Beijing Watches Along With Pioneers Gao Weiguang’s ‘change’ Watchmaker Experience The Charm Of Timepieces

On April 22, Beijing watch, a professional watch brand from 1958, specially invited ‘Emperor’ Gao Weiguang, who is everywhere in the world, to visit Beijing Watch Watch Tasting Shenyang 1928 Store, Hengli Mr. Zhou Jun, assistant general manager of the World Famous Watch Center, Mr. Xu Chuangyue, general manager of Beijing watch brand, and other senior watch experts, guests and media friends also came to the scene to appreciate their classics that crossed the time with the pioneers of the era.

Beijing Time for ‘Emperor’

   One is the “Emperor”, who has a high-cold look in the play, with silver hair like green hills and frozen snow, and a watch brand with the architectural elements of the Forbidden City as its logo. The highly collectible orphan, limited edition masterpieces, all these make Beijing watches from the establishment to a considerable time, are considered ‘brand positioning is too high and cold.’ But it is also this ingenuity that keeps improving and achieves the unique charm of the brand. Xu Chuangyue, General Manager of Shiyuehui and General Manager of Beijing Watch Brand, said: ‘Mr. Gao Weiguang is an outstanding actor, whether it is the high-cold god’ Emperor ‘in the play, or the professionalism of the acting industry outside the play. Yu loves things, and pays all the enthusiastic qualities for them, which fits well with the core of the brand of Beijing Watch. We are honored to invite him to the scene to appreciate the classics of Eastern aesthetics with us. ‘

‘Watchmaker’ Gao Weiguang’s Day

   As a professional watch enthusiast, accompanied by representatives of the Beijing watch brand, Gao Weiguang came to Beijing Watch Shenyang 1928 Store, expertly picked up the watch’s dedicated eyepieces, and appreciated the subtleties of the tourbillon’s operation; Under the guidance of the watchmaker, he also became a ‘watchmaker’ for a day. In the process of assembling highly complex movements, Gao Weiguang laughed and finally realized the difficulty of the master watchmaker and the charm of high-end watchmaking, and said: ‘Whether it is an artist or a watchmaking brand, they are actually talking about works and quality. Both parties are willing to spend many times to complete a work that makes them satisfactory, always focus on and insist on it.’ Beijing watch has high complexity The design and production strength of the movement, advocating and cultivating a lot of respectable masters, retaining a lot of the essence of hand-made, can’t get up, and can’t get more, which has given these movements ‘high-end’, ‘rare’ Features.

   At the event site, Gao Weiguang even interacted with the guests on watch knowledge and asked questions and shared the story of his relationship with Beijing watches: his father had a Beijing watch when he was a kid, and he would secretly wear it. The idea that ‘every man should have a watch of his own’ also began to sprout from that time.

Do not fight, own ‘light’

   On the same day, Gao Weiguang wore the Beijing watch for his sublime series of minimalist theme tourbillon, which was exclusively customized for him. This is the heaviest work of Beijing watch this year, which means ‘not fighting, moving forward with a low profile.’ This watch is equipped with a Beijing flying tourbillon movement, because the upper bracket of the tourbillon is removed, and it is only fixed from below. The tourbillon runs like a suspension and is full of dynamic expression. It is worth mentioning that this movement is also loaded with a cardless spring, which adjusts the length of the hairspring by hand to improve the accuracy of the time. It also tests the watchmaking skills. While retaining a lot of the essence of handmade, it also breaks the traditional form of tourbillon in design, draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics, and brings rich layers with slender lines. This is the aesthetic proposition of oriental aesthetics and belongs to modern fashion. In the seemingly simple design, there are many details to consider: the design of the arched surface, the special sapphire crystal structure; at the same time, the crazy horse leather strap between the matte leather and fine wool texture is selected. In the years that accompany the wearer, there will be different marks of use, which is also an expression of personality.

   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, and integrates superb craftsmanship with cultural connotations. Seven highly complex movements such as tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, double tourbillon, three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon, three-axis three-dimensional dual tourbillon, and double escapement long travel time independently produced by Beijing Watch. Beijing watch masters have perfect passion for sophisticated watch technology; there are too many unique aesthetics of Beijing watches in advanced watchmaking processes such as inlaying, enamel, embroidery, micro-engraving, carved gold, hollowing out, and finishing.

    Along with Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.