From Now On, It Can Be Timed At Night

Not long ago, German fine watch brand Lange released a new watch-DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN ‘Lumen’, which is a 41 mm diameter, platinum case, limited to 200 pieces. Highly complex chronograph with full luminous display. Without a doubt, this is the first chronograph with a luminous display in the history of Lange’s watchmaking, another innovation of Lange’s diligent innovation, and the fourth masterpiece of the ‘Lumen’ family.

  One might ask, why did Lange launch a watch with a luminous chronograph? Generally speaking, for daily timekeeping projects, light and practical electronic timekeeping equipment is selected, which is accurate and easy to use. Advanced chronographs have always been collectors ‘and watch enthusiasts’ favorite collections. Therefore, as a choice for enjoyment collection, in addition to precision manufacturing, elaborate decoration, and exquisite design, fun and rarity are two very important factors. In the past, no one has added a full dial to a high-level mechanical chronograph. The luminous display function means that in these watches, the timekeeping function cannot actually play a role in dim environments (such as at night), even if it is to enjoy playing. Since 2010, Lange uniquely launched the ‘Lumen’ watch featuring unique luminous features, from ZEITWERK in the luminous hours and minutes, GRAND LANGE 1 on the big calendar, GRAND LANGE 1 on the big calendar moon phase to today’s DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN ‘Lumen’ watch, Lange is giving more brand representative models with luminous function.

The reason why the luminous function is presented in the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch will be more special. It is very important that the DATOGRAPH watch itself is special. For centuries, the style of traditional Swiss chronograph watches has deeply rooted in several generations of watchmakers. We tend to think that traditional mechanical chronographs with unique flavors have several basic elements: manual winding, horizontal clutch, column wheel control , Fine polishing, beautiful structure. Therefore, when Lange brought the DATOGRAPH chronograph in 1999, it was so shocking, because it had these features at the same time, but it also integrated several high-complexity functions, namely, Lange’s iconic large calendar, precision Jumping points, flyback timing function. Since then, the Lange Chronograph, represented by DATOGRAPH, has made a name for itself. It gave Swiss chronographs a new style and new choice in the field of mechanical chronographs.

   Thirteen years later, in 2012, Lange launched the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch. In these ten years, Lange not only made a lot of extensions in timing, but also made many attempts on the internal mechanism. There are three points reflected in the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch. The self-made oscillation system (balance balance spring system), followed by the movement upgrade, the power increased from 36 hours in the original DATOGRAPH to 60 hours, and finally added the power reserve display function. These three blessings make the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch a perfect chronograph, which has both the connotation of the beauty of the core and the practical power of 60 hours.

   Therefore, when Lange added the luminous function to the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch, it was a fusion of Lange’s very iconic functions, making it a very cool luminous chronograph watch. The luminous of the new DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN “Lumen” watch is not only reflected on the big calendar, but also includes a small seconds dial, jumping minutes, hour and minute hands, speed circle and power reserve display, so when the night comes, you will You can also see a very clear dial, any time information on it is conspicuous and readable.

  In 2010, Lange tried to design the first Luminous watch in the ZEITWERK series. Because the ZEITWERK series is characterized by word-jumping devices, its luminous design is even more difficult. Lange used the translucent sapphire crystal dial to expose the hour and minute dial on the dial of the ZEITWERK watch to light, so the light penetrated the dial through the translucent dial, so that the figures with luminous coating on it Absorbs energy and glows at night. This concept established the unique personality and applicability of the Lange “Lumen” watch. In 2013, Lange introduced the GRAND LANGE 1 “Lumen” watch with a luminous display with this innovative design. The big calendar and ZEITWERK are both digital disk combinations. Therefore, this design perfectly realizes the luminous display of the Lange large calendar. However, due to the special nature of the large calendar structure, Lange adjusted the design for the big calendar. The crossed ten-digit plate is coated with white luminous material, and the single-digit plate is changed to a transparent plate, so the big calendar can be clearly read at night regardless of whether the date jumps. In 2016, Lange launched the GRAND LANGE 1 MOONPHASE “Lumen” watch with luminous function. In addition to the big calendar, this watch has a luminous display with Roman numerals, hour and minute dials and power reserve indicator scales, as well as a large moon phase. For the first time, Lange let the galaxy on his wrist shine at night, as if looking at the stars.

Therefore, the DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN “Lumen” watch is an intimate fusion of the representative families of the two brands of Lange DATOGRAPH and “Lumen”, which for the first time allows the watch owner to easily use the timekeeping function at night. The dial layout of the watch pays attention to the beauty of symmetry. The large calendar, the small seconds dial and the jumping minute integration dial form an equilateral triangle. The 6-point power reserve display and the large calendar echo up and down, while filling the gaps below. The dial uses a large piece of translucent sapphire crystal glass and the surface is covered with a patented coating, which can block most visible light from passing, but does not affect the passage of ultraviolet rays. This design not only solves the problem of light absorption by the ten-digit dial of the large calendar, but also presents The beauty of the mysterious dim movement. In the other areas, Lange is coated with luminous materials, which can release an especially pleasing green light.

   The watch has a built-in Lange manual-winding mechanical movement. It uses Lange’s proprietary cam fixed balance wheel and a free-swinging Lange hairspring. The vibration frequency is 18,000 times (2.5 Hz) per hour, which is a classic element of Lange’s classic movement. Everything, including striped sanding, mirror-polished escapement wheel cover, hand chamfering, hand-carved balance wheel plywood, blue steel screws, gold sleeves, 3/4 plywood, and more. Although the structure of the movement is complex, each part is well-organized and methodical, and the coordination between the lever and the gear is in order to efficiently complete the timing action of the movement.

   Now that DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN has ushered in a luminous watch, I think the Lange PERPETUAL watch with a luminous display should not be far off. Which do you think will be Lange’s next luminous watch?