Estimated Millions Of Dollars Rolex ‘paul Newman’ Cosmograph Daytona Watch Real Body Is About To Auction

On October 26, 2017, the auction house of Rich Art and Bacs & Russo will hold a ‘Winning Icons-20th Century Legendary Watch’ theme auction in New York, showing the most iconic of the last century Sexual collection of timepieces. The biggest highlight of this auction is the unique Rolex “Paul Newman” cosmograph Daytona watch that Paul Newman once owned and wore. This is a historic moment.

   This iconic watch was a gift from Paul Newman’s wife Joanna Woodward. The watch is designed for motorsports, and in addition to his acting career, Paul Newman has always had a passion for motorsport. On the back of this watch, the words ‘DRIVE CAREFULLY / ME’ are engraved, and the love and care are overflowing with words.

   The model of this watch is Ref. 6239. It was one of the first iconic cosmograph ‘Dittona’ series watches launched by Rolex from 1963 to 1970. It was also the first bezel engraved with the speedometer of Rolex This meter is designed to measure speed quickly and easily.

   Paul Newman wore the watch daily, and for decades such pictures appeared prominently in famous magazines and books. His influence was so great that later ‘exotic’ dial watches were called ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona.

   Paul Newman’s daughter Nell Newman recalled the story of the watch in a cover letter. It turned out that Paul Newman gave the watch to his then-boyfriend James. To this day, Nell and James are still close friends, and they (they) have jointly decided to auction this watch, and part of the proceeds will be donated to the Paul Newman Foundation.

   This auctioneer is very pleased to offer this watch, it is also regarded as one of the most famous, important and legendary Rolex antique watches. It is reported that the watch was valued at more than one million US dollars before shooting.