Mido 心心 相映 520

Red Dust, you are the most beautiful encounter in my life. On the way when you came, Hua Fangfei, the encounter next to the Eiffel Tower, carried a vein of tenderness, a smile, and a deep affection. All encounters in the world are a long reunion. The branches of youth are full of beautiful flowers. Encounter, acquaintance, a relationship, a story, a thrill of the intoxicating Chinese years. On this special day, on the top floor of the Chrysler Building, leave precious memories belonging to each other. Make time last, let the vows come true. On the 520 confession day, Swiss Mido presents two pairs of watches, engraving the passion of love sparks with the exquisite craftsmanship of ‘Pure to Pure’ and guarding the company with the design inspiration of legendary architecture The sweetness of time.

Seeing you for the first time, I was so excited—the commander’s gold watch

 I still remember the first glance when I first met, and the strong feelings that passed between the eyebrows were the sense of the spirit. Between the wrists clenched in both hands, the intertwined gold and silver rays interweave and emit pulses of tenderness, and the movement that keeps turning keeps this throbbing collection. Inspired by the world-renowned architectural Eiffel Tower commander series gold pair watch, not only continued the tower’s elegant and upright in the shape design, but also was internally injected with the inspiration of this classic building-the master of steel structure Eiffel’s love story is condensed on a square panel, which proves the style of the Eiffel Tower and the eternal love faith of the master. Let the hands revolve around and tell the most precious love story between each other.

 The Commander series men’s watch has a long history and records time for this heartbeat at the first encounter. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower witnessing love, the atmosphere is elegant and elegant; under the sapphire mirror, the dial is decorated with silver sun rays, and the 316L stainless steel PVD rose gold plated case shines softly in daylight, just like the warmth in his eyes. . The diamond-polished hands draw a perfect arc, and are treated with white Super-LumiNova®, which guarantees clear readings at night. Water-resistant to 50 meters, power reserve of more than 38 hours, date window at 3 o’clock, accurate witness of the first time you meet your heart.

 The Eiffel Tower gave birth to romantic Paris, conveying the romantic feelings of endless life. Commander series ladies watch, 33mm face plate is beautiful and elegant, 316L rose gold plated case reflects female tenderness. The PVD rose gold-plated scale on the silver sun-ray pattern dial flashes pink gold, like the red glow on the cheek when he first met him. That kind of heart, only those who truly love will have. Water resistant to 50 meters, power reserve over 38 hours, date window at 3 o’clock, diamond polished, hour and minute hands treated with white SuperLumiNova®. The Commander series women’s watch fully reflects the modern and feminine qualities of rigidity and softness, boldly pursues itself, and always maintains a unique charming temperament. More than 38 hours of power reserve mechanical movement, with 50 meters water resistance, Super-LumiNova® luminous treatment and other outstanding performance, immediately caught his attention at the first glance.

 The commander series watch with a long history records time for this heartbeat at the first encounter, a classic men’s and women’s watch, letting you share a good time with your sweetheart.

Truthful confession, harvesting true love-Bruner series watch

 New York, a charming city, has witnessed one true love story after another in countless movies. This is a city suitable for confession. The affection between the lovers is engraved on the top of the towering Chrysler building, and they are embraced by the neon at night. They forget each other in the bustling city. Mido Bruner pair of watches, inspired by the Chrysler Building

 The calm brown face plate with leather calfskin rolled crocodile pattern symbolizes the eternal love of lover.