One ‘leaf’ Knows Autumn One Pin Sees ‘dao’ Blancpain Hollow Willow Leaves Needle

Blancpain hollowed willow needles, a style. The needle body is as slender as a willow leaf, and the hollow is exquisite and delicate like a heaven. When running, it is flowing and agile.

The First Needle in the World: Blancpain Hollow Willow Leaf Needle
   Any kind of long-lasting aesthetics must be derived from solid skills and unique laws. What really makes it the ‘first needle in the world’ is Blancpain’s secret and exacting requirements for process precision (grinding, hollowing out), bearing material, and even the shape of the dial. ‘First’ comes from ‘picky’, which makes it unique.
   The hands are beautiful in shape and craftsmanship, and the hands are bright and memorable.
Impossible for non-round watches
   The hollow willow needles never compromise on the dial, allowing the round watch to carry itself, which is probably the most precious and discerning temperament in the pointer family. When other pointers are used in a variety of ways, the hollowed-out willow needles stick to a circle that represents tradition, completeness, and harmony.

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Attentive watch lovers will surely find that ordinary willow needles have never appeared on square watches, even on barrel dials. This is because it has a streamlined needle body and subtle radians. This extreme smoothness inherently resists simple right angles, and it does not like the sense of staggering between the needle tip and the bezel. The rigid combination is like stifling nature. Ordinary willow needles are still so, not to mention have double streamlines and radians, more transparent and elegant hollow willow needles? Blancpain has always insisted on making round watches, and the creator of the hollowed-out willow needle has undoubtedly become its best attribution and sole inheritance.

Blancpain Villeret Chinese calendar watch
Extremely lightweight, weight visible to the naked eye
   Willow leaf needles have always been known for their fineness and elegance. Compared with knife-shaped needles and toffee needles of the same fiber weight category, the needle is more exquisite. However, in order to show the elegant characteristics, Blancpain has no other people, and added hollow to the already slim waist-seeing the weight with the naked eye-this is the ultimate lightness of Blancpain hollow willow needles.
   However, in order not to make the hands look too thin and weak, Blancpain craftsmen reversed their thoughts and tried their best to choose the same gold and streamer color as the case to enhance the visual sense and stability; the edges and corners of the hollowed out edges All polished, replaced with subtle rounded radians, the craftsmanship is the same as the date engraving boat. Blancpain always regards ‘micrometer’ as the tolerance unit made by the pointer, so that the hollowed-out willow needles made by hand are full of the temperature and feelings of craftsmen.

Blancpain Hollow Willow Needles
The mutual achievement of hands and watches
   Looking at the hollowed-out needles alone, it is already outstanding. However, the pointer is always one of the parts. How to achieve the whole and achieve the finishing touch is a difficult problem.
   Hollow willow needles are usually found on Blancpain Villeret classic models. Elegant, harmonious, classic, ‘one point is too fat, and one point is thin’ is the most commonly used description by table friends. Taking the dial as an example, the Villeret series uses the large fire enamel process to create the background color of the hollow willow needles. This extremely complicated enamel process gives the dial stalactite the general softness and quietness, white but not black, black but not black. dumb. At this time, other watches of the same color are placed on the side of Blancpain, and the judgment is made.
   Similarly, rare crafts such as micro-painted enamel and flat tire enamel are also used on models with hollowed willow needles, because Blancpain believes that only crafts with the same top-level texture can resonate harmoniously and appropriately carry the ‘world first The needle’s edge.

Hollow willow needles with big fire enamel

Hollow willow needles with micro-painted enamel

Hollow willow needles with flat enamel

   Each piece of Blancpain using hollowed-out willow needles must be extremely ingenious and must be handed down. It is equipped with the first needle in the world, full moon phases, red copper and gold sculptures; Carrousel tourbillon, full perspective and complicated hollowing are on the horizon; lotus, Liang Zhu and other ink paintings have passed through the millennium; let alone the classic models of the Villeret series Inadvertently, the philosophy of ‘beauty to simplicity’ is explained with blank space. That touching hollow seems to carry people’s innate desire and exploration for the unknown world behind the gap-so it seems that Blancpain’s ingenious ingenuity is worth admiring-actually through a small hollow willow leaf The needle, one leaf knows autumn, sees ‘Tao’ at the first sight, showing the ingenuity and craftsmanship, classics and heritage of top-level clocks.

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