Time Gear Of Tough Guy Heroes In Movies

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch
     The robot T-800 in ‘Terminator’ is an American-style individual heroic tough guy. His actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also perfected his life at the box office with the success of ‘Terminator 2’. Reached an insurmountable peak. The T-800 wearing the Royal Oak Offshore Watch in the movie also deeply imprinted the tough guy’s mark. The all-steel heavy metal temperament coupled with the shape of the sports watch, assembled on the wrist of the T-800 robot can be found a perfect belonging. Schwarzenegger’s screen era is over, but the royal willow’s noble status remains outrageous. In 2012, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak series, the ultra-thin skeleton tourbillon 40th anniversary limited edition watch was launched, which continues to interpret the immortal legend of the Royal Oak.
‘007’ Daniel Craig-Omega Seamaster
Since Bond’s first time wearing the Omega Seahorse in ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995, this piece of equipment seems to accompany him like a Walther P99 pistol in Bond’s hand, and even once set a life-saving mechanism for the ‘Hippocampus’. From 2006, starting with ‘Royal Casino’ starring Daniel Craig, the hippocampus returned to reality and became a status symbol showing 007’s temperament and taste. Whether entering or leaving the mall, the battlefield or vanity fair took for granted, whether it was to cooperate with beautiful women , Cigar or Walther P99 all look so elegant. Omega seahorses have been with 007 for more than a decade after Bond’s battle. Omega seahorses set off the grace and taste of 007. 007 has also made Omega highly respected. In 2012, at the 50th anniversary of the release of 007, Omega launched the ‘James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’ limited edition watch.
Leonardo DiCaprio-TAG Heuer Carrera
     The success of ‘Dream of Dreams’ allowed Leonardo DiCaprio to successfully transform from the handsome image of JACK to the pure man of Dom Cobb. He doesn’t have developed muscles and tough shapes, but has inherent wisdom and emotion, and that Heuer Carrera series watch fits him perfectly. From the legendary national team of the Ferrari team in the 1960s to today’s Leonardo, it seems that the TAG Heuer Carrera series is born for speed. The Calibre 1887 43mm chronograph is a collection of thousands of pets, a classic interpretation of TAG Heuer’s century-old chronological spirit, and has become the forefront representative of the Calera family.
First Blood Sylvester Stallone-Panerai
     Panerai in ‘The First Blood’ has become a classic symbol of Stallone’s fight and fight. The larger the dial and the rough lines outline the hero’s domineering. Although the original tough guy hero was gradually forgotten with ‘The First Drop of Blood’, Panerai still glowed with unremitting innovation and transcendence. In 2012, Panerai launched the LUMINOR 1950 TOURBILLON GMT CERAMICA-48 mm ceramic tourbillon timepiece. It is strong and domineering, reflecting the innovative spirit of luxury brand Panerai as always.

Talk About Pop Culture Elements In Fine Watchmaking

Whether in order to attract geek fans or want to awaken the childlike innocence, fine watchmaking has discovered the irresistible charm of symbols in popular culture. Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, James Bond, Hulk and well-known companies have occupied the dial. The question is, can these childhood heroes survive forever?

Rolex GMT-Master II Greenwich II

   Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Marvel or DC? James Bond or Star Wars? The Hulk, Paul Newman, the giant elephant Campbell, Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, the red and white rockets in The Adventures of Tintin, and Hello Kitty … are all well-known symbols. They are an integral part of today’s world, and a cornerstone of world culture that attracts watchmakers and their customers. These symbols are far from the industry traditions that are often over-rendered, but they involve everyone, regardless of culture or generation, and fine watchmaking has found the right combination.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ Watch

   Shakespeare has a famous saying-‘No matter what the name of the rose is.’ The same is true of watches. There are many famous design nicknames in the watchmaking industry from popular culture. In terms of nicknames, Rolex fans have proven their extraordinary creativity. For example, the Rolex GMT-Master II Greenwich II watch is affectionately called the ‘Pepsi Circle’ because of its red and blue bezel inserts, which refers to the Pepsi logo of the soft drink company. On the other hand, Rolex GMT-Master Greenwich watches with red and black bezel inserts are called ‘Coke circles’. Then there is the Rolex Submariner Date, which uses a full green color scheme and is called the Hulk (Green Water Ghost). Finally, don’t forget the Paul Newman Daytona, known as the ‘ultimate holy grail watch’.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5976 / 1G Nautilus Series 40th Anniversary Limited Chronograph

   To a lesser extent, other brands have tapped into movies and pop culture, and used the historic moments of the world to define and distinguish iconic watches. Jumbo is used to refer to the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, with a diameter of 42 mm, a large size (in terms of standards at the time), and a curved side of the case. Chess Grand Master Gary Kasparov lends his name to the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet, while the legendary Omega Speedmaster is called the ‘Moon Table’ for his role in the Apollo 11 mission ‘.

Omega Seamaster 300 ‘Ghost Party’ Limited Edition

   Encouraged by the Internet and social media, the brand has also turned its attention to younger and more up-to-date customers. Popular culture and its fictional heroes have penetrated the watch market. Imagine what Rolex and Omega would look like without James Bond? Romain Jerome worked with rivals Marvel and DC to put the image of Batman and Spider-Man on the dial. Because superhero never misses time.

Romain Jerome Pikachu watch

Romain Jerome Hello Kitty Watch

   Take a step back and be more colorful, and characters from classic arcade games have not lost their appeal. Romain Jerome shows us that the game of Pikachu and Super Mario is not over yet; for more than 40 years, the indisputable cute cat Hello Kitty has also left its paw prints on the dial. Seiko Master Yoda; Chopard or Parmigiani Mickey Mouse leads watch fans to explore the wonderful world of Disney; on the dial of Bamford’s custom Rolex, Popeye is showing off the muscles that have been eaten by spinach. This is the area where MB & F founder Maximilian Büsser is most versatile. One of his latest works, the clock named ‘Destination Moon’, is so similar to the red and white rockets in Tintin’s Adventures, but not just It was accidental.

Romain Jerome Spider-Man Watch

MB & F Destination Moon

   Today, fine watchmaking is getting rid of rampant, keen on pop culture symbols. With the popularity of a series of TV programs and the growth of loyal fans, how long will it take for Game of Thrones to appear on the dial? However, can today’s or earlier symbols withstand the test of time? Fifty years later, will anyone remember Paul Newman? What would be the evaluation of the history of ‘one small step for humans and one big step for human beings’ a hundred years later?

Zhenlishi Sings Christmas Silver And White Music

When the moonlight like water sprinkles on the fresh snow in winter, the neon flashes on the lively street, holding hands in front of the window full of dream Christmas, silently making wishes under the Christmas tree, spending a romantic and warm Christmas carnival. Zenith carefully selects silver and white Christmas watch pairs, witnessing the wonderful moment of laughter and laughter when they meet, blooming hope and desire for more beautiful harvests.
Elite 6150 ultra-thin watch RMB 48,000

   The Elite 6150 ultra-thin watch is equipped with a new self-produced movement: Elite 6150, which traces its origins and regains the tradition of craftsmanship. The new Elite 6150 calibre adds a second barrel and has an extra-long power reserve of more than four days. Its slim shape is faithfully retained. Although the new movement consists of 195 components, it is only 3.92 mm thick. Another significant improvement of the movement is that the second hand is adjusted from the previous 9 o’clock position to the central second hand, which greatly improves the movement’s swing, accuracy and reliability.
   The ultra-thin case of the Elite 6150 watch is low-key and rustic, pure and elegant. It is made of stainless steel and has a pebble shape. The lines are simple. The transparent case back design reveals the movement mechanism and the clever movement of the oscillating weight. On the silver curved dial, the slender and slender hour markers are carefully carved into wonderful grooves that look like reliefs, forming a stunning visual effect. The slender hands, like a beating movement, sing eternal time on Christmas Eve.
Star Action Happy Watch RMB 83,000

   Zenith Star Action Series Happy Watch, original pillow-shaped appearance, through the ‘core’ window at 10 o’clock, you can get a glimpse of the legendary El Primero star speed 4062 automatic mechanical movement, powerful Expressiveness is fascinating at first sight. The rhodium-plated faceted hands and blue Roman numerals perfectly match the elegant dark blue convex round sapphire crown. Dazzling diamond inlays, like snowflakes falling in the night sky, sparkle on Christmas night.
   The most exciting thing about the watch is that the second hand turns into a heart-shaped ruby, which breaks the shackles of the dial, so that the woman wearing it can feel the heart and tenderness at all times. Yingying’s touch of red is as eye-catching as the fire tree and silver flowers, as free as notes, reflecting thousands of styles, perfect for the joy and blessing of Christmas.