25 Years Of Extraordinary Color Lange Lange 1 Watch

If there is any table that can represent Lange in the first place, the first thing I think of is LANGE 1. There is no reason for it, because it is not only independent but also accompanied by Lange. Revival, glory so far. The LANGE 1 of Dadaozhijian always gives people a sense of intimacy. It integrates many representative elements of Lange. It has an original internal mechanism, but it is never incomprehensible in terms of time display and style. Involving high-end watches, or senior collectors, you can easily find your own point of pleasure from LANGE 1. 2019 will be the 25th anniversary of the launch of the LANGE 1 watch, and in fact it will be the 25th anniversary of the Lange revival of the Saxony watchmaking industry. The number 25 is of special significance to Lange, because the Lange watch came out on October 24, 1994 and was announced in major media on October 25. Therefore, Lange requires the official calendar of the big calendar to display the date as 25. To show the brand’s precise requirements. So how has LANGE 1 achieved Lange in the past 25 years? In the future, how will it once again surprise the altar?

The birth of LANGE 1
   We turned back the annual cycle of time to 1989. At that time, the watchmaking industry was undergoing major changes one after another. After about fifteen years of integration, people finally regained their passion for mechanical watchmaking, the world’s luxury goods. The market’s tripartite structure has been initially completed, and Germany, which is adjacent to Switzerland, has finally ended the division for nearly half a century in this year. The once brilliant German fine watchmaking is about to return to the historical stage. When the Berlin Wall collapsed, 65-year-old Walter Lange (the fourth-generation successor of Lange brand founder Mr. Adolf Lange) was thrilled, and his coveted brand revival plan finally saw the dawn, and he rushed back from East Germany The town of Glashütte is waiting to convene an outstanding watchmaker to reshape the glory of high-end watchmaking in Glashütte.

   Due to the long-term state-run system and backward products of the Glashütte watchmaking industry, the withering of talents and the decline of technology have caused the Glashütte watchmaking industry to lag behind Switzerland, so Lange sent employees to Switzerland to study and repurchase equipment. , Began a difficult road to revival. In 1994, under the rigorous and methodical plan, Lange’s first four watches were released. At this moment, Lange’s fate will be decided, and no one can easily face it. When the first four watches with a total of 123 watches sold out within minutes, Mr. Walter Lange was relieved that Lange was destined to be no longer ordinary. And one of these four watches is LANGE 1, a watch that is completely different from all the watches at the time, full of personality, but well-made, which interprets the simple, practical and efficient idea that Lange wants to express. .

   LANGE 1 is just a watch with a date display, hours, minutes and seconds display and a three-day power reserve display. It does not seem to be complicated in function, but when it was released, it actually aroused the enthusiasm of the media and collectors, because This is a high-end watch with eccentric design, extreme balance, exquisite workmanship and precious materials. The first highlight of LANGE 1 is the eccentric dial design. The hour and minute dial is placed on the left side of the dial, the large calendar is placed on the upper right corner, the small second dial is on the lower right corner, and the power reserve indicator is at 3 o’clock. It is a symmetrical dial design, such an unusual dial immediately caught the guests’ eyes. However, LANGE 1 is not a simple eccentric design, but a golden ratio balance. The center of each display area of ​​the dial forms an equilateral triangle, thereby providing a completely comfortable visual effect. This design became an important symbol of LANGE 1 and continues to all LANGE 1 watches. Secondly, LANGE 1 is equipped with a large calendar function, which is derived from the five-minute digital clock designed by the founder of the Lange brand for the Dresden Semper Opera House. At the same time, the LANGE 1 watch is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement. It has a 3/4 plywood, a screw-fastened gold sleeve, a separate escapement cover, and a hand-carved balance wheel plywood. A representative element, so we can experience the watchmaking style of Lange from the movement. It was these designs that were completely different from the mainstream watch styles at the time that made LANGE 1 famous overnight and have influenced it to this day.
LANGE 1 shining in history
Since its first appearance in 1994, LANGE 1 has become a new Lange classic, witnessing Lange’s extraordinary creativity and outstanding watchmaking skills:
In 1998, Lange launched the LANGE 1A watch. Not only the hands and scales are made of gold, the dial is also decorated with a guilloche pattern, which is the first step in the artistic modification of the LANGE 1 dial.
In 2000, Lange paid tribute to the millennium. For the first time, the tourbillon function was added to the LANGE 1 watch, and it suddenly appeared on the dial. LANGE 1 entered the hall of high-complexity series. It is no longer just Lange’s routine. series.
Two years later, in 2002, LANGE 1 added the moon phase function, which endowed LANGE 1 with poetic and romantic feelings, out of the mechanical monotony.
In 2003, Lange launched the LANGE 1 North-South Monthly Relative Watch. This is Lange’s first pairing watch and also the first GRAND LANGE January relative watch.
In 2005, LANGE 1 added the time zone function, which once again enriched the practicality of the watch and served global travellers.
In 2010, LANGE 1 was equipped with an automatic movement for the first time, and launched the LANGE 1 DAYMATIC watch, which became the first watch with a mirrored dial on LANGE 1. Since then, the mirrored dial has become a symbol of LANGE 1 automatic watch.
In 2012, Lange developed a new luminous function on the basis of GRAND LANGE 1, bringing the extraordinary ‘Lumen’ luminous effect, which became the benchmark for high-end watch luminous display.
By 2013, Lange again used HANDWERKSKUNST, the top craft of the brand’s craftsmanship, in LANGE 1, to further enhance the artistic accomplishment of LANGE 1.
   Today, LANGE 1 has covered multi-level models from entry to the top, integrating rich functions such as world time, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, big moon phase, luminous moon phase, etc., and presenting simple and exquisite visual effects .

   On this basis, Lange not only launched a small-diameter watch suitable for women, but also focused on the moon phase function. Lange created a series of pleasing and unique works.
   The word ‘LITTLE’ stands for a thinner 36.8 mm case diameter. LITTLE LANGE 1 embellishes the charming style of elegant women. In 2018, Lange launched three LITTLE LANGE 1 watches with balanced tones and unique characteristics. They are two white 18K gold designs with purple or gray dials, and 18K rose gold designs with brown dials. The difference with most Lange watches is that the dials of these three models use 18K gold dials instead of the solid silver dials, which further outlines the sophisticated and elegant female image. At the same time, the dial is decorated with a guilloche pattern, which contrasts with the LANGE 1 guilloche pattern 20 years ago.

   Among them, the white 18K gold case and the guilloché 18K gold purple dial are amazingly matched. The 18K yellow gold rhodium-plated hands and inlaid indexes are shining on a dark background. This model is limited to 100 pieces and is limited to Available in Lange stores. The white 18K gold watch is also decorated with a guilloché pattern and a gray dial, which is calm and charming. The guilloché dial in 18K rose gold contrasts strongly with the brown-toned case, hands and inset indexes. In all three models, the tone of the crocodile leather strap echoes the dial, making the overall effect more vivid.

   The moon phase has long been Lange’s favorite feature, but Lange was never satisfied with the simple application of functions, so the LANGE 1 MOON PHASE watch was born. It can not only display the moon phase function, but also show day / night changes. The Lange moon phase watch has been famous for a long time. Through the seven-gear transmission, Lange can accurate the moon phase to an error of only one day every 122.6 years. At the same time, Lange uses solid gold to make the moon phase disk. See its intentions. On this basis, Lange combined the day / night indication function to visualize the daily time of day on the dial, without occupying additional space.

   The subtlety is that Lange separates the traditional moon phase disk from the two ‘moons’. The moon phase disk can become a day / night disk, which rotates once every 24 hours, and turns the blue into blue through the interference effect of light. Multiple shades to represent different times of the day. A bright sky without stars during the day, and a dark sky depicted at night, in stark contrast to the laser-cut stars, while the bimonthy above it runs according to the celestial body’s operating cycle, and the day / night disk looks like the sky, providing a charming view of the sky . The moon phases are inherently poetic, and the increase of the moon phases after the day / night makes Lange’s romance more romantic.

   Compared to the 36.8 mm of LITTLE LANGE 1, GRAND LANGE 1 represents a larger size of LANGE 1, which is 40.9 mm or 41 mm (but LANGE 1 not exceeding 40 mm are all GRAND LANGE 1, such as LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watches ). GRAND LANGE 1 is a larger watch than the regular LANGE 1 (38.5 mm). Since Lange added the moon phase to the LANGE 1 watch in 2002, GRAND LANGE 1 has planned to add moon phase functions. Things, but how to present different moon phases in larger watches is a question Langer is thinking about. As a result, Lange unexpectedly transferred the moon phase to the hour and minute dial. If the LANGE 1 moon phase watch is a regular moon phase, then the GRAND LANGE 1 moon phase is GRAND MOON PHASE.

   GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE also has the accuracy of Lange moon phases, but if the moon phases are displayed in a larger space, the previous moon phase display will appear more empty, so Lange once again showed its romantic creativity-in Laser etched the galaxy on the moon phase disk. On the moon phase of the GRAND LANGE 1 MOON PHASE watch, Lange painted a magnificent galaxy pattern, as many as 300 stars of various sizes and sharp lines, forming a miniature galaxy world. The moon rotates along the galaxy, like a midnight star, as if penetrating time and seeing the universe changing.
   It is just such whimsical ideas that Lange LANGE 1 series has been sublimated in practicality, simplicity and efficiency. Maybe it just wants to express the original meaning of time, but we have been able to appreciate Lange’s elegance and romance in a rigorous way.
About the future
   History is still here, and we look forward to the future. For 25 years, LANGE 1 has witnessed the wonderful scenes of Lange’s revival and will record every miracle afterwards. What will LANGE 1 bring us in 2019? I have no doubt that Lange will do its utmost to present us with a miracle-like imagination again, maybe a LANGE 1 astrological watch, maybe a GRAND LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR watch, or the highest complexity The LANGE 1 ‘Pour le Mérite’ watch may not be too imaginative. What do you think?