Blanpain, The Founder Of Classic Timepieces, Unveiled In Hangzhou

From April 27th to May 8th, 2016, Blancpain, the founder of classic timepieces, appeared in Hangzhou. At the atrium on the first floor of Block D of Hangzhou Tower Shopping City, the glorious watch exhibition was presented. With honour and gratitude, Blancpain exhibited a number of classic timepieces during this period, and welcomed watch lovers to visit the tasting.

Blancpain watch exhibition in Hangzhou

   ‘The founder of classic timepieces’ Blancpain Blancpain has a long history. It was founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in 1735. This watch brand originating from the Swiss Jurassic Mountains has always firmly believed in the traditional cornerstone power and the driving force of innovation. It has developed ‘innovation is tradition’ into the supreme concept of the brand, and has promoted the watchmakers’ mastery in the art of timepieces. peak. In the past decade, Blancpain has released no less than 35 new legendary movements. With continuous self-innovation, continuous challenges and breakthroughs in watchmaking industry standards, Blancpain continues to broaden its boundaries and create classics.
Blancpain Villeret Classic Series: Carrousel Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase Watch

   This Villeret Classic Carrousel Moon Phase watch is equipped with Blancpain’s new self-made caliber 225L in 2014. It perfectly integrates the two iconic legendary elements of the brand-Carrousel and the moon phase display, which reproduces the last century. Blancpain in the 1980s led the way with moon phase watches to revive mechanical watchmaking. The movement is equipped with a silicon hairspring and has a power reserve of up to five days. The patented hidden lug adjuster on the back of the case allows the wearer to set aside the adjustment tools and easily adjust the date and moon phase display. The new watch inherits the consistent gorgeous style of the Villeret classic series: the double-layered bezel is embedded with a slightly arched dome-shaped large enamel dial, the blue steel snake-shaped hands indicate the date of the outer ring of the dial, and the hollow hour and minute hands are elegant Sweep the Roman numerals on the dial. The white dial also has a Carrousel window at 12 o’clock, which perfectly displays the Carrousel frame stage and its complex mechanical structure, echoing the moon phase display at 6 o’clock. The Blancpain Moon Phase Watch was selected as the “2014 Haute Time Best Watch of the Year” for its unique innovation and extraordinary skills.
Blancpain Le Brassus Series: One-Minute Coaxial Platinum Carrousel Watch

Blancpain Le Brassus

   After more than a century of Carrousel’s dust, Blancpain launched a perpetual core with a one-minute coaxial Carrousel in 2008, which once again demonstrated its innovative strength to the world and once again composes the history of watchmaking. A glorious page and an end to the fierce debate over Carloso’s definition. The Blancpain One-Minute Coaxial Platinum Russell Watch is equipped with a Cal.225 self-winding movement, contains 262 parts and has a 100-hour power reserve. It also has a platinum dial with a diameter of 42.5 mm, and the semi-hollowed dial adds to its beautiful craftsmanship. Through the dial, the internal gear set, bracket and splint are all at a glance. At 12 o’clock, the floating carrousel’s magical rotating mechanism is completely in front of us, very charming. The power reserve is displayed at 6 o’clock, indicated by a circular arc with a pointer between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols. At 9 o’clock, the date is indicated by double hands of different lengths.
Blancpain Villeret classic series: Chinese calendar watch

Blancpain Villeret Classic Chinese Calendar _ Platinum Limited Edition

   In 2012, Blancpain launched the first watch with a traditional Chinese calendar in the history of the brand, which for the first time reflected the traditional Chinese calendar in a functional form on the watch. This outstanding timepiece has been developed for five years using the time-honored timekeeping principle of China for thousands of years. In addition to the hour, minute, and Gregorian calendars, the dial incorporates the main timing elements of the traditional Chinese calendar: twelve hours, the lunar date, the lunar month (combined with the leap month display), the zodiac sign, and the five elements and ten days . It is Blancpain’s first watch with a combination of the lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar and the moon phase display. It is also an extraordinary testimony of the brand’s powerful watchmaking capabilities.
Blancpain Villeret Classic Series: Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain Villeret Classic Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

   Relying on the brand’s excellent R & D capabilities for self-made movements, Blancpain has made the most of the flexible creation of hand-made watches. The Villeret classic series perpetual calendar moon phase watch is introduced, which perfectly demonstrates the professional movement manufacturing technology and the long tradition of innovation. , So that Blancpain watchmaking blooms again to the extreme brilliance. This watch is equipped with a new perpetual calendar self-winding movement Cal.5939A. The movement consists of 379 parts, with a diameter of 32 mm and a thickness of 7.25 mm. It has a power reserve of up to eight days. And the small second hand, the classic achievements of the full calendar watch. The Cal.5939A movement not only ensures that the watch’s calendar display does not need to be adjusted completely before 2100, but also provides extra power for the small second hand and the large moon phase display at 6 o’clock. Its movement adjusts the safety protection system, so that the wearer can adjust the week, date, month and moon phase display with peace of mind, without causing any damage to the movement.
Blancpain Léman Leadership Series: Orbital Meteor Shower Diamond Tourbillon Watch

Blancpain Léman Leader Diamond Tourbillon

   In some high-level social etiquette occasions, gentlemen use their watches to show their identities, while women use jewellery to distinguish their status. Therefore, gem setting technology makes women’s ‘competition’ more dual than that of men. Fun. Blancpain’s Léman Leadership Series Big Date Meteor Rain Diamond Tourbillon watch, released in 2006, showcases the brand’s unique patented ‘orbital’ setting method. This method replaces the setting method of fixing the claws on the dial by inserting diamonds from the back of the dial. The device is mounted to a track that is only one hundredth of a micron fine, and is fixed by spherical metal particles in the track. No trace of claw inlay was found in this method. The dial that is completed by the orbital inlay method is fascinated. The diamond is no longer placed on the dial in a single piece, but is integrated with the dial. More space, open the door to a more refined and more elegant jewelry dial design.