Omega Constellation Series Watch Exhibition Held In Zhenhua Commercial Building

The ‘Classic Legends of Clocks and Stars’ Omega Constellation series exhibition was held in Yantai Zhenhua Commercial Building from October 3 to 20. It is understood that this exhibition selects extraordinary masterpieces and advertising works that have attracted much attention since the birth of the Constellation Series in 1952, and depicts the legendary historical track of the Constellation Series in the long river of time.

 ‘The watches on display this time were taken from the Swiss Museum. We only show them not for sale. The main purpose is to get closer to the citizens of Yantai, so that citizens can see fine watches at their doorsteps, instead of going to Beijing. , Shanghai and other cities, ‘said Huang Gang, regional manager of Ruiyunda Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 According to Huo Peng, manager of Yantai Zhenhua Commercial Department Store, the Constellation series is an indispensable gem in the glorious tradition of the Omega brand. This exhibition presents the iconic Manhattan claw design, the precise quartz constellation series and the noble and elegant ladies’ watch series.

 Huo Peng told reporters that the ‘Manhattan’ watch on the exhibition, since its release in 1982, this watch with a new subversive design concept has become the leader of the Omega Constellation series. The ‘Manhattan’ watch introduced for the first time the ‘claw’ design that is now well known in the world.

 The original purpose of the claw design was to firmly fix the watch mirror and waterproof ring on the case to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch. The exquisitely designed one-piece bracelet is integrated into the case. At the six o’clock and twelve o’clock positions of the case, a ‘half moon’ bevel is designed.

 In addition to watches, there are many outstanding advertising works in the exhibition. Huo Peng told reporters that Omega is not only a boutique watch, but also a witness of happy times. The exquisite operation of the Omega 8500 coaxial movement in the men’s watch or the 8520 coaxial movement in the women’s watch is clearly visible, witnessing the beautiful moments of the loved one every minute.