Allusions From Military Watch Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5153r

The PatekPhilippe Calatrava series’s Officer’s Watch is unique and has passed through generations of works since its launch. It is still a classic style that is well received by the market. Combining the design of pocket watches with the transition to early watch generations and the military experience related to the founder of Patek Philippe, the Calatrava military watch created by the brand is full of storytelling; the contemporary representative of the military watch in 2015. Ref. 5153R changed to rose gold material again Come out and create a fresh look for the wash chain.

Feature one: what is the role of the so-called officer-style bottom cover
Mentioning the origin of military watches is closely related to the transition of pocket watches to watches, because when the crown device has not been widely used on pocket watches, pocket watches need to be wound by keys. A common design at that time was to set the back of the watch to The protective cover that connects the hinge to the case, there will be an inner cover with a keyhole after opening to allow the watch owner to perform the winding operation. The original practical design still has many watch factories retain the back cover after the invention of the crown. Designed to enhance protection. Later, as some small pocket watches began to join the upper and lower straps to form the prototype of the watch, it unexpectedly became an important aid for officers on the battlefield when they needed to judge time and intelligence, thereby accelerating the pace of the overall advent of the watch era. In addition, Antoine Norbertde Patek, one of the founders of the brand, joined the Polish army in his native country when he was young in the early 19th century. This historical fact can also highlight the future story of Patek Philippe and the military watch.

Even if it only has basic time-lapse functions, the dial pattern of Ref. 5153R is still exciting and rich, including three-dimensionally carved hands, time edges, and radial decorative patterns on the inner circle of the dial.

Feature 2: Classic and elegant PP
The successor of the current Patek Philippe Calatrava officer watch is the newly launched Ref. 5153 in 2009, which inherits the bloodline of the previous Ref. 5053, but it has a new look in the design, combining the same three-pins with the date Functional interpretation of chic elegance. Ref. 5153 has previously launched models like gold or platinum. In 2015, the brand gradually introduced a new version of rose gold, giving consumers who like military watch designs a new collection. The simple dial structure of Ref. 5153R contains rich visual details. For example, the hour and minute hands and hour markers are shaped to form a solid style, and elegant gold borders are added around the date window. At the same time, the radial decorative pattern on the inner circle of the dial is also a beauty of modeling. Great points, giving more practical appreciation of the display function.

5153 has previously launched materials such as white K and yellow K. In 2015, the focus is mainly on the rose gold version. Under the premise that the movement and the officer-style bottom cover are consistent, the difference between the 5153R and another new 5227G is reflected in the overall. style

Feature three: hidden piles hidden in the shoulder pads
In addition, the highlights of Ref. 5153R also include the crown and shoulder guards. Generally, watches with an officer-style bottom cover always have more space to accommodate the hinges. Patek Philippe has made the appearance of the watch look more beautiful. Smooth and smooth, the hinge is directly integrated into the crown shoulders. The unique concept conveys the brand’s insistence and pursuit of details and aesthetics. Even if it is only a simple material modification, it still does not hide its subtle design.

Different from the common officer-style bottom cover design, the case of the watch does not see the hinge device that connects the back of the case. In fact, it is because Patek Philippe integrated it into the crown shoulders to achieve both practical and smooth lines.

Ref. 5153R

18K rose gold material / 324 SC self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal, officer-style bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 38mm / reference price: 232,000 RMB —- ** *