The Voice Of Time A Brief Comment On Breguet’s Classic Complex 7637 Three Questions Watch

In today’s watch industry, I believe that the three questions are the most fascinated by many watch fans. It can also be said that they are the most fascinated by the sound of time. Because of its super complicated structure and high price, I have played it. There are not many friends on the minute repeater. There are even fewer people who really own a minute repeater watch. Today, the watch house will introduce a Breguet minute repeater watch to everyone to learn more about the minute repeater. The official model of the watch is 7637BB / 12 / 9ZU.

At the end of the 17th century, the watchmaking industry leaders scrambled to create acoustic timepieces to let the wearer know the time in the dark. Around 1680, the first spring-loaded watch was finally released. Breguet’s 7637BB / 12 / 9ZU minute repeater watch not only has a minute repeater device, but also has a 24-hour day and night indicator at the three o’clock position of the watch.


The invention of the three-question question, in addition to the saying that ‘Europe aristocrats woke up at night to know the time but did not want to light candles’, the industry has also been circulating the idea that the three-question meter was originally invented for the blind. In short, under the clever hands of a talented watchmaker, the minute repeater chronograph watch came into being. As a mature technology, the mechanical structure of the minute repeater and timepiece for 150 years is basically fixed, without major changes and innovations. This can be found in the royal watch and the minute watch of the court of the late Qing Dynasty in China and the pocket watch of the Vacheron Constantin minute question more than 100 years ago.


This watch itself has many characteristics of Breguet, such as the distinctive features of Breguet, such as the coin decoration on the side of the watch case and straight lugs. The watch is made of 18K white gold, low-key luxury, 42 mm diameter design, worn on the wrist fool generously. Of course, this one is not willing to wear it on the wrist every day.


The strap of the watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, sewn with black silk, soft and comfortable to wear. The buckle is a folding buckle in 18K white gold.


The minute hand on the side of the watch, when you push the handle, you will find that it is not so easy to push, you need to give it a little power. Because you are already winding the entire sounding mechanism during the push. If it is not full, some of the questionnaires only report incomplete time, and some simply do not report.


The watch face is also full of Breguet style, Paris shoe studs dial, blue steel Breguet pointer design, hidden signature and so on. Not only did Mr. Louis Breguet invent the tourbillon, but he also changed the three-in-one device, replacing the early bell with a steel leaf spring. The gong is installed around the movement, saving a lot of space.


The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass bottom design. We can observe the movement of the movement through the sapphire crystal glass. The watch movement is not only finely polished, but also engraved, which is beautiful. The precise operation of the gears is also visible.


The structure of the minute repeater is developed from the functions of Hours (One Question) and Time and Time (Two Questions). It is a very complicated system in the sound function of clocks, which is also the reason why it is expensive. . The most common minute repeater requires at least two ring gongs and two small hammers. A small hammer hit the gong to make a sound. The bass (produced by the thicker gong) represents the current hour, the high and low combined sounds represent the quarter clock, and the remaining minutes are reported by the treble (from the thinner gong), and finally the purpose of representing time by sound is achieved.

Summary: Today, the minute repeater still holds the supreme position in the ranks of complex watches. No matter from the sale price or the auction price, it remains strong. However, the price of antique minute repeater pocket watches is not particularly high, and the gap between them is very large. Today’s watches are much smaller than pocket watches, so the minute repeater device is more detailed, including the original design, polishing, assembly, and testing. It’s more difficult to wait, so the price is naturally a lot more expensive.

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Famous Movie Star Keanu Reeves Starred In The Latest Action Film ‘john Wick’ Wearing A Bucherer Watch

Lucerne, Switzerland, October 2014: The latest action film ‘John Wick’ starring Keanu Reeves premiered in New York on October 13. In the film, Keanu Reeves wore a Bucherer Marion AutoDate watch, showing his sharpness with his wrist. Swiss watchmaker Bucherer fully supports the two directors of the film, and is also the ambassador for the Bucherer brand-David Leitch and Chad Stahelski.

Elite gathering

   ‘John Wick’ gathers top red stars, Keanu Reeves plays John Wick, Willem Dafoe and Daniel Bernhardt are two acting stars ; Swiss actor Daniel Bernhardt is not only fascinated by watch art, but also the brand ambassador of Bucherer.

Well-known movie stars Keanu Reeves (left) and Sabrina Mozilla’s CEO Sascha Moeri (right)

Stand out

   In addition to these three Hollywood stars, the Bucherer timepieces are also prominent in the new film: Keanu Reeves is a companion on the wrist with a light-colored Maliron AutoDate watch, and William • Willem Dafoe wore an elegant black dial Maliron AutoDate watch in the background of New York City, which fits the personality of his character, while Daniel Bernhardt wears ChronoGrade ChronoGrade The stopwatch is here.


   The premiere of the new ‘John Wick’ film was held in New York on October 13th. Bucherer was the partner of the premiere event. A group of Hollywood stars, actors of ‘John Wick’ and directors of David Leitch and Chad Stahelski attended The scene is lively and the stars are shining.

Bucherer Brand Ambassador David Leitch (left), Chad Stahelski (right) and Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri (middle)

Higher realm

   David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are the backbone of the Hollywood film industry. The action stunt company ’87eleven’ founded by the two has raised the level of Hollywood film stunts to a higher level with passion, creativity and innovative thinking. The wonderful action stunt scenes make movie fans Impressed; the two collaborated on a number of blockbuster movies including Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Strive for perfection

   David Leitch and Chad Stahelski strive for perfection, and constantly overcome challenges and limitations. The transition from action stunt design to director and producer is logical, because the two have shown their talent and rich experience in each action scene in the previous films. The two co-directed new works ‘John Wick’ promote the plot with exciting action fighting scenes and stunning images: In the film, Keanu Reeves plays the killer who has washed his hands. In order to find out the gangsters that left him with nothing, he returns to the rivers and lakes. , A series of fighting in the dark New York streets. ‘John Wick’ will be officially released in the United States on October 24.

About Bucherer, upholding tradition and pioneering innovation

   Comprehensive global specialty store and distribution network. To this day, the Bucherer Group still maintains a family-owned business strategy, and is headed by Jörg G. Bucherer, the third-generation heir to the founder’s family and the current chairman of the board. In 2001, the Group restructured its brand positioning and paid tribute to the group’s founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer under the brand name. The Bucherer watch and movement are developed by the brand’s own watch factory. Among them, the brand’s first self-made CFB A1000 outer edge automatic winding oscillating movement series is the most representative. The distinctive style and precision of the movement are the hallmarks of the Bucherer watch.