Allusions From Military Watch Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 5153r

The PatekPhilippe Calatrava series’s Officer’s Watch is unique and has passed through generations of works since its launch. It is still a classic style that is well received by the market. Combining the design of pocket watches with the transition to early watch generations and the military experience related to the founder of Patek Philippe, the Calatrava military watch created by the brand is full of storytelling; the contemporary representative of the military watch in 2015. Ref. 5153R changed to rose gold material again Come out and create a fresh look for the wash chain.

Feature one: what is the role of the so-called officer-style bottom cover
Mentioning the origin of military watches is closely related to the transition of pocket watches to watches, because when the crown device has not been widely used on pocket watches, pocket watches need to be wound by keys. A common design at that time was to set the back of the watch to The protective cover that connects the hinge to the case, there will be an inner cover with a keyhole after opening to allow the watch owner to perform the winding operation. The original practical design still has many watch factories retain the back cover after the invention of the crown. Designed to enhance protection. Later, as some small pocket watches began to join the upper and lower straps to form the prototype of the watch, it unexpectedly became an important aid for officers on the battlefield when they needed to judge time and intelligence, thereby accelerating the pace of the overall advent of the watch era. In addition, Antoine Norbertde Patek, one of the founders of the brand, joined the Polish army in his native country when he was young in the early 19th century. This historical fact can also highlight the future story of Patek Philippe and the military watch.

Even if it only has basic time-lapse functions, the dial pattern of Ref. 5153R is still exciting and rich, including three-dimensionally carved hands, time edges, and radial decorative patterns on the inner circle of the dial.

Feature 2: Classic and elegant PP
The successor of the current Patek Philippe Calatrava officer watch is the newly launched Ref. 5153 in 2009, which inherits the bloodline of the previous Ref. 5053, but it has a new look in the design, combining the same three-pins with the date Functional interpretation of chic elegance. Ref. 5153 has previously launched models like gold or platinum. In 2015, the brand gradually introduced a new version of rose gold, giving consumers who like military watch designs a new collection. The simple dial structure of Ref. 5153R contains rich visual details. For example, the hour and minute hands and hour markers are shaped to form a solid style, and elegant gold borders are added around the date window. At the same time, the radial decorative pattern on the inner circle of the dial is also a beauty of modeling. Great points, giving more practical appreciation of the display function.

5153 has previously launched materials such as white K and yellow K. In 2015, the focus is mainly on the rose gold version. Under the premise that the movement and the officer-style bottom cover are consistent, the difference between the 5153R and another new 5227G is reflected in the overall. style

Feature three: hidden piles hidden in the shoulder pads
In addition, the highlights of Ref. 5153R also include the crown and shoulder guards. Generally, watches with an officer-style bottom cover always have more space to accommodate the hinges. Patek Philippe has made the appearance of the watch look more beautiful. Smooth and smooth, the hinge is directly integrated into the crown shoulders. The unique concept conveys the brand’s insistence and pursuit of details and aesthetics. Even if it is only a simple material modification, it still does not hide its subtle design.

Different from the common officer-style bottom cover design, the case of the watch does not see the hinge device that connects the back of the case. In fact, it is because Patek Philippe integrated it into the crown shoulders to achieve both practical and smooth lines.

Ref. 5153R

18K rose gold material / 324 SC self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / sapphire crystal, officer-style bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 38mm / reference price: 232,000 RMB —- ** *

One ‘leaf’ Knows Autumn One Pin Sees ‘dao’ Blancpain Hollow Willow Leaves Needle

Blancpain hollowed willow needles, a style. The needle body is as slender as a willow leaf, and the hollow is exquisite and delicate like a heaven. When running, it is flowing and agile.

The First Needle in the World: Blancpain Hollow Willow Leaf Needle
   Any kind of long-lasting aesthetics must be derived from solid skills and unique laws. What really makes it the ‘first needle in the world’ is Blancpain’s secret and exacting requirements for process precision (grinding, hollowing out), bearing material, and even the shape of the dial. ‘First’ comes from ‘picky’, which makes it unique.
   The hands are beautiful in shape and craftsmanship, and the hands are bright and memorable.
Impossible for non-round watches
   The hollow willow needles never compromise on the dial, allowing the round watch to carry itself, which is probably the most precious and discerning temperament in the pointer family. When other pointers are used in a variety of ways, the hollowed-out willow needles stick to a circle that represents tradition, completeness, and harmony.

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Attentive watch lovers will surely find that ordinary willow needles have never appeared on square watches, even on barrel dials. This is because it has a streamlined needle body and subtle radians. This extreme smoothness inherently resists simple right angles, and it does not like the sense of staggering between the needle tip and the bezel. The rigid combination is like stifling nature. Ordinary willow needles are still so, not to mention have double streamlines and radians, more transparent and elegant hollow willow needles? Blancpain has always insisted on making round watches, and the creator of the hollowed-out willow needle has undoubtedly become its best attribution and sole inheritance.

Blancpain Villeret Chinese calendar watch
Extremely lightweight, weight visible to the naked eye
   Willow leaf needles have always been known for their fineness and elegance. Compared with knife-shaped needles and toffee needles of the same fiber weight category, the needle is more exquisite. However, in order to show the elegant characteristics, Blancpain has no other people, and added hollow to the already slim waist-seeing the weight with the naked eye-this is the ultimate lightness of Blancpain hollow willow needles.
   However, in order not to make the hands look too thin and weak, Blancpain craftsmen reversed their thoughts and tried their best to choose the same gold and streamer color as the case to enhance the visual sense and stability; the edges and corners of the hollowed out edges All polished, replaced with subtle rounded radians, the craftsmanship is the same as the date engraving boat. Blancpain always regards ‘micrometer’ as the tolerance unit made by the pointer, so that the hollowed-out willow needles made by hand are full of the temperature and feelings of craftsmen.

Blancpain Hollow Willow Needles
The mutual achievement of hands and watches
   Looking at the hollowed-out needles alone, it is already outstanding. However, the pointer is always one of the parts. How to achieve the whole and achieve the finishing touch is a difficult problem.
   Hollow willow needles are usually found on Blancpain Villeret classic models. Elegant, harmonious, classic, ‘one point is too fat, and one point is thin’ is the most commonly used description by table friends. Taking the dial as an example, the Villeret series uses the large fire enamel process to create the background color of the hollow willow needles. This extremely complicated enamel process gives the dial stalactite the general softness and quietness, white but not black, black but not black. dumb. At this time, other watches of the same color are placed on the side of Blancpain, and the judgment is made.
   Similarly, rare crafts such as micro-painted enamel and flat tire enamel are also used on models with hollowed willow needles, because Blancpain believes that only crafts with the same top-level texture can resonate harmoniously and appropriately carry the ‘world first The needle’s edge.

Hollow willow needles with big fire enamel

Hollow willow needles with micro-painted enamel

Hollow willow needles with flat enamel

   Each piece of Blancpain using hollowed-out willow needles must be extremely ingenious and must be handed down. It is equipped with the first needle in the world, full moon phases, red copper and gold sculptures; Carrousel tourbillon, full perspective and complicated hollowing are on the horizon; lotus, Liang Zhu and other ink paintings have passed through the millennium; let alone the classic models of the Villeret series Inadvertently, the philosophy of ‘beauty to simplicity’ is explained with blank space. That touching hollow seems to carry people’s innate desire and exploration for the unknown world behind the gap-so it seems that Blancpain’s ingenious ingenuity is worth admiring-actually through a small hollow willow leaf The needle, one leaf knows autumn, sees ‘Tao’ at the first sight, showing the ingenuity and craftsmanship, classics and heritage of top-level clocks.

The Nba Playoffs Have Started!

Support your favorite team with Tissot NBA Team Special Edition Watch! The special model is sporty, with a modern NATO strap. Each case is different, and the logo of each team is printed on the back cover.

   Special series include the Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder.

   The Tissot NBA team series also includes special models for the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers that were first released to fans at the beginning of the 2015-16 NBA season.

18k Gold Edition Athens Gmt Perpetual Calendar Watch

Perpetual calendar, GMT, Geneva time, number 338, model 326-22, circa 2003

Estimated price: 7000-9000 USD
Commission price: USD 13,750 (about 90,475 yuan)
Overall description:
Perpetual calendar, GMT, Geneva time, number 338, model 326-22, circa 2003.
附件 [Accessories] Original watch box, warranty card and instruction manual.
[Diameter] 38 mm.
[Condition] 18K gold, three-piece set, transparent case back fixed by 6 screws, satin silver dial, gold baton-type hour markers, blue steel willow-shaped hands, Cal. UN 32 movement, rhodium plating, 34 Ruby, lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, signature on dial, case and movement.
评论 [Review]
The adjustment of the perpetual calendar watch is a big problem currently facing the watch industry. With the efforts of Dr. Oklin, Athens introduced the world’s first patented rapid adjustment device, which can reverse the date of the perpetual calendar watch. In recent years, the average price of the 18K gold version of the Athens GMT perpetual calendar has remained at around RMB 100,000, and the results of this auction are within the normal fluctuation range.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

Perpetual calendar function Since the beginning of Audemars Piguet, it has become one of the core of the brand’s complex function watchmaking. The advent of this feature also reminds people that all timing techniques are derived from astronomy and natural cycles. In 1955, Audemars Piguet launched the world’s first perpetual calendar watch with a leap year display. At that time, only nine watches were made, all made of 18K yellow gold. Since then, Audemars Piguet has launched a variety of perpetual calendar watches, including the Royal Oak series perpetual calendar watch released in 2016, which combines gold material, the iconic design of watchmaker Gérald Genta and the classic perpetual calendar Features.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, black ceramic case, ceramic bracelet with perpetual calendar function, using 51.34 million calendar movement, power reserve of at least 40 hours.
   This year, Audemars Piguet introduced the black ceramic perpetual calendar watch with hand decoration, which further enriched the Royal Oak series of perpetual calendar models. On the ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered dial, the date, week, month, astronomical moon phase, week display on the outer circle of the dial, and the leap year display with the most essence of the perpetual calendar function are clearly presented and complement each other. In the classic 41mm case, the Calibre 5134 self-winding self-produced movement is moved. The anti-glare treatment of the sapphire crystal back allows the wearer to appreciate the mechanical beauty of this self-produced movement.

   Black ceramic has excellent scratch resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand high temperature and thermal shock. It has strong anti-aging ability, but it is extremely difficult to handle by hand. In order to create materials that are uniform, dense, extremely hard, and can be decorated by hand, watchmakers need a high degree of patience and skill. Audemars Piguet’s designers completed the design and development of this new watch in more than 600 hours. It takes 6 hours to machine, decorate, assemble, and adjust a stainless steel Royal Oak bracelet. It takes up to 30 hours to make the same black ceramic bracelet.

   The dark gray ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered dial with black sub-dial design, and the astronomical accurate moon phases are displayed in real moon images, in contrast to the black parts.

Gentleman’s Choice Tissot Watch

For 159 years, Tissot has been committed to creating fine products for the wrist, hoping that all products can stand the test of time. And all these fine arts gradually settle into the characteristics of taste and cultivation in people’s hearts. The new gentleman series mechanical automatic small seconds watch, with simple and classic as the core of the design of the entire watch, the traditional and modern design concepts are cleverly blended. The outer bezel design perfectly reflects the subtle and restrained oriental gentleman spirit. Each model uses a small seconds dial at six o’clock. While demonstrating the strong visual recognition and distinctive features of the gentleman series, it is also a ‘watch’ that shows the wearer’s extraordinary fashion taste and pursuit of quality life. Attitude, fully showing the ‘gentle’ affection of male charm, interpretation of excellence, classic and extraordinary. Outer inner circle shows elegant design, subtle and steady achievement of oriental gentleman
In order to match the different personalities and styles of contemporary men, the gentleman series uses an outer and inner round case design, which is unique in its creativity. The round dial is ‘stored’ in the slightly angular square case. The pillow-shaped design abandons the ruggedness of the square watch, while the personality of modern men is revealed in a subtle and low-key manner through this square-shaped design. This innovative design undoubtedly shows a kind of oriental gentleman spirit-calm and restrained, elegant and magnificent, not revealing sharpness, which is also the main purpose of the product that the gentleman series hopes to embody.
设有 A small seconds dial is set below the dial, and a small date dial is also set at the six o’clock position. This design brings a unique personality to the gentleman series with an outer and inner circle. The hands and scales are three-dimensionally treated, forming a harmonious contrast with the dial color, which fully reflects the fine work of the gentleman series.
The gentleman mechanical automatic small second model offers two kinds of straps to choose from – a steel strap with a strong male power or a luxurious alligator leather strap. This series is the most decent ‘partner’ for business people. The high-performance Swiss mechanical automatic movement will help them grasp the pulse of time, which also coincides with the slogan of Tissot-‘Time, you control’.
Classic movement shows unique taste Mechanical rhythm ‘watch’ reaches ‘gentle’ love
The Tissot small gentleman series adopts the ETA2895-2 mechanical automatic movement, with 25 gems, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and a power reserve of 42 hours. Through the transparent back cover, you can see the beautiful movement of the movement at a glance, and the unique taste of modern gentlemen’s ‘gentle’ models is also inadvertently revealed.
In addition, the Gentleman series also has two other movements: three hands equipped with ETA 2824-2 movement, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour, 25 gems, power reserve of 42 hours; chronograph models equipped with ETA7753 watt storage movement, The vibration frequency is 28,800 times / hour, 27 gems, and the power reserve is 46 hours. The three models show different aesthetic tastes. The three-hand model is simple and low-key, which is a wise choice; the small second model is subtle and elegant, but it has attracted much attention by accident; the chronograph model is outstanding and graceful. I believe there will be one that can meet your needs and appreciate the timeless charm of the gentleman series!
Technical Parameters
-Made in Switzerland
-ETA2824-2 movement with 25 gems, frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, power reserve of 42 hours
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Black or white dial
-Water resistant to 50 meters / 5 atmospheres
-Stainless steel strap / black or brown crocodile leather strap
Technical Parameters
-Made in Switzerland
-ETA2824-2 movement with 25 gems, frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, power reserve of 42 hours
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Black or white dial
-Water resistant to 50 meters / 5 atmospheres
-Stainless steel strap / black or brown crocodile leather strap

Patek Philippe Launches New Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch 5270

With the launch of its latest perpetual calendar chronograph watch, Patek Philippe has officially begun to expand its classic chronograph watch series. This series has always occupied a pivotal position in the brand’s major series. As the new flagship of Patek Philippe, this Ref. 5270 is equipped with a unique column wheel chronograph movement. At 12 o’clock, there is a day and month display window with a pointer to indicate the date near the moon phase. A small leap year display window is located at 4:30, which is directly opposite the day and night display window at 7:30. Like the brand’s other main collections, this model has two replaceable cover: one is a transparent sapphire crystal cover that can see the complex structure of the movement and the exquisite elegant design, and the other is carved with personality Platinum watch cover.
The case diameter is 41 mm and is water-resistant to 30 meters. Patek homemade CH29-535PSQ manual movement

The Charm Of The Inch Above The Wrist Can Also Be Compared To The Gorgeous Luxury Jewelry Watch

The season is coming, only the glittering snowflakes and the dazzling fireworks in the night sky are the most romantic in winter. Although the snowflake fireworks are hard to find, the charm of the inch above the wrist is comparable. Gorgeous jewellery watches are especially dedicated to the festival. The eye-catching diamonds and gems interpret the splendor of fireworks, and the soft colors and flower shapes are also the sweetest details of women’s new year. The practical gift is also a watch. The white color brings daydreams immersed in the winter snow, which is suitable for commuting and perfect matching in winter. In short, whether it is fireworks or snowflakes on the wrist, is the original joy of the new year.
Starry white elegance
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona watch price shop contact
Extremely sporty yet elegant, this collection enjoys a high reputation among all Rolex Oyster watches. This watch is not only outstanding in appearance, but also equipped with a new 4130 chronograph movement independently developed and manufactured by Rolex. This movement uses a Parachrom spring with super magnetic resistance and shock resistance, which can store 72 hours of power for the watch.
Charm red face against white lotus
Ms. Blancpain Limited Edition Lotus Watch
Designed and distributed exclusively for the Asian market, it has a lotus-like beauty and mystery, a bold avant-garde edge design, and a mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, naturally gorgeous. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. The excellent Blancpain Cal.1150 movement means gentle time in the “Lotus” jewelry model. Limited to 138 worldwide.
Fritillaria silk satin powder in the end
Roger Dubuis KINGSQUARE Women’s Diamond Watch
Famous for the beauty of the lines of the building, the original case shape is full of weight, and the three faceted crystal glass mirrors create unique visual effects. The color of this watch is very bold, with a strong fashion look and sense of the times. A 36 mm square white gold case, the 62 diamonds on the bezel echo the square pattern of 32 diamonds in the center of the dial; the pink mother-of-pearl matches the pink ray texture.
Fireworks bloom red and blue on wrist
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra Art Watch
This is a brilliant watch with diamonds and red sapphires blooming like fireworks, bringing joy to the new year. The new Reverso Squadra Art watch is arranged in deep and light colors through the extraordinary snowflake mosaic method, while meeting the special decoration requirements of the rotating case: no matter where the watch is located, the pattern always happens to be viewed from the front or the back Through the bracket.

Beijing Watches Along With Pioneers Gao Weiguang’s ‘change’ Watchmaker Experience The Charm Of Timepieces

On April 22, Beijing watch, a professional watch brand from 1958, specially invited ‘Emperor’ Gao Weiguang, who is everywhere in the world, to visit Beijing Watch Watch Tasting Shenyang 1928 Store, Hengli Mr. Zhou Jun, assistant general manager of the World Famous Watch Center, Mr. Xu Chuangyue, general manager of Beijing watch brand, and other senior watch experts, guests and media friends also came to the scene to appreciate their classics that crossed the time with the pioneers of the era.

Beijing Time for ‘Emperor’

   One is the “Emperor”, who has a high-cold look in the play, with silver hair like green hills and frozen snow, and a watch brand with the architectural elements of the Forbidden City as its logo. The highly collectible orphan, limited edition masterpieces, all these make Beijing watches from the establishment to a considerable time, are considered ‘brand positioning is too high and cold.’ But it is also this ingenuity that keeps improving and achieves the unique charm of the brand. Xu Chuangyue, General Manager of Shiyuehui and General Manager of Beijing Watch Brand, said: ‘Mr. Gao Weiguang is an outstanding actor, whether it is the high-cold god’ Emperor ‘in the play, or the professionalism of the acting industry outside the play. Yu loves things, and pays all the enthusiastic qualities for them, which fits well with the core of the brand of Beijing Watch. We are honored to invite him to the scene to appreciate the classics of Eastern aesthetics with us. ‘

‘Watchmaker’ Gao Weiguang’s Day

   As a professional watch enthusiast, accompanied by representatives of the Beijing watch brand, Gao Weiguang came to Beijing Watch Shenyang 1928 Store, expertly picked up the watch’s dedicated eyepieces, and appreciated the subtleties of the tourbillon’s operation; Under the guidance of the watchmaker, he also became a ‘watchmaker’ for a day. In the process of assembling highly complex movements, Gao Weiguang laughed and finally realized the difficulty of the master watchmaker and the charm of high-end watchmaking, and said: ‘Whether it is an artist or a watchmaking brand, they are actually talking about works and quality. Both parties are willing to spend many times to complete a work that makes them satisfactory, always focus on and insist on it.’ Beijing watch has high complexity The design and production strength of the movement, advocating and cultivating a lot of respectable masters, retaining a lot of the essence of hand-made, can’t get up, and can’t get more, which has given these movements ‘high-end’, ‘rare’ Features.

   At the event site, Gao Weiguang even interacted with the guests on watch knowledge and asked questions and shared the story of his relationship with Beijing watches: his father had a Beijing watch when he was a kid, and he would secretly wear it. The idea that ‘every man should have a watch of his own’ also began to sprout from that time.

Do not fight, own ‘light’

   On the same day, Gao Weiguang wore the Beijing watch for his sublime series of minimalist theme tourbillon, which was exclusively customized for him. This is the heaviest work of Beijing watch this year, which means ‘not fighting, moving forward with a low profile.’ This watch is equipped with a Beijing flying tourbillon movement, because the upper bracket of the tourbillon is removed, and it is only fixed from below. The tourbillon runs like a suspension and is full of dynamic expression. It is worth mentioning that this movement is also loaded with a cardless spring, which adjusts the length of the hairspring by hand to improve the accuracy of the time. It also tests the watchmaking skills. While retaining a lot of the essence of handmade, it also breaks the traditional form of tourbillon in design, draws inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics, and brings rich layers with slender lines. This is the aesthetic proposition of oriental aesthetics and belongs to modern fashion. In the seemingly simple design, there are many details to consider: the design of the arched surface, the special sapphire crystal structure; at the same time, the crazy horse leather strap between the matte leather and fine wool texture is selected. In the years that accompany the wearer, there will be different marks of use, which is also an expression of personality.

   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics, and integrates superb craftsmanship with cultural connotations. Seven highly complex movements such as tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, double tourbillon, three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon, three-axis three-dimensional dual tourbillon, and double escapement long travel time independently produced by Beijing Watch. Beijing watch masters have perfect passion for sophisticated watch technology; there are too many unique aesthetics of Beijing watches in advanced watchmaking processes such as inlaying, enamel, embroidery, micro-engraving, carved gold, hollowing out, and finishing.

    Along with Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.

Inspired By Equestrian Hermes Arceau Men’s Watch

With its unique design and unlimited creative spirit, the Arceau watch series is a proud piece of Hermès. In the past, it has introduced a number of elegant styles for men and women. This series is a classic by the brand designer Henri d’ Origny in 1978, inspired by the equestrian world that has an inextricable bond with Hermes.

Hermès new Arceau men’s mechanical watch
With its unique design and unlimited creative spirit, the Arceau watch series is a proud piece of Hermès. In the past, it has introduced a number of elegant styles for men and women. This series is a classic by the brand designer Henri d’ Origny in 1978, inspired by the equestrian world that has an inextricable bond with Hermes.

Arceau Ebony mechanical chronograph men’s watch
The extraordinary creativity of the Arceau watch series is reflected in incorporating the shape of the stable into the design of the watch. The upper part of the round case has horse-shaped lugs, which makes the watch as a whole a little asymmetric. The Arabic numerals are always slightly towards the center of the watch, and the number 6 in them contrasts with the inverted numbers on both sides. This cutting-edge design gives the watch a sense of playfulness, and its completely different creativity also shows the resemblance and artistic sense that Hermès pursues in design.

Arceau Watches
The new Arceau Ebony chronograph with full color selection, combining elegant beauty, precise and flawless characteristics and extremely harmonious fine craftsmanship, pays tribute to Hermes’ first companion ‘horse’. On the 43 mm ebony surface, the designer equips the numerals and time scales with a new and representative gray (étoupe), which contrasts with the dark surface. The oversized middle seconds hand plated with the brand’s exclusive orange runs smoothly around the surface, while the mechanical movement at the heart of the chronograph issues a pleasant swing rhythm at the same time, the two just echo each other. The succinct date display window and the embossed sub-dial remain in harmony with the entire surface, further enhancing the beautiful appearance and the legibility of various functions. In addition, the designer chose the ebony color that echoes the dial color to highlight the delicate and slender nature of the surface, especially the bold calfskin strap, which reveals the uniqueness of this new Arceau series. Stylish personality and confident style.