The Product Itself Is Our Most Important Interview With Mr. Thomas Meier, Ceo Of Glashütte Original Brand

In October this year, the German top watch brand Glashütte Timepiece Craft Exhibition opened in Beijing’s SKP Atrium. With 170 years of historical heritage and consistent original spirit, this exhibition tells the original definition of the distance between the world by Glashütte Original and opens a new chapter for the world watchmaking industry. The Watch House also interviewed Mr. Thomas Meier, the original CEO of Glashütte, and listened to him to talk about the spirit of Glashütte’s originality.

Watch House: What is Glashütte Original’s positioning in China and what kind of consumers are it targeting?
Mr. Thomas Meier: Our consumers are more mature consumers, they are generally between 30 and 40 years old, and they are more comfortable with high-tech things. They know how to set a goal for themselves, and they will work hard along this goal. They will also reward themselves after reaching a set goal, and these are exactly consistent with our brand values.
Made in Germany has also given us a very important label, and we are also very proud to have such a label. Because until now our watchmaking factory has achieved 95% of its own watch parts production, and we also have our own dial factory, which has achieved some of the core things of our own production of watches. We have a transparent watch factory to show to the world, and we are very confident that we can let our customers or potential customers go to the watch factory to see what is inside our brand.
Watch House: Which region in the world has the best sales?
Thomas Meier: As a German brand, of course, it is best to sell in the German market. Of course, the German market also includes two types of customers, one is domestic consumers and the other is foreign tourists.
Watch House: This year launched a watch only for the Chinese market, is it very optimistic about the future market in China?
Mr. Thomas Meier: We have nearly 50 markets all over the world. The Asian market is a very important one, especially the Chinese market, so we made these two watches especially for the Chinese market. Since I took over Glashütte Original last year, I have had many opportunities to reach Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers like our brand very much. Since Chinese consumers like our brand very much, I will definitely love them too. This It should be a mutual foundation, which will allow me to produce more things that are suitable for China, specifically for the Chinese market.
Watch House: After the launch of these two Chinese special edition watches, our website’s watchmates responded very well. Are there any plans for the future?
Mr. Thomas Meier: I am very glad to hear this news, and this feedback will also give us more inspiration to create more things that are suitable for China next year. I can’t tell you exactly what to do now, otherwise I won’t be able to give you a big surprise next year.
Watch House: In the past two years, watch brands will find some brand friends or spokespersons in China. Does Glashütte Original have any plans in this regard?
Mr. Thomas Meier: I have also noticed this phenomenon, and many watch brands are beginning to use spokespersons in China. But for us, our product itself is very strong, and we still need to spend a lot of experience to tell consumers what our product is, so we do n’t want to spend time explaining our brand with a spokesperson. Our own The product is the best explanation. On the other hand, Chinese consumers have realized that pursuing the quality of goods is the most important thing, so we will not consider the use of spokespersons for communication.
Watch House: One last question, will there be a new watch before the end of the year?
Thomas Meier: I give you the simplest answer, no. At the Berlin Film Festival next year, we will be the first to launch a new product that will definitely surprise you.
Summary: Glashütte Original holds a strong heritage of inheritance and carries forward the essence of Germany’s top traditional skills, so that the Glashütte region can once again stand on the world stage with a solid watchmaking process and create the highest brand in the world important position. Let us look forward to the performance of Glashütte Original in the future.