Vintage Luxury Tasting Jacques Dro Large Seconds Series Moon Phase Watch

Elegance and art are the consistent watchmaking styles of Jacques Droe. They are loved by watch enthusiasts by virtue of their different dial designs. This is also the brand of Swiss fine watchmaking, which is more closely related to Chinese culture and tradition. In 2018, at the 280th anniversary of the brand, the brand launched a series of extraordinary masterpieces combining chic design, precious materials and exquisite handicrafts with exquisite, sophisticated and rare watch mechanisms at the highly anticipated Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. Among them, Jacques Dro introduces the luxury and elegant moon phase function in its iconic large seconds hand series, and uses precious materials to create, showing the beauty of the moon phase watch. The new Jacques Dro large seconds series moon phase watch is more luxurious than ever. On the black dial that is ‘quiet’ like the middle of the night, the attractive golden moon is introduced, which is extremely beautiful and bright. Let’s take a look together: (watch model: J007533201)

Large second hand 邂逅 moon phase

   As the most elegant moon phase function in the watch, although there is no substantial use for the wearer, its charm and aesthetics are unique. The launch of this watch is a tribute to the bold watchmaking force, avant-garde aesthetics and innovative spirit of the brand. These values ​​are firmly rooted in the brand’s genes, embody the essence of time art, and add moving meaning to every moment.
Watch real shot display

   This watch is made of 18K red gold and has a diameter of 43 mm. The polished case is moist and bright. The round bezel is integrated with the case, which underlines Jacques Dro’s elegant and gorgeous watchmaking tradition. On one side is an 18-gold crown, which is engraved with the Jacques Dross double-star LOGO pattern, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture design. It shows the brand’s unique aesthetics while taking into account the comfortable debugging feel, which is very convenient.

   The thickness of the watch is 13.23 millimeters. After polishing and retouching, it presents a full, smooth texture, which is very beautiful, which perfectly blends the case and the lugs, and shows the beauty of smooth lines. The moon phase adjustment device is located on the other side of the case, and can be adjusted simply by pressing the hidden button with a professional tool.

   Thanks to the brand’s signature enamel technology, the dial of the watch is covered with a double layer of black big fire enamel, showing a deep and pure black, unique style, highlighting the ‘8’ dial in the middle of the dial. Below the 12 o’clock position, the red gold pointer indicates the Roman numeral time scale, which is simple and neat.

   At 6 o’clock, there is a large second dial, which includes a large second hand, an analog date indicator and a moon phase function. The black agate moon phase disk looks exactly like the surface of the disk, like a deep and quiet night sky, with 18K red gold stars and 22K gold moon inlaid on it. The surface of the moon is engraved with the lunar surface texture, which is more real and beautiful.

    Built-in Jacques Droe 2660QL3 self-winding mechanical movement, which can be seen through the back cover, such as 18K red gold skeleton pendulum, movement splint, etc., fully show the beauty of machinery. A silicon balance spring and pallet are used, which are both magnetic and shock resistant. The dual barrels provide approximately 68 hours of power reserve.

   The black hand-rolled alligator leather strap is comfortable and elegant. Combined with the panel color, it shows the overall unique aesthetic.

Jacques Dro Second Moon Series
Summary: The new Jacques Dro large seconds series moon phase watch, the deep double-layer black big fire enamel and the bright red gold contrast, showing the elegance and exquisite luxury, highlighting the infinite charm of the brand’s timepieces. If you like this timepiece, you may wish to pay more attention.

Seiko Introduces New 5 Sports Series Watch

For a long time, Seiko has provided a wide range of affordable products through the 5Sports series. With its affordable price and core features-automatic winding, day and date display, superior water resistance, durable case and bracelet, and embedded crown at 4 o’clock-it’s the perfect entry for mechanical watch lovers .

   The Seiko 5Sports series has just been redesigned and upgraded, and now consists of 5 core styles, each corresponding to a specific dress style. At present, the Seiko 5Sports series includes a total of 27 models, all of which can be called ‘diving elite’.

First 1968 Seiko 5Sports watch

   The new 5Sports series is centered on a universal design, sharing the same design of the case, rotating bezel, dial and hands, and is equipped with a 4R36 automatic movement. For all redesigned models, the dial is decorated with the new 5Sports series logo, the number ‘5’ rotated 45 ° to the left.


   The Seiko 5Sports series ‘sports style’ includes 11 models. Most of the models have metal finishes and sunburst dials. The color scheme is reminiscent of SKX divers, including orange dial watches (SRPD59K1) and Pepsi Circle watch (SRPD53K1).


   Next, the largest sub-series is the ‘formal style’ with 8 models. This sub-series is characterized by a darker dial (except for the cream-colored dial), which is mostly paired with ivory, distressed fluorescent hands and hour markers. Some models use Milanese bracelets to highlight the retro look, this is the first time for the Seiko 5Sports series.


   As the name suggests, ‘Street Style’ (including 3 models) is designed for street dressing. On the theme, this sub-series is similar to the 2016 Seiko xNano.universe cooperation model, that is, the appearance is all black, with contrasting LumiBrite fluorescence.


   ‘Professional style’ (including 3 models) is the most ‘ordinary’ sub-series, which adopts the traditional color scheme and retouching process. One of the stainless steel cases is gold-plated. This watch is unique because it is the only watch with a silicone topstitched calfskin (crocodile print) strap.


   ‘Emotional style’ is the smallest sub-series with only 2 models. The name of this sub-series sounds strange and the style is unusual. The dials of both watches are decorated with irregular textures and imaginative color combinations: one is an all-green dial with an orange second hand, and the other is a brown dial with a turquoise second hand.

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 13.4 mm
Material: stainless steel (some models are gold-plated or hard-coated)
Water resistance: 100 meters

Movement: 4R36
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week and date
Winding: Automatic
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times / hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 41 hours

Time to market: September 2019
Official pricing: 30,000 to 38,000 yen before tax, equivalent to approximately 1,990 to 2,520 yuan