The Charm Of The Inch Above The Wrist Can Also Be Compared To The Gorgeous Luxury Jewelry Watch

The season is coming, only the glittering snowflakes and the dazzling fireworks in the night sky are the most romantic in winter. Although the snowflake fireworks are hard to find, the charm of the inch above the wrist is comparable. Gorgeous jewellery watches are especially dedicated to the festival. The eye-catching diamonds and gems interpret the splendor of fireworks, and the soft colors and flower shapes are also the sweetest details of women’s new year. The practical gift is also a watch. The white color brings daydreams immersed in the winter snow, which is suitable for commuting and perfect matching in winter. In short, whether it is fireworks or snowflakes on the wrist, is the original joy of the new year.
Starry white elegance
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch price shop contact
Extremely sporty yet elegant, this collection enjoys a high reputation among all Rolex Oyster watches. This watch is not only outstanding in appearance, but also equipped with a new 4130 chronograph movement independently developed and manufactured by Rolex. This movement uses a Parachrom spring with super magnetic resistance and shock resistance, which can store 72 hours of power for the watch.
Charm red face against white lotus
Ms. Blancpain Limited Edition Lotus Watch
Designed and distributed exclusively for the Asian market, it has a lotus-like beauty and mystery, a bold avant-garde edge design, and a mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, naturally gorgeous. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. The excellent Blancpain Cal.1150 movement means gentle time in the “Lotus” jewelry model. Limited to 138 worldwide.
Fritillaria silk satin powder in the end
Roger Dubuis KINGSQUARE Women’s Diamond Watch
Famous for the beauty of the lines of the building, the original case shape is full of weight, and the three faceted crystal glass mirrors create unique visual effects. The color of this watch is very bold, with a strong fashion look and sense of the times. A 36 mm square white gold case, the 62 diamonds on the bezel echo the square pattern of 32 diamonds in the center of the dial; the pink mother-of-pearl matches the pink ray texture.
Fireworks bloom red and blue on wrist
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Art Watch
This is a brilliant watch with diamonds and red sapphires blooming like fireworks, bringing joy to the new year. The new Reverso Squadra Art watch is arranged in deep and light colors through the extraordinary snowflake mosaic method, while meeting the special decoration requirements of the rotating case: no matter where the watch is located, the pattern always happens to be viewed from the front or the back Through the bracket.

Beijing Watches Along With Pioneers Gao Weiguang’s ‘change’ Watchmaker Experience The Charm Of Timepieces

On April 22, Beijing watch, a professional watch brand from 1958, specially invited ‘Emperor’ Gao Weiguang, who is everywhere in the world, to visit Beijing Watch Watch Tasting Shenyang 1928 Store, Hengli Mr. Zhou Jun, assistant general manager of the World Famous Watch Center, Mr. Xu Chuangyue, general manager of Beijing watch brand, and other senior watch experts, guests and media friends also came to the scene to appreciate their classics that crossed the time with the pioneers of the era.

Beijing Time for ‘Emperor’

   One is the “Emperor”, who has a high-cold look in the play, with silver hair like green hills and frozen snow, and a watch brand with the architectural elements of the Forbidden City as its logo. The highly collectible orphan, limited edition masterpieces, all these make Beijing watches from the establishment to a considerable time, are considered ‘brand positioning is too high and cold.’ But it is also this ingenuity that keeps improving and achieves the unique charm of the brand. Xu Chuangyue, General Manager of Shiyuehui and General Manager of Beijing Watch Brand, said: ‘Mr. Gao Weiguang is an outstanding actor, whether it is the high-cold god’ Emperor ‘in the play, or the professionalism of the acting industry outside the play. Yu loves things, and pays all the enthusiastic qualities for them, which fits well with the core of the brand of Beijing Watch. We are honored to invite him to the scene to appreciate the classics of Eastern aesthetics with us. ‘

‘Watchmaker’ Gao Weiguang’s Day

   As a professional watch enthusiast, accompanied by representatives of the Beijing watch brand, Gao Weiguang came to Beijing Watch Shenyang 1928 Store, expertly picked up the watch’s dedicated eyepieces, and appreciated the subtleties of the tourbillon’s operation; Under the guidance of the watchmaker, he also became a ‘watchmaker’ for a day. In the process of assembling highly complex movements, Gao Weiguang laughed and finally realized the difficulty of the master watchmaker and the charm of high-end watchmaking, and said: ‘Whether it is an artist or a watchmaking brand, they are actually talking about works and quality. Both parties are willing to spend many times to complete a work that makes them satisfactory, always focus on and insist on it.’ Beijing watch has high complexity The design and production strength of the movement, advocating and cultivating a lot of respectable masters, retaining a lot of the essence of hand-made, can’t get up, and can’t get more, which has given these movements ‘high-end’, ‘rare’ Features.

   At the event site, Gao Weiguang even interacted with the guests on watch knowledge and asked questions and shared the story of his relationship with Beijing watches: his father had a Beijing watch when he was a kid, and he would secretly wear it. The idea that ‘every man should have a watch of his own’ also began to sprout from that time.

Do not fight, own ‘light’

   On the same day, Gao Weiguang wore the Beijing watch for his sublime series of minimalist theme tourbillon, which was exclusively customized for him. This is the heaviest work of Beijing watch this year, which means ‘not fighting, moving forward with a low profile.’ This watch is equipped with a Beijing flying tourbillon movement, because the upper bracket of the tourbillon is removed, and it is only fixed from below. The tourbillon runs like a suspension and is full of dynamic expression. It is worth mentioning that this movement is also loaded with a cardless spring, which adjusts the length of the hairspring by hand to improve the accuracy of the time. It also tests the watchmaking skills. While retaining a lot of the essence of handmade, it also breaks the traditional form of tourbillon in design, draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics, and brings rich layers with slender lines. This is the aesthetic proposition of oriental aesthetics and belongs to modern fashion. In the seemingly simple design, there are many details to consider: the design of the arched surface, the special sapphire crystal structure; at the same time, the crazy horse leather strap between the matte leather and fine wool texture is selected. In the years that accompany the wearer, there will be different marks of use, which is also an expression of personality.

   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, and integrates superb craftsmanship with cultural connotations. Seven highly complex movements such as tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, double tourbillon, three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon, three-axis three-dimensional dual tourbillon, and double escapement long travel time independently produced by Beijing Watch. Beijing watch masters have perfect passion for sophisticated watch technology; there are too many unique aesthetics of Beijing watches in advanced watchmaking processes such as inlaying, enamel, embroidery, micro-engraving, carved gold, hollowing out, and finishing.

    Along with Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.

Inspired By Equestrian Hermes Arceau Men’s Watch

With its unique design and unlimited creative spirit, the Arceau watch series is a proud piece of Hermès. In the past, it has introduced a number of elegant styles for men and women. This series is a classic by the brand designer Henri d’ Origny in 1978, inspired by the equestrian world that has an inextricable bond with Hermes.

Hermès new Arceau men’s mechanical watch
With its unique design and unlimited creative spirit, the Arceau watch series is a proud piece of Hermès. In the past, it has introduced a number of elegant styles for men and women. This series is a classic by the brand designer Henri d’ Origny in 1978, inspired by the equestrian world that has an inextricable bond with Hermes.

Arceau Ebony mechanical chronograph men’s watch
The extraordinary creativity of the Arceau watch series is reflected in incorporating the shape of the stable into the design of the watch. The upper part of the round case has horse-shaped lugs, which makes the watch as a whole a little asymmetric. The Arabic numerals are always slightly towards the center of the watch, and the number 6 in them contrasts with the inverted numbers on both sides. This cutting-edge design gives the watch a sense of playfulness, and its completely different creativity also shows the resemblance and artistic sense that Hermès pursues in design.

Arceau Watches
The new Arceau Ebony chronograph with full color selection, combining elegant beauty, precise and flawless characteristics and extremely harmonious fine craftsmanship, pays tribute to Hermes’ first companion ‘horse’. On the 43 mm ebony surface, the designer equips the numerals and time scales with a new and representative gray (étoupe), which contrasts with the dark surface. The oversized middle seconds hand plated with the brand’s exclusive orange runs smoothly around the surface, while the mechanical movement at the heart of the chronograph issues a pleasant swing rhythm at the same time, the two just echo each other. The succinct date display window and the embossed sub-dial remain in harmony with the entire surface, further enhancing the beautiful appearance and the legibility of various functions. In addition, the designer chose the ebony color that echoes the dial color to highlight the delicate and slender nature of the surface, especially the bold calfskin strap, which reveals the uniqueness of this new Arceau series. Stylish personality and confident style.

Bao Po Cultural Ambassador Liang Wendao Visits Basel

[2015 Basel] This is the Basel Clock Fair. As soon as I put my luggage in the room at eight in the morning, I encountered a scene like Mong Kok in Hong Kong on the open-air cafe below the hotel. The crowds rushed from all directions to the exhibition center across the road. Someone dragged their suitcases and hurriedly hurried away. Some people hurriedly carrying their bags while sipping coffee in their hands; there were buses on the side of the road and they were still spitting More tourists-Of course, this is not an ordinary tourist, but I saw so many black hair and subconsciously regarded them as tourist tourists to Hong Kong.
   Compared to these professionals, I am actually a tourist, and I am a tourist too late; the Chinese have already become the mainstay of the annual Basel show, everyone is well-informed, I just do n’t come Just join the fun. Since it’s fun, I don’t want to talk too much about the doorway in the exhibition, lest you laugh. Anyway, it’s dizzying, and it’s exhausting. Although I’m interested in watches and I like beautiful things, but the aesthetic bombing is so dense, can’t I be tired? So early the next morning, I crossed the river with the friends of Blancpain and went to the city to see the long-loved sights, such as the Art Basel and Basel Cathedral.
   Usually speaking of Basel, a small city with a population of less than 200,000 (but it is already the third largest city in Switzerland), we think of two exhibitions, one is the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show, and the other is Art Basel exhibition. Most people are here for the two major exhibitions. So during the two major exhibitions, the hotels in the city were naturally full and crowded. But on weekdays, the city hasn’t been busy, because it also shoulders the heavy responsibility of carrying Swiss economic strength. Switzerland’s number one industry is not watches, not tourism, and even chocolate; medical chemicals and precision instruments. Basel is where the Swiss medical industry and precision industry re-locked the headquarters of many global leaders (by the way, one of the Swiss Watch Group headquarters is also in Basel). I don’t want to say that the watch exhibition is just a icing on the cake for it, but in some deeper and therefore more clearly face-up clocks are indeed the fruits and fruits of the historical nature of the city. Without the accumulation of the past few hundred years, there would be no later Swiss clocks, nor would there be any Basel clocks that are famous internationally today.
   We crossed the river and walked to the old town in order to hang the old roots that were hundreds of years old.
   In terms of European standards, Basel Cathedral is not magnificent; after the Protestant baptism, the bustling end, its carvings are not as delicate as the Catholic Church. But here is buried a big man I admired since childhood-the father of Western humanism Erasmus. Erasmus’ translations and treatises opened the religious revolution led by Martin Luther, and also affected the Italian Renaissance. He is a ancestor in history. He advocated the trend of enlightened progress throughout his life, but remained in the Catholic Church for life. Shoudu Li, whose temperament is like our Chinese Hu Shi, sees new learning in tradition. His tombstone was even more dull on the day when there were not many tourists.
   The question is, how could a Dutchman in Erasmus hide in Basel, Switzerland? If you want to understand this problem, you can take a detour and go to the gilded Art Basel.
   The Basel Art Museum is the world’s first public art museum. It originated from a collection of local wealthy in the early modern times. At that time, the wealthy died, and future generations were scattered. The then mayor of Basel was worried that a large number of precious books and treasures would flow to other parties, and he and the University of Basel (the oldest university in Switzerland, Nietzsche taught here; Wei One of the founders of the points, Leonhard Yula is a student here) co-funded to turn this private collection into public finances. Gradually, it absorbed more donations and gradually became one of the most important art galleries in Europe. Especially famous is its modern art. You can get a glimpse of the ins and outs of western art in the twentieth century by taking a tour. Another interesting fact that must be mentioned was that in 1967, they had held a full-name referendum in order to ask whether they would be included in Picasso’s two expensive items. As a result, the Mayor of Basel would rather blackmail the public funds spent elsewhere in the year and obtain two masterpieces by Bi Gong, which would be voted by a large percentage. Picasso was so touched by this news that he simply sent four more works in return for this city.
   But the focus of my trip was not Picasso, but an inconspicuous small-sized portrait on the second floor of the art museum. It was written by Hobein, one of the most important painters of Central Europe in the 16th century. Rasmus. You can see this portrait of Erasmus casually when you go online and check, his side writing is the first association when later generations think of him. The relationship between these two people is deep, not just as simple as ordinary artists and buyers (portrait paintings in those days are like today’s photos, and people with status and wealth will invite people to take photos for themselves). Hobart often respected Erasmus, and illustrated many of his works. The quality of illustrations, and the good and evil of printing, were the main reasons for the unpopularity of books in the era when printing was just popular.
   In fact, the reason why Erasmus came to Basel for a long time was for books. He found that there was a book dealer named Flobber who copied his masterpiece without permission, but he edited it and finished it better than the original, so he was curious, so he came here to check it. Erasmus, who was humorous by nature, just made a embarrassing joke when Floburn just met, and immediately fell in love with this printer, who is also a scholar and works very seriously. Everyone happens to be Floburn. Please ask Hobba for his production and retouching. These three people became the publishing triangle of the European cultural circle, co-editor, co-authored the book, and even Thomas Moore of the UK handed over his ‘Utopia’. Give them published first. The publishing house that Flobben founded back then still exists, and of course it is the oldest publishing house in the world.
   After so long, what does all this have to do with the watch? Let’s look at it. When we open the map of Switzerland, we will find that there is a long and narrow valley starting from Geneva and north along the French border. This area is the official “watch valley” of Switzerland. The focus of the extreme north is exactly Basel. This place is not only known for the watch industry, but also a very special area in European history. Before and after the Protestant Revolution, it absorbed countless refugees who fled because of religious persecution. These refugees were conscientious, they could not see the decay of the Catholic Church at that time, they could not stand the social and ideological shackles, and wanted to find a space where they could breathe freely. Coincidentally, many of these people are ‘specialized technical talents’, love scientific research, and are fascinated by all kinds of technology research and development and promotion. According to the situation of that era, most of these people were people with learning and intellectual thinking, unlike today’s liberal arts. They are very interested in everything from astronomical new knowledge to artistic progress. The ‘watch valley’ is where they can settle down, while Basel is a free port of thought on the valley.
   Don’t forget that typography is an emerging industry of the year, meaning today’s Internet. As a publishing and printing center, Basel’s opening to the mainland has certainly attracted the free minds of Europe, including ‘dissidents’ such as Erasmus, to promote the development and dissemination of new knowledge and ideas together. The predecessor of today’s watchmakers is actually free thinkers and technical talents who have been attracted by this trend. For them and their heirs, the world created by God should not be a myth that is interpreted by authorities, but a precision instrument governed by laws. Looking for the laws of nature is to find the secrets of creation; distant works that imitate those laws are the masters of praising the laws. For example, a well-functioning, accurate and perfect clock is not the model of the world? The manifestation of God’s glory?
   Time is the model and benchmark for all order in the universe; clocks are a concrete and weak manifestation of this order. Basel is the end of Switzerland’s ‘Watch Valley’, and Basel watches are the export of the Swiss watch industry. From here, we can just go back to the history of spiritual pursuit behind this industry. (Wen Liang Wendao)

Girard-perregaux Is Honored As A Partner Of The ‘american Academy Of Film And Arts Museum’

At the end of 2012, Girard Perregaux announced that it was the exclusive designated timepiece and founding sponsor of the new ‘Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ and launched its first print advertising campaign.

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts Museum is located in Los Angeles. It is the first non-profit history museum in the United States to collect film historical materials and promote the development of film art. It is expected to open in 2016.
In order to commemorate and promote the film art promotion partnership program, GP Girard-Perregaux will launch a new advertising special this spring featuring the precious photos collected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, and the college’s collection of photos reaches 10 million.
The photo used in the first print advertisement is a photo taken by Alfred Hitchcock, the most respected ‘master of suspense’ in movie history, holding a clapper at the shooting scene of ‘Psycho’. This photo has a symbolic meaning. On behalf of the start of the classic ‘Shocking’, it also marked the official launch of the partnership between Girard Perregaux and the Academy.
The ad title ‘Mechanics of Dreams’ cleverly expresses Girard-Perregaux and the academy’s mastery of watchmaking and film art, both of which are full of moving stories, possessing fascinating and even transcending time and space.
Bill Kramer, Managing Director of Development of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said: ‘We are very excited to work with watchmaker GP Girard-Perregaux to create a museum. Both parties strive for excellence in technology, unremitting innovation, and the same philosophy.’
The museum is located in the historic Wilshire May Company building in downtown Los Angeles. It was designed by renowned architects Renzo Piano and Zoltan Pali. The “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” collection and archives will be transferred here, including 10 million photos, more than 146,000 sets of movies and videos, 80,000 scripts, 46,000 original movie posters, 20000 Production and costume design drawings, as well as a large number of costumes, props, movie production equipment, and behind-the-scenes production description files of filmmakers.
American Academy of Motion Picture Arts
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is made up of more than 6,000 film festival veterans. It is the world’s premier non-profit film industry organization and the organizer of the annual Academy Awards ceremony. Candidates and winners are selected by college members by voting. The college annually organizes a series of public education activities, exhibitions, funding institutions and activities related to film development, and is committed to promoting the development of film production technology; the college’s Margaret Herrick Library and archives are responsible for the collection, restoration, and conservation of film and related film history Supplies for film-savvy students, historians, entertainers and the public.

The Beauty Of The Dial Mosaic Mosaic Watch Appreciation

Mosaic mosaic technology, an ancient technique that has been passed down for thousands of years, was originally only used in large-scale decoration such as walls, murals, ceilings and floors. Today, it crosses the field of expression and miniaturizes it for use in watchmaking. Then start this artistic journey on the dial, admire the beauty of mosaic mosaic technology on the dial.

 Master of craftsman polished natural gemstones into slices with a thickness of 0.4 mm
Polished and cut colored natural gem flakes
Place 1167 small gem squares on the pattern one by one
Ingenious combination of various warm-tone gems to form a beautiful pattern

 The term “Mosaïque” was born in Rome in the first century BC, but its true origins can be traced back to Sicily in the third century BC, where the earliest glass and marble cubes were found Mosaic pattern. At the time, this process of using cut glass and marble cubes instead of pebbles as an inlay material was an innovation. Mosaic mosaic technology has continued to evolve and develop, and there has been a miniature mosaic mosaic technology, which is particularly popular in Italy at the end of the 18th century.

 This ancient technique, which has been passed down for thousands of years, was originally only used in large decorations such as walls, murals, ceilings and floors. Today, it crosses the field of expression and miniaturizes it for use in watchmaking.

 First, pick the gems. There are many types of gemstones, including onyx, tiger’s eye, eagle eye, yellow petite, carnelian, yellow jasper, palm jasper, Kalahari jasper, yellow agate, mossy agate, coral and mother-of-pearl. Subsequently, the gem setting technician polished and cut the warm-toned natural stones that were screened into small squares of uniform length and thickness. Then set the gem cubes one by one in the predetermined order.

 Take the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier watch turtle decorative pattern as an example. Firstly, the outline of each tortoise shell and tortoise foot is outlined with black gemstones, and then other colors of gemstones are inlaid layer by layer, which makes the color layer richer and the shape more prominent. The entire turtle pattern is inlaid with 1,167 gems. Gem setting alone requires more than 60 man-hours. The intricate inlaying process makes the turtle made of gemstones on the dial vivid and attractive. All gems are pasted on the dial and then consolidated to ensure a uniform and smooth surface. It is precisely this extremely precise and delicate processing method and meticulous creative attitude that can achieve the classic.

 Mosaic and watchmaking brings us another gorgeous bloom created by art and time. This ancient, traditional mosaic technique has shown a variety of forms with the times: through a diverse combination with architecture, art, decoration, and even information technology, mosaic technology plays an irreplaceable role on the stage of human culture. Roles. We are happy to use mosaics to make the inspiration and ideas of each era a reality. Similarly, the constant innovation of watch dials at any time is also the constant truth of the entire horological field.

 Cartier Santos-Dumont Steed Watch

 Cartier Santos-Dumont horse decorative watch integrates gold carving and mosaic inlay. The horses with metal hooks, the neck, horsehair and nostril detail lines are displayed by hand-carved gold lines. Yingwu showed vividly.

 Crafted in a very small space on the dial, Cartier makes the gem mosaic mosaic process forever. The two mosaic inlaying processes complement each other and are perfectly combined: one for inlaying tiny square gems and paving the bottom of the dial; the other for combining differently shaped gem cubes to form a horse decoration.

18K white gold case, octagonal crown, inlaid with a sapphire; sapphire crystal; 18K white gold dial; hand-embossed horse decoration, gem inlaid mosaic and painting; sword-shaped blue steel hands. Semi-matte brown alligator strap; 18mm 18K white gold folding clasp. Cartier 430 MC workshop hand-wound mechanical movement; water-resistant to 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft). Numbered and limited edition. Case dimensions: 36.6 mm x 47.4 mm; thickness 9.84 mm.


 Mosaic is a centuries-old handmade art that has been used since the Bronze Age. Some ancient Greek ruins have also confirmed the use of small stones to decorate the outdoor pavement.

Until the late 18th century, when two of the most revered and world-renowned artists, Cesare Aguatti and Giacomo Raffaeli, created micromosaics, they invented a new technology that allowed them to make miniature mosaics smaller than 1 mm in diameter . These mosaics are made of polychrome and are heated at a high temperature in excess of 800 degrees Celsius. The glass paste is then cooled and cut into tiny square bricks. In addition to reducing the volume of the bricks, this technique invented by the two artists also brings a richer choice of colors, including more than 10,000 different shades, so you can make the most careful light effects and a variety of gradients. Shades of light. At that time, the most delicate micromosaic sometimes consisted of up to 560 mosaic pieces!

The Piaget once again demonstrated its creative tradition with the extraordinary craftsmanship of a Roman artist. The artist is a descendant of an 18th-century craftsman who created a micro-mosaic Yves Piaget rose on an Altiplano watch. This miniature art masterpiece is attached to Piaget’s signature ultra-thin watch face with multiple delicate pink tones.


 18K white gold case set with 78 round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carat), diameter 38 mm, dial decorated with a hand-crafted micro-mosaic Yves Piaget rose pattern, Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding movement , Silk strap with pin buckle, limited to 8 pieces worldwide.

Girard-perregaux And Nile Rodgers Fully Support The ‘we Are Family Foundation’ Foundation Founded In Paris

Paris, November 19, 2013. Girard-Perregaux, a Swiss fine watchmaker, and Nile Rodgers gathered in Paris to promote projects initiated by the ‘We Are Family Foundation’ and youths dedicated to charitable activities Talented.

 After holding a ‘Changing Watch Event’ event with Susan and David Rockefeller 伉俪 in New York, USA, and raising over $ 200,000 to support the foundation’s charity activities, GP Girard-Perregaux met with charities from all walks of life in Paris to join Carne Le Carmen) held a charity event. Built in 1875, this private mansion has an exquisite ’empire-style’ architectural style and has now become a historical landmark in Paris, where the French composer Georges Bizet once wrote classic opera Carmen got its name.

 The evening introduced projects sponsored by two young people supported by the ‘We are Family Foundation’: Zuhal Sultan Mohammed, who formed the Iraqi National Youth Symphony Orchestra, and David Saddington, an environmentalist who is committed to combating climate change.

 Subsequently, Nile Rodgers paid tribute to two ambitious young people with a guitar accompaniment, and talked about his music creation process from launching a single for Chic, composing for Diana Ross, and working with Daft Punk.

 Celebrities from watchmaking, fashion, music and charity toasted the efforts of the ‘we are Family Foundation’. Invited guests include: Marc Cerrone, Dimitri From Paris, actresses Sophie Meister and Patrick Timsit.

 Girard Perregaux also took the opportunity to showcase new works at the party, including the special ‘Mission of Mermaids’ series designed in collaboration with Susan Rockefeller, and the Grand Prix de l ‘ Horlogerie de Genève (Aiguille d’Or) Echappement Constant LM.

 Michele Sofisti, CEO of Sowind Group (parent company of Girard Perregaux and Shangweisha), said: ‘Nile has made an outstanding contribution to philanthropy and can work with him to awaken the attention of future generations to global issues. I I am deeply honored. ‘

 ‘Our goal is to inspire the younger generation to meet tomorrow’s challenges, help them prepare, and take on the task of protecting the planet,’ said Nancy Hunt, chairman of the ‘We are Family Foundation.’

 Nile Rodgers added: ‘We can only achieve this great goal by working together. I hope that launching a similar charity event will encourage more young people to join us and change the world.

About Girard Perregaux

 The history of GP Girard-Perregaux, the leading Swiss watchmaking brand, began in 1791. Over the past two centuries, many watch classics with unique design and technological innovation have been created, including Constant Girard-Perregaux, which won the 1889 Paris World Expo Gold Medal. Three golden bridge tourbillon pocket watch.

 Girard-Perregaux is one of the few authentic watchmaking factories in existence. It can handle all processes of designing and manufacturing watches, including the development of movements. Girard Perregaux has obtained over 80 technical patents over the years, and is committed to technology research and development, carrying forward the outstanding tradition. Luozhi Kering Group, a global leader in apparel and accessories for luxury and sports and fashion brands, is now the majority shareholder of Girard Perregaux.

Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The Grand Seiko 9s Mechanical Movement Special Launch Of Three Commemorative Watches With Special Movements, New Cases And Unique Dials

Since the advent of Grand Seiko in 1960, the birth of the 9S mechanical movement in 1998 is the most important moment in the history of Grand Seiko. At the time, the newly developed movement of the 9S demonstrated the high precision and durability of the Grand Seiko classic from the very beginning. Since then, the 9S movement has continuously improved its performance. The new spring Spron alloy is used for the mainspring and balance spring; the parts are manufactured using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) processing technology, and the manufacturing tolerances are as small as one thousandth of a millimeter. Today 9S movement has become the cornerstone of Grand Seiko mechanical movement development with its high precision, long-lasting power reserve and solid and durable structure, and has won the reputation of ‘one of the best mechanical movements in the world’.
   To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 9S movement, the Grand Seiko team has launched three limited edition watches, each of which pays tribute to the high accuracy achieved by the 9S movement in different forms.

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36,000 high frequency V.F.A. (special adjustment product): a new realm of accuracy
Grand Seiko pursues a milestone of high precision, paying tribute to history with V.F.A (special adjustment) platinum models
   ‘Very Fine Adjusted’ may not be an inspiring label, but for the Grand Seiko team, V.F.A. is a very respectable abbreviation. V.F.A. first appeared in 1969. The precision of these Grand Seiko watches, which have been finely adjusted by hand, has far exceeded the standard of conventional Grand Seiko. This new product in 2018 is equipped with a VFA (special adjustment) 9S85 Hi-beat 36,000 high-frequency movement. The static day difference is +3 to -1 seconds. This is the highest level of adjustment in the workshop and is up to 34. Day test results. The case is made of 950 platinum, and was operated by Nobuhiro Kosugi, the first designer of the 9S movement in 1998. It is a new interpretation of the classic design style of Grand Seiko.
   The mirror effect polished by Zaratsu (grinding method) extends from both sides of the case to the edge of the lugs, and intersects with the hairline polishing effect on the inner side of the lugs, showing a triangular area with a sharp outline. This effect can only be accomplished by a skilled Grand Seiko master. The design of the dial is also special, using a special logo that appears only when the second Seikosha is used to make a specific watch. This impressive logo, repeating the GS initials in an orderly and alternating manner, presents a radial geometric pattern in the center of the dial. The second Seiko House is now the well-known Seiko Electronics Co., Ltd. In 1968, the first Hi-beat Grand Seiko watch was born here.
A tribute to the 20th anniversary of the 9S movement

Grand Seiko Special 18K Gold
   The other two limited editions of the 20th anniversary of the 9S movement are 18K yellow gold and stainless steel. The case and dial design are exactly the same as the V.F.A (special adjustments), and they are also equipped with 9S85 movement. The 18K gold model has been specially tuned to achieve Grand Seiko’s excellent standard. The static day difference is +4 to -2 seconds. The oscillating weight is in line with the V.F.A. (special adjustment product), and is engraved with an 18K gold lion badge as a symbol of super high accuracy. The stainless steel oscillating weight design is also very special. It is made of titanium and tungsten. The surface of titanium is anodized oxidation treatment * and has a special blue color.
   These three limited edition watches will be available at designated Grand Seiko retailers, Seiko and Grand Seiko stores starting in March 2018.
   * Anodic oxidation treatment (Anodic oxidation treatment) This is a surface treatment process, the material is artificially electrolyzed to form an oxide film. According to the light reflection index, the oxide film will change into various colors, and will show different hue as the thickness of the oxide film changes.

9S Movement 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
Movement specifications: 9S85 high frequency mechanical movement
Power system: automatic winding
Vibration frequency: 36,000 rpm (10 rpm)
Power reserve: about 55 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 37 stones
Hi-Beat 36,000 V.F.A. (Special Adjustment) 950 Platinum: SBGH265
Accuracy: static day difference +3 to -1 second
950 platinum case and buckle
High-definition double curved sapphire crystal glass (non-reflective coating)
See-through spiral bottom cover
Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800A / m
Diameter: 39.5 mm, thickness: 13 mm
Crocodile leather strap, tri-fold button switch clasp
Suggested retail price in Europe: € 53,500
Limited edition of 20 pieces worldwide

Hi-Beat 36,000 High Frequency Special (Premium) 18K Gold: SBGH266
Accuracy: Static day difference +4 to -2 seconds
18K Yellow Gold Case and Buckle
High-definition double curved sapphire crystal glass (non-reflective coating)
See-through spiral bottom cover
Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800A / m
Diameter: 39.5 mm, thickness: 13 mm
Crocodile leather strap, tri-fold button switch clasp
Suggested retail price in Europe: € 27,000
Limited edition of 150

Hi-Beat 36,000 stainless steel: SBGH267G
Accuracy: static day difference +5 to -3 seconds
Stainless steel case and strap
High-definition double curved sapphire crystal glass (non-reflective coating)
See-through screw case back, screw crown
Water resistance: 10 bar, anti-magnetic function: 4,800A / m
Diameter: 39.5 mm, thickness: 13 mm
Tri-fold button switch clasp
Suggested retail price in China: 48,800 yuan
Limited edition of 1,500
Available in April 2018

Classic Italian Design Panerai Luminor 1950 Watch Tasting

Italy is a beautiful and magical country, the magnificent Colosseum, the romantic water city of Venice, charming Florence, the majestic Santa Maria church, and the tender Sicilian islands … Every inch of land seems to be endowed with soul. I personally have a special feeling for this country that blends the history and culture of ancient Rome with today’s fashion and romance, so I have a special liking for Panerai, a watch brand that originated in Italy.

  Panerai was born in Florence in 1860. It is famous for its precision machinery and excellent quality. It was the first to produce precision instruments and watches for the Royal Italian Navy. Design inspiration. To date, Panerai Watches is a watch brand that combines Italian design style, Swiss watchmaking technology and infinite passion for the ocean. Today we are going to taste a Panerai Luminor 1950 series watch, the official model: PAM 00524.

Functional illustration of Panerai Luminor 1950 watch

  Everyone knows that Panerai’s two families are Radiomir and Luminor. The birth of the watch dates back to the eve of World War II. At that time, Panerai launched the first Radiomir watch. This watch was used by the frogman unit of the Royal Italian Navy’s First Diving Unit Command. Many features of this watch are retained. Two years later Panerai improved and prototyped this prototype watch. The new watch has a double-layer dial, which is similar to the dial introduced today. Later watchmakers discovered that Luminor could emit light by themselves, so they replaced the original radium paint with it. Luminor series watches were born. After the end of World War II, Panerai continued its technology that was carried out at the beginning of the war. Research, perfecting the research and development of Luminor. The new Luminor watch is unique because of its crown bridge, the linear lugs have also been improved, and the case is cast in one piece with the case. The case continues the classic pillow-shaped case of Panerai. From this Luminor 1950 The series is born.

  This Panerai Luminor 1950 series watch is equipped with a flyback chronograph function and an automatic movement with a power reserve of up to three days. The movement used in the watch was independently developed and produced by Panerai. This is also the first finished watch made with P.9100 movement, so this watch has extraordinary significance. The watch has a diameter of 44 mm. This size is more suitable for men who prefer large dials. The case is made of AISI 316L frosted stainless steel. The surface is made of brushed metal, which has a very high texture. .

  The Panerai Luminor 1950 series crown protection bridge is unique to this series, this design also evolved step by step in the history of development. The crown, like the case, is also made of stainless steel. The crown guard bridge tightly wraps the crown to provide better protection. The strap is made of high-grade black leather, and the sides are decorated with pressure lines. The fine texture of the leather enhances the quality of the watch, which is enough to prove the rigor and refinement of Panerai’s selection of watch materials.

  Each of Panerai’s watches continues the vintage taste of the early days of watchmaking, not only using the classic pillow case, but also every detail tells us the glorious history of Panerai. The watch’s mirror is perfectly curved, and the surface is coated with anti-glare. We all know that sapphire crystal glass is very difficult to process, but Panerai has faced it. The watchmaker made it into a beautiful arc. It not only tests the skill of watchmaking, but also demonstrates the brand’s innovative spirit.

  The dial structure adopts the design of Panerai in the late 1930s. It is composed of two overlapping sheets. The upper sheet is hollowed out at the position corresponding to the time scale. This makes the bottom scale with a luminous coating better. The light emanates, and time can be read clearly even in extremely weak light. The design of the watch’s chronograph hands is also unique. The seconds hand is distinguished by dazzling blue, which complements the design style of the black dial. A date display window is provided at 3 o’clock, and a small seconds dial is provided at 9 o’clock.

  The crown design of the Panerai watch is unique. The crown protection device is composed of a semi-circular bridge and a mobile protection lever. When the protection lever is in the closed position, it presses the crown to form a good seal. Prevent water from flowing into the movement. Compared with Luminor, Luminor 1950 also uses a unique crown guard, but the production of Luminor 1950 is more detailed. The brushed design of the steel surface is engraved with a logo that symbolizes the quality of the watch.

  The biggest feature of the Luminor 1950 series is that the case is extremely rich in layers and has a strong texture. If you look closely, you can see that the edges and corners where the lugs and the case are connected are beautiful and unique. You must know that for a watch, it is very difficult to polish this shape, but Panerai has done it. At the same time, the watch’s lugs are also made of stainless steel, and the surface is brushed with metal, which is quite textured. It is integrally cast with the case, which is more durable.

  Panerai’s control of the details is very rigorous. The strap is made of high-quality black leather and the light yellow pressure lines are used on both sides, which not only creates a strong contrast in hue, but also adds a strong retro color to the watch. . The buckle is a matte stainless steel pin buckle with a unique design and is engraved with the Panerai classic LOGO as a decoration.

  From this perspective, we can clearly feel the beauty of Luminor 1950’s design. A beautifully curved line runs through one-third of the case. The edges and corners are very polished. This is the difference between Luminor 1950 and other series. There are two timing function buttons at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock. The flyback function is controlled by the button at 8 o’clock, which can instantly return the chronograph hand to the zero position and restart the operation immediately.

  The back of the case is equipped with a 12-sided case back. Through the central sapphire crystal window, you can enjoy the homemade P.9100 movement. P.9100 is the first self-winding movement developed by Panerai with a chronograph function. It is completely developed by Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel. Its material and process standards meet the technical and quality And reliability. The movement is 31 mm in diameter and 8.15 mm thick and contains 37 gems and 302 components. The two barrels connected in parallel can provide a power reserve of 72 hours, which is equivalent to three days. The bi-directional rotating rotor is automatically wound. The balance wheel, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour, is supported by a single piece bridge plate with anti-vibration device. Four square-head screws are installed on the outer edge of the balance wheel. The speed is adjusted. This movement design highlights the Italian decoration style, which is simple but not simple.

Summary: Panerai Luminor 1950 series 3-day power reserve flyback chronograph watch has distinctive brand design elements, continues the design inspiration of the sea, and uses the P.9100 movement independently developed by Panerai for the first time. Another outstanding work. The watch combines Italian design style and Swiss expertise to interpret Panerai’s distinctive brand characteristics.
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On Time · Mixin Rado Swiss Radar Joins Hands With Global Brand Spokesman Tang Wei To Launch A New Product Release Code

On May 31, 2018, Rado Swiss Radar grandly unveiled a new product launching ceremony of ‘On Time · Mixin’ at Taikoo Hui of Industrial Bank. At the event, Miss Tang Wei, the global spokesperson of the brand, appeared elegantly, and witnessed this dazzling moment with Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global CEO of RADO. This new product’s inspiration in design and materials originates from nature. With its unique design style and strong watch personality, it is impressive. So what are the highlights of this event and the new timepiece? Let’s take a look:

   Xingye Taikoo Hui is located at the core of Nanjing West Road business district in Jing’an District, Puxi, Shanghai. It is a comprehensive urban development project that integrates shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and serviced apartments. At the same time, it has more than 10 indoor and outdoor venues, including an all-weather, open multifunctional hall. The main venue for this event is here, accompanied by the dancing beauty of light and shadow, and the opening video full of natural rhythms. They seem to be in a dynamic world, in line with the theme of the new watch. After the beautiful video, the ‘Shun · Mixin’ new product launch ceremony also slowly opened.

Mr Matthias Breschan, RADO Global CEO

   Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global CEO of Rado, first appeared in the center of the stage, and shared the theme of the conference and the design concept of the new products with the guests. Level of reflection. We stop and think seriously, review the development of the brand, and draw inspiration from design, materials and nature to create a new watch series that can convey a strong personality element. When these elements come together, It will form a balanced and harmonious whole, showing the unique texture and style of the RADO Swiss radar watch, which shows the RADO Swiss radar watch’s outstanding control in the field of materials and design for a long time, showing the extraordinary charm of the ‘Material Master’.

   A creative show of “On Time · New” theme once again lights up the theme of the event, presenting the power of time change in the form of human-screen interaction.

    Subsequently, under the joint interpretation of different wearing style models, the unique fashion show presented the three chapters of organic time, cooking time and time impression, as well as the unique look of the new RADO watch.

   At the end of the fashion show, Ms. Tang Wei, the global spokesperson of the brand, made a stunning appearance and jointly unveiled the new DiaMaster diamond series watch with Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global CEO of Rado. And Mr. Matthias Breschan wore this new timepiece for Miss Tang Wei, a gorgeous finale for the whole show.

   Mr. Matthias Breschan, the global CEO of Rado, took a seat with Ms. Tang Wei, and further explored the concept of ‘on time and new’, deconstructing the meaning of time while reading slow life, interpreting the design ideas and inspiration of new products, and giving time Exploration and thinking from a new perspective.

   Mr. Matthias Breschan, Miss Tang Wei and the guests present toasted to celebrate the perfect moment of the new product release.

   The new True series hollow-out automatic mechanical watch, through the hollow-out design of the dial, reveals the beauty of mechanical timepieces. Equipped with the brand’s signature high-tech ceramics, it gives the new watch outstanding lightness and wear resistance. Equipped with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, the movement is equipped with excellent performance.
  The new DiaMaster Diamond Series watch combines the brand’s signature high-tech plasma ceramics with diamond materials. While exuding the unique metallic luster of innovative materials, it is light and wear-resistant and not allergic. The 24 brilliant diamonds inlaid on the mother-of-pearl dial are matched in a ring shape, contrasting and harmonious, combined with the luxurious and luxurious orange leather strap.

Summary: The new models not only retain the classic style, but also continue to incorporate innovation. As a result, the brand’s characteristics are further rooted in the hearts of the people and accompanied by the trend. As the only soup that grew up with RADO, although it has withstood the time, it has not left traces on the body, but it is more free and easy. I believe that the new timepiece can be loved by more table friends.