Panarai History And Heritage Watch Show Lands In Shenyang

Shenyang, April 11, 2014-Italian luxury watch maker Panerai unveiled the Panerai History and Heritage Watch Exhibition at the Atrium of Shenyang’s Henglong Plaza. The exhibition period will be from April 11, 2014 From the 17th to the 17th, the purpose is to lead watch lovers to review Panerai’s long history and taste the unique culture of Italy. The public is welcome to visit for free.

In January 2013, Panerai entered the Hang Lung Plaza in Shenyang, opening the first two-storey specialty store in China. Shenyang City Hall Henglong Plaza is located on the Youth Street known as the ‘Golden Corridor’ that runs through the center of Shenyang. It is the economic, cultural and commercial center of Shenyang. The model of the giant movement model at the same height as the floor of the Shenyang store is made of metal and can be seen at a glance through the transparent glass on the exterior wall. The design highlights the superior location and attracts countless lights.

┬áThis exhibition is located in the atrium of this landmark building. Panerai carefully built the exhibition hall into the brand’s classic Luminor. Viewed from above is a giant Luminor black dial. The hour markers on the dial also show the luminous Super-LumiNova┬« As a result, the 3 o’clock display board is the brand’s most iconic patented crown bridge, showing Panerai’s distinctive design, which is eye-catching. Stepping into the exhibition hall is even more pleasantly surprised. It is like walking into the simple dial of Panerai. The hour mark is transformed into a display board. The Arabic hour scale is decorated at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock on the ground. The panel displays Panerai’s replicas of Radiomir from the 1930s, Radiomir 1940s from the 1940s, Luminor 1950s from the 1950s, and Luminor watches that appeared after the civil market was opened in the 1990s. Visitors are invited to taste the brand in the Developments in long history and evolution of watch cases.

After the Richemont Group acquired Panerai in 1997, it named the Radiomir watch series a radium luminous material used to make targeting instruments and dials. Panerai Radiomir watch series exhibited on the scene PAM00439, PAM00421, PAM00504, PAM00505, is the first watch made according to the Panerai 1936 prototype model, this classic pillow case with thin linear lugs welded Connected to ensure extreme water resistance through crown and screw-in case back.

In order to continuously meet the strict requirements of the Italian Navy commandos, Radiomir 1940 was born around 1940. PAM00512, PAM00513, PAM00514, PAM00515 were exhibited at the exhibition site. In the case of the 1940s version, the winding crown was slightly enlarged and a cylindrical design was used instead of the conical shape; the lugs and case were milled from the same stainless steel instead of being welded to the case; the strap The fixing system has also become simpler and stronger. Many detailed changes have decisively changed the Radiomir case, indicating the subsequent development of the appearance design of the case, which led to the official birth of the Luminor series case a few years later.

Luminor 1950 style was born in the 1950s, and PAM00372, PAM00557, PAM00524, PAM00525 were exhibited on site. This case is more robust and is equipped with a patented crown guard, which protects the winding crown from accidental shocks and improves the watch’s water resistance.

In 1993, Panerai officially launched the Luminor watch in the civilian market. Based on the Luminor 1950 watch design, combining the characteristics of traditional military watch design, exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary style, Luminor watches were born. The Luminor watches exhibited at the exhibition site include PAM00510, PAM00511, PAM00104, PAM00088. The purpose is to allow visitors to appreciate the brand’s outstanding watchmaking technology, while experiencing the historical value of many classic watches, and immerse themselves in the brand’s heritage.