More Chinese Style Works Show —- Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Interview With Earl Enamel Master Anita

At the Hong Kong Watch Fair, Watch House and a number of media had the opportunity to interview Anita, the top enamel craftsman who has collaborated with Piaget many times.
   Anita’s full name is Anita Porchet, and her signature on the painting is ‘A. Porchet’. Many of the top enamel watches from Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier (Weibo), Piaget and Hermès are all made by her. Her master is the famous Suzanne Rohr and her master is Carlo Poluzzi, both of whom are top figures in the Geneva enamel painting world. At the same time, Suzanne passed to her the century-old enamel glaze and painting tools she had, so her enamel paintings would have a different jewellery glory even if the type of reel.

   Anita is a leader in enamel painting. Piaget and Anita have had many successful cooperations. The following is the free exchange between Anita and the media.

Q: Anita has produced many works with Chinese elements. Which one of these Chinese elements has you been most impressed with?
Anita: Actually, there aren’t many. There are three times, one is making dragon and phoenix, the other is making snake last year, and this is the cooperation. My favorite is the snake from last year. I really like the ‘8’ shape. There is also ‘8’ for the moral meaning of China, I feel very good and very moved. For each year of the zodiac in the coming years, planning is also underway, and there will be better works to present to everyone.
Home of Watches: I have been working in the Swiss watchmaking industry for so many years. What do you think is the most important idea that Piaget wants to convey to women around the world in many watchmaking processes?
Anita: In the world of watches, they are also very men, and the creations are not entirely for women. Both men and women are necessary. Everyone is complementary. Everyone should be a cooperative relationship. All creative ideas today are not exclusively for men or women. Both are equally important. I will tell my daughter that although women are very important in all aspects of the workplace, women still have to be feminine and retain their characteristics, which is also very important for human beings.

Question: Ms. Anita has been in this job for 30 years. I want to know why I learned this craft and why I can persist? Thirty years ago, young people in Europe may not be very interested in this technique. Are there any faults? And for the inheritance of this skill, does Ms. Anita accept her own students?
Anita: In fact, the talent fault has passed. Young people were more reluctant to do such craftsmanship for a long time. Later, the trend turned back, so more and more young people want to engage in this area recently. . For me to inherit this thing, it is my responsibility. I must do something and have tried different ways. I used to teach a large class system, but now I prefer to use the apprenticeship system. At present, there are students in the studio. I will take students to visit exhibitions or work together to complete this ancient project. Techniques penetrate into the next generation.

Q: How did you combine embroidery and enamel painting to get creative inspiration? Will the silk products be affected by the environment such as temperature during use?
Anita: Whether it is craftsmanship or creation, we need to constantly try and find ways to innovate. The creation of gold thread on silk did not involve enamel painting, and it was not performed by me, so it was the responsibility of the count to last. The reason why I like enamel painting is precisely because of its durability, it can be kept forever, which is my biggest attraction. Today, whether it is enamel painting or other crafts, they are seeking breakthroughs. Of course, some crafts have not tried successfully, but after a few years, they may not be able to continue. But this time the mini-mosaic part, I think it will be very durable, mainly made of glass material stitching.

Question: In terms of innovation, how is the composition of the picture and how is the composition of the screen produced?
Anita: In fact, Earl and I have a cooperative relationship. After Earl Titus gave me a picture, I will make some ideas. If it is not feasible in some places, I will explain it with the brand and make corresponding modifications. I will also come up with some ideas to modify the design to make it better. So the entire work is jointly completed by both parties.
Q: Is the current job done by one person or does it have its own team? If she encounters a duplicate topic, will it be produced by her students? If it involves the cooperation of enamel with other processes, do you also master other processes?
Anita: There are currently two apprentices in my studio working with me. If I encounter duplicate work, I will do the first one and let my apprentices follow along, so there are some works, if it is marked with ‘AP’ on it, it means that this is not done by me, but by I completed it in my studio, but this work must have started with me. For example, three of the eight watches were made by me, or the first three processes were completed by me. If this work is marked ‘A. Porchet’, it means that the work was done by myself. In fact, the signature is very small. If you do n’t take a magnifying glass, you can’t find it. I only do enamel painting, and other parts are done by other technicians. I really admire the fine sculptor who worked with me. Some of the enamel paintings I painted are very small, but the fine sculptor has never encountered it, so I admire his skills. If one day I received a call from the carver saying that I encountered my painting, I would say that it doesn’t matter.
   In a short period of time, the media reporters present ended the interview with Ms. Anita. The talkative Ms. Anita infected every person present with her enthusiasm and sincerity, and her enthusiasm for the art of enamel, so that everyone knew the lady with a sense of integrity, and also got a better understanding of the ancient enamel craftsmanship. And I also look forward to the next beautiful work of Master Anita.