More And More Optimistic About Haolishi

Compared with many well-known watch brands, Oris is relatively niche. In the past many years, Oris has always given me a low profile, but since 2014 After the 110th anniversary of the founding, Oris has apparently changed, and the topics about Oris and the voice of its cousins ​​have also increased significantly. Oris is recognized as a more cost-effective watch brand with its own characteristics. In recent years, Oris has introduced bronze watches, 65th anniversary commemorative watches, and large crown pilot watches. Successful products have greatly enhanced Oris’s popularity today.

Maintain a brand strategy for independent watchmaking
   When it comes to Oris, it gives me the strongest impression that it still maintains its brand strategy of independent watchmaking. As the old watchmaking brands such as Breitling and Athens gradually changed hands, fewer and fewer independent watchmaking brands can survive in the group strategy of highly centralized resources, especially those with less influence, and many independent watchmaking brands. The watch brand is still there, but it is completely different from the past. Oris is one of the few brands that still operates independently and is not bad.

   Since its birth in 1904, Oris has also become an authentic century-old watchmaking brand. In fact, Oris and Hamilton are a bit like the brand. When they were brilliant, they had very powerful watchmaking capabilities, but they gradually declined during the quartz crisis. During the major reorganization of the watchmaking industry in the 70s and 80s of the last century, Oris At one time, he entered the ASUAG Group (the predecessor of the Swatch Group), and later Rolf Portmann and Ulrich W. Herzog (current global president) repurchased shares, making Oris an independent brand. Judging from the current brand structure, Herzog and Portmann were undoubtedly the right decision when they bought back Oris. The Swatch Group already had Longines. Oris would be relegated at the time, which may be similar to Hamilton’s fate.

   Independence allows Oris to maintain a degree of freedom to innovate, so Oris can be bolder in marketing and product updates.
Oris foreign cooperation
   Each brand will try to carry out various forms of cross-border cooperation. Cooperation can bring positive brand effects and give brands an advantage in different areas of recognition. Oris is no exception. Speaking of which, Oris has cooperated with too many projects, involved in aviation, sports events, public welfare, environmental protection, film and television entertainment, etc. I think many people did not know Oris when they bought watches specifically to understand Time, but because of some stars, film and television plots, public welfare and related hobbies and other knowledge of the Oris brand.

Ocean Cleanup Project

   Oris is an active advocate of public welfare and charity activities. Oris is an official partner of the international men’s health charity-Movember Foundation. The brand launches Movember every year, hoping to raise funds for Movember Foundation to focus on men’s health issues. At the same time, Oris participated in the World Cleansing Log Wish in September. Oris has 15 branches around the world to recruit thousands of volunteers to go to the seaside and structures for voluntary cleaning. In addition, Oris has also cooperated with structures such as the Coral Remediation Foundation (CRF) to promote marine conservation knowledge. Oris also often organizes marine conservation activities to promote marine ecological protection projects.

Oris Jazz

   The art of living is part of the brand concept. In 2017, Oris and MUCA City Art Festival reached a cooperative relationship, established Oris Art Cube, combining urban street art and watchmaking technology, in order to communicate with watch friends, convey the brand’s independent value and artisan spirit . As a part of the art of living, Oris is also actively involved in it. It has cooperated with the sisters of the British gourmet Hemsley and signed Poncho Hernandez, a top Mexican chef, as an ambassador. Music is the most romantic expression of life art. Oris has a deep connection with jazz, and has launched a series of jazz commemorative watches to pay tribute to the great jazz musicians of the 20th century.

Oris and Racing

   Sports events have always been rooted in Oris brand development. In 1970, Oris’s iconic Chronoris chronograph was the first time the brand had set foot in a bloody arena. Oris became involved with the Williams team in 2003 and is now the oldest sponsor of the Williams team. Since then, Oris has also sponsored the Audi team and achieved excellent results in the World Car Endurance Championship (WEC). Oris has launched a number of racing-themed watches for this purpose. Among them are impressive Williams Waltelli Bottas limited edition watches, RAID Paris classic classic car limited edition, Calobra limited edition, etc. Wait.

   When it comes to film and television-related Olympiad, I think the most memorable one is definitely the joint watch of Star Wars. The black warrior and the storm soldier remind people of the grand and magnificent planet war, the Galactic Empire badge, The ultimate weapon weapon Death Star, X fighter and titanium fighter and other details, to meet the enthusiasm of Star Wars fans.
In the end I have to talk about the watch
   Although Oris has a lot of external cooperation, these are just one of the ways to expand the brand’s soft power. In order for the brand to continue to develop, it still needs to enhance its own hard power.

   First of all, Oris watches can be basically found at various dealers. There are comprehensive counters for selling watches in slightly larger malls. You can find them in general. Even if not, Oris watches are also wired. Official flagship store, so you don’t have to worry about buying a watch.

   Secondly, Oris has launched five self-produced movements (110/111/112/113/114) since the first self-made movement was launched in 2014. The self-made movement demonstrates that a brand has good R & D and manufacturing capabilities. All five self-made movements have a power reserve of 10 days, and then extend the functions to the weekly calendar, two hours, day and night indication, etc. According to the possibility of the extension of the conventional basic movement function, the next step may be from the movement’s month. Phase function watch. Of course, if walking in the direction of the main movement, then Oris’s next big goal is likely to be to try the self-winding timing movement, but the price will increase a lot, which is not in line with the current Oris Mainstream prices, so a new situation may be formed, that is, and 11X series movements to form a brand high-end product line.

   Third, Oris prices are more acceptable. Oris’s target brands are Longines and Tag Heuer. The prices of most of these brands are controlled between 10,000 and 30,000. Conventional models mostly use universal movements. Because Longines has ETA support, relatively It will be special. Oris uses SW movements more. The automatic oscillating weight is red, which represents the quality of Oris. With a universal movement, plus brand effects, design and craftsmanship, Oris’s fair price is normal. When it comes to actual purchases, Oris is at various dealers, especially when it comes to festivals or store celebrations. The discount is relatively large, and the price is indeed exciting.

   Fourth, Oris has several very popular series with outstanding designs. Due to the fire in China in recent years, relatively many people buy sports watches, Oris diving series and aviation series many people. There are two main diving series, one is a vintage watch represented by 65 replica watches, and the other is Aquis’ modern diving watch. Many people buy Aquis diving watches. The ceramic bezel with luminous is a highlight. The 65 replica watch is a replica of the first diver’s watch in 1965. The case, bezel, mirror, scales, hands and so on all have a distinctive retro style. The aviation series is mainly equipped with many aviation elements, including the iconic guilloché bezel, large Arabic numerals, large crown, etc., with a strong military style. Other watches from Oris also have many representative models, jazz and racing timepieces, and so on.

   Fifth, Oris caters to a wave of material revolution. In the last century, there was mainly a wave of watchmaking technological revolution, and after the millennium, it started a revolution of materials. The main new materials used by Oris include carbon fiber, titanium, bronze and ceramics. Except that ceramics have become more popular in this price range, other materials are not used in this brand level and price segment of Oris. Therefore, Oris is relatively innovative.

  Of course, Oris also has some aspects that need to be slowly improved. It is very important to be an independent brand because there are not many after-sale points. Compared with the group, after-sale is a little more troublesome. Of course, it can also be mailed to the official after-sales center, but it will delay time after all. Secondly, I personally think that after the penetration is done, the movement decoration can be made more delicate and beautiful. Now I feel that the aesthetics of the movement and the front face value need to be improved.
  As a cousin of Oris, what factors did you choose Oris at that time? Welcome to discuss together.