Bentao Series Performing Art Of Time

Bentao Series
The art of life in time

 The Bento Collection is a perfect blend of Swiss watchmaking tradition, technical essence and modern design. The precise machinery industry matches the modern style and shapes the course of time. The collection’s relentless pursuit of modern aesthetics is the embodiment of rigorous technology. The Bentao series has gone to the forefront, with innovative design to fully meet the requirements of the 21st century. Its distinctive architectural qualities are unforgettable, while the excellent mechanical movement shows a unique temperament. This collection combines rigor and creativity, and is especially dedicated to watch enthusiasts who love craftsmanship of excellence. The entire series of works reflects the concept of a young brand, combining innovative technology with aesthetic performance.

 This year Bento series added two new watches. These watches are all equipped with self-winding mechanical movements and each show their unique talents in a unique way. The Bento series S Extreme chronograph is made of the new alloy Powerlite®. This Le Méridien patented material brings a new lightness and ruggedness to the model. The Bentao Series S diving watch is created for professional divers. Le Méridien has also energized the Bentao chronograph and the Bentao week / calendar watch. New ideas have emerged. This year, it also introduced retro models.

Ben Tao Series S Dive Watch

 The Bentao Series S diving watch is a professionally equipped watch with a water resistance of up to 600 meters. It not only reinterprets the representative elements of the Bentao Series S, but also adds a retro nostalgia to the watch. The diving watch has a perfect feel, every detail is clearly visible, and it can be said that it has all the elements that make diving lovers heartbeat.

 Wrapped in a stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm, the Bento Series S dive watch expresses time in a classic way. As a professional diving watch, it also has an automatic helium exhaust valve at 9 o’clock, which is indispensable for diving. Before returning to the surface, professional divers usually go through the decompression chamber to decompress. Breathing is mainly through a volatile mixed gas composed of helium, which will cause damage to the movement due to the pressure difference between the gas inside and outside the decompression chamber. The helium exhaust valve device of the Bentao Series S diving watch excludes helium and prevents any irreparable damage to the watch.

 Black or milky opal dials, with superluminova-coated indexes and hands, allow divers to read time clearly even in the deep sea. The hands are not only covered with a fluorescent coating, but the colors are very bright. The hour and minute hands are bordered by a jumping red, and the dial displays a calendar display at 6 o’clock. All functions are driven by the self-winding ML115 movement, with a balance frequency of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 38 hours.

 Ben Tao Series S Dive Watch

 Ben Tao Series S Dive Watch

 The design of the Bentao series is perfectly matched with machinery, architectural aesthetics and technology, revealing modern, avant-garde and pure unique style. Le Méridien’s distinctive brand characteristics generate a steady stream of power, translating time into an uncompromising art of life.