Oris And Nicholas Tse Turned Gorgeously

On August 29th, the well-known Swiss brand (Oris) celebrated the birthday of its global image ambassador Nicholas Tse on the official Weibo account, saying that he had witnessed the transformation of a young, unruly boy into a stable man. process. For 32 years, the persistence of dreams and the baptism of time have made his life mature. Just like the Swiss watchmaking technology that Oris has always adhered to, it is still the leader in mechanical watchmaking today. We ca n’t get the feedback from Nicholas Tse himself about this evaluation in the first time, but I believe he may be as calm as the answer in the interview that year: ‘In fact, every day is a birthday, and people are growing up every day. Today you are no longer Yesterday. ‘ORIS Master Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch is famous for its simplicity and beauty. Oris Master Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch is the first to combine the moon phase display, the day of the week and the month window, and with classic hands. With a calendar movement. At first glance, I was infected by the beauty of its simple, exquisite and elegant pure design. When I watched it quietly, I was moved by the rich connotation contained in his elegant appearance. What is more exciting is that it is also equipped with A number of special functions that can meet the preferences of watch fans. This absolute impression is in good agreement with the steady, intimate and inexhaustible atmosphere of the spokesperson Xie Tingfeng, which has gradually become more apparent with age. The silver-white dial is full and full, showing a 3D texture, and has also become a mini stage for many functions, highlighting the brand’s unique craftsmanship. The large 42.00mm stainless steel case reveals a noble atmosphere in simplicity. No need to elaborate, but this dial has already conquered your heart, willing to follow its rhythm every day, and be enchanted by the beautiful cycle and fullness of the full moon. The ancient philosophy of spillage is more convinced by its purely pure mechanical watch. Oris Master GT Chronograph: A wonderful balance between sport and elegance Oris Master GT Chronograph combines the latest design and innovation, both adhering to the traditional style of Oris motorsport, and combining elegant sports with contemporary design. After thousands of years of baptism, the movement gradually moved away from the original simplicity and straightforwardness, moving towards elegance. Therefore, when we watch competitive games, we not only look forward to refreshing numbers, but also enjoy the beautiful arc and elegant attitude in the process. Therefore, people’s requirements for chronographs inspired by sports are no longer just precise, but also beautiful. The exquisite multi-piece stainless steel case of this watch is really eye-catching, the black ceramic top ring can be rotated in both directions, and the black toothed rubber outsourcing is convenient for grasping and precise timing. The most interesting thing is that the second hand set according to the retrograde device developed by Oris. It works like a counter on a racing car, giving people the thrill of controlling time. The polished nickel hands are embedded with luminous material and are very dazzling on the black dial, reflecting Oris’ passion for watch design. Looking at him, you can think of Nicholas Tse who has been in black in the entertainment industry for many years, devoted himself, insisted almost harshly, only for the most perfect bloom. The spokesperson is the epitome of the brand. Since taking over the global image endorsement of Oris last year, Nicholas Tse has worked harder. For him who has lived under the spotlight of the media since he was a child, he who is also an actor, singer, musician and CEO is destined not to slow down because of appreciation. ORIS, a Swiss independent watchmaker with a century-old history in producing mechanical watches, is known for his sober self-knowledge and talent. Oris Executive Chairman Mr. Ulrich W. Herzog said that Nicholas Tse’s inherent self-confidence and courage to face challenges coincided with Oris’s brand philosophy and believed that he could perfectly perform Oris’s mission: real watches for real people. Therefore, over the years, we have seen Nicholas Tse fade out of childishness and impulse in practice, slowly accumulating wisdom in life. Persevering in the music dream that he insists on and giving up the person who should give up, he regards each birthday as a gorgeous turn, and this year, he invited Oris to witness.