidence with Arnold, Grönefeld also likes jumping seconds watches very much, the brand has set up a separate series for this purpose, including ordinary models and special models (classic, hollow, three era themes). Grönefeld again released a One Herz watch this year, including two versions of titanium and rose gold, and its biggest feature is the brand’s original skip seconds mechanism, which is independent of the travel time system, so it will not affect Travel time accuracy. Because it has a separate large series, the brand also calls it ‘the world’s first and only watch series with independent jumping seconds function.’
Angules U10 Tourbillon Chronograph

    From the overall appearance, this watch by Angules feels weird, it should be said that it is too long horizontally, because it has two windows, one to display the time, and one to place the tourbillon. The design of this watch, on the one hand, pays tribute to the well-known travel clock from the 1930s to the 1960s, and on the other hand, its time display window and tourbillon display window are inspired by the early two TV screens .
   The watch is limited to 25 pieces and took 4 years to make. It has a built-in 90-hour power reserve A100 mechanical movement with jump seconds, tourbillon and power reserve display functions.
Andreas Strehler Eternal Moon Phase

    Andreas Strehler, an imaginative and challenging watchmaker, has also established his own brand, and has worked with brands such as Henry Moser, Harry Winston and others to produce high-level complex mechanical watches. Earlier this year, Andreas Strehler made improvements based on the jump-second moon phase watch released last year, and released an astonishing eternal moon phase jump seconds watch (more accurately, it should be called the eternal moon phase constant power seconds hand wrist table). In addition to the complex structure of the patented constant dynamic jumping seconds, Andreas Strehler claims that the accuracy of the moon phase reaches an error of only one day every 14’189.5383 years, and it needs to be adjusted about 2.06 million years. After the name, ‘2M’ is added, and it has entered the Guinness Book of World Records.
Dewitt Jump Second 2015 Only Watch

   Dewitt is a world-renowned independent watchmaker brand. Its creative design concept and subversive mechanical structure are always amazing. After the brand launched the shocking DeWitt Twenty-Eight 8 Tourbillon Prestige watch last year, this year, the brand has created another jumping seconds watch exclusively for Only Watch. At the same time, this feature has a separate transparent window for viewing .
   Seeing this, I believe that watch friends should no longer think that the jumping seconds (real seconds) are just mechanical copies of quartz watch hands, and they will not think that jumping seconds is an additional useless function of the brand. Although the jumping seconds is very simple to display, its world is rich enough to surprise us. Therefore, do not underestimate the metal structure between the square inches of mechanical watches, and do not easily draw conclusions for this industry that has developed for hundreds of years.

Gorgeous Rose Gold Blooms, Colorful Gemstones Greet The New Year: Bvlgari Diva Watches Tell Women’s Elegance

The BVLGARI Diva series watches are inspired by the beauty of women’s beauty, capture the most charming moments of women, and make women’s charm eternal. This series of watches bloom in pure elegance, and become the embodiment of jewelry works. Whether it is diamonds, mother-of-pearl, colorful gems, or emeralds, each piece presents a distinctive aesthetic.
   As the new year is approaching, it presents sparkling diamond styles and colorful treasure styles for good luck, blessings in 2016, and adding gorgeous highlights to the party dress at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.
BVLGARI Diva Diamond Watch
   Since BVLGARI was founded more than 130 years ago, it has exhibited the superb craftsmanship of Italy. It takes 2700 years of Roman history as its source and the outstanding design of modern appliances to celebrate the good times of the past. It was built in the Baths of Caracalla in 216 AD to The complex structure, exquisite decoration and historical evolution are well known to the world. Taking the precious historical building as the source of inspiration, Diva series watches delicately depict women’s lines, praising the romantic beauty of women of all ages.
BVLGARI Diva mother-of-pearl rose gold automatic watch, model 102433
   The new Diva series reinterprets the classic fan-shaped design. It is based on the unique fan-shaped floor tile totem of the Caracalla Roman Baths in Rome. The fan-shaped lines are used on the lugs, and the delicate round case and satin of 18K rose gold or white gold are used. The strap is perfectly connected, symbolizing the design that keeps pace with the times and seeks for change. It exudes pure elegance.
BVLGARI Diva Automatic Pavé Diamond Women’s Watch, Model 102432

BVLGARI Diva Rose Gold Acetate Automatic Ladies Watch, Model 102329
   BVLGARI Diva Pavé Diamond Automatic Women’s Watch, BVLGARI Diva Mother-of-Pearl Rose Gold Automatic Women’s Watch, BVLGARI Diva Rose Gold Acetate Automatic Women’s Watch Combines the brand’s best jewellery craftsmanship and watchmaking aesthetics, and celebrates the feminine beauty with elegant rose gold Features that bring good luck to the new year and add highlights to party occasions at the end of the year. Women who love to be the focus of the party can choose BVLGARI Diva pavé diamond automatic women’s watch and BVLGARI Diva mother-of-pearl rose gold Automatic female watch, gorgeous diamonds and mother-of-pearl set off the romantic temperament of women, and women who like to be different can choose BVLGARI Diva rose gold acetate automatic female watch, special high-tech acetate material makes the faceplate appear elegant Unique two-tone color, suitable for mature and unique women.
BVLGARI Diva emerald diamond watch, model 102463

BVLGARI Diva rose gold and diamond watch, model 102422
   In addition, the BVLGARI Diva emerald diamond watch and the BVLGARI Diva diamond watch are not to be missed. The white gold case is set with sparkling and wealthy diamonds, and it is matched with sparkling diamonds or elegant emeralds. It is the best collection necessary for the new year; the classic and full of Italian style BVLGARI Diva diamond watch pink, BVLGARI Diva diamond watch pink blue, BVLGARI Diva rose gold diamond Diamond watches, combined with the brand’s best jewellery craftsmanship and watchmaking expertise, create luxurious yet unique romantic pieces, making wearers a focal point that cannot be ignored in party occasions. Crystal colored gems and diamonds shine on the wrist. Like a dazzling piece of jewellery, the colored gemstones also have the meaning of good luck, bringing rich blessings and luck to the new 2016.

World Cup Usa Debuts Again These Watches Are Also From The United States

In the group stage of the Brazil World Cup on June 17, the U.S. team debuted and defeated Ghana 2-1. Today the U.S. team is playing again. Playing against Portugal is undoubtedly a very important game for the United States . Take this opportunity, let us take a look at some of the watch brands ‘flowing’ American blood.

 Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Hamilton Watch combines the free spirit of the American spirit with the excellence of Swiss craftsmanship, and is famous for its innovative design and texture modeling. He has performed well in the field of aviation watches, and has gained a reputation for his deep relationship with Hollywood. He has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters so far.
 At this year’s Baselworld, Hamilton’s automatic railway chronograph wristwatch is also very American. The railway automatic chronograph watch has a rounded edge and a conical button bridge with vertical brushing. Think back to the nostalgia of the railroad pocket watch era. Today’s railroad watches are no longer hidden in the pocket. They come with a smart stainless steel bracelet or a fine black leather strap. Above the black or gray dial, the contrasting rust or blue tachymeter spirals outward from the center of the dial. A three-layer speed lap can be used to calculate a wider range of speeds. Elegant polished sword-shaped hands that cycle between nickel-plated inlaid scales. The H-21 self-winding chronograph movement pushes the three chronograph dials and hour and minute hands. This precise and reliable ‘engine’ can be seen at a glance through the sapphire back cover.

 Ball Watch began in the United States in 1891. That year, two mail trains in Ohio crashed tragically, killing the drivers of both trains and killing nine other people in the crash. After that accident, Mr. Ball from Cleveland, Ohio was listed as the Attorney General by the railroad company and oversaw and recorded railroad times thereafter. The system created by Mr. Ball is the first successful railway timepiece system to gain widespread acceptance and recognition. So Boll didn’t initially manufacture watches directly, but instead helped establish a set of precise timing standards for railway services and designed a reliable time detection mechanism for railway timers.
 Boer’s new engineer chief upgrade series of sliding chronograph stopwatch models this year broke the tradition once again, abandoning the traditional two-button chronograph device, and changing all the chronograph functions to start, stop and reset to a single position at 9 Controlled by a timing device. This ‘Slide Chronograph’ device includes a curved slide button (Slide Bar) around the movement. Push the slide bar clockwise to start and stop the timing. The slide button will automatically return to the original position. Push the slide bar counterclockwise to reset the second hand to zero. This brand new timing device greatly improves the handling and ergonomics. It is an essential condition for the accuracy and flexibility of timing. The ‘sliding chronograph’ device was developed and patented by Ball Watch, allowing the wearer to easily control the chronograph with one finger when wearing the watch. Finally, the design of the chronograph stopwatch is extremely fashionable, allowing the wearer to experience the fun of using the latest features of the mechanical watch.

 Coach watches represent the contemporary United States in its best state, and each one is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and beauty, whether it is the overall appearance or function. The Coach LEGACY SPORT sports watch’s chronograph movement, buttons, and multi-function dial give this design a striking sports style, designed for women who want to reflect their personal style. The layered case is decorated with gold-plated and sparkling Swarovski elements, adding feminine and charming charm to the watch. The bracelet has a crystal-set bezel, a dial and unique lugs decorated with silver-white sun texture and Coach’s signature C-texture. Each item is a unique Coach design. The strap features Coach New York’s lettering bezel and Swarovsku side inlaid case. Practical scale and digital scale with 12 o’clock Arbic font, this watch is simple, stylish and easy to read.

Juicy Couture, an American fashion brand, also launched a watch, which rotates like a color dial in Basel 2014! The classic and glamorous style of this extreme edition, this unique Stella bracelet watch is characterized by its vibrant dial-inlaid decorative dial with crystal rods. At 12 o’clock, the Juicy Couture crown logo signature and pink heart embellished seconds hand add a perfect stylish touch to the watch and keep every Juicy girl fashionable at all times! A variety of bright and bold color-plated rose gold-plated bracelets are available.