Please Return ‘double Eleven’ To The Bachelor China’s 11 Biggest Bachelor Career Defeat Table Raiders (Below)

With the packaging and enthusiasm of online e-commerce, ‘Single Stick Festival’, a ‘festival’ that once only belonged to singles, has now erased the grieving mood and has become a shopping carnival for the majority of youth Those little couples who went out of the way were happier than the bachelors. However, it is rumored that each year’s ‘Double Eleven’ e-commerce carnival causes many couples to break up, which is also a great contribution to the majority of bachelors …

   This year, with the upcoming Singles Day in 2014, the rankings of ‘China’s 11 Singles’, ‘China’s 11 Singles Colleges’, ‘China’s 11 Singles Scenic Spots’, ‘China’s 11 Singles’ Cities’, etc. It has aroused widespread concern from all walks of life in society. Recently, the announcement of a ’11 bachelor occupations in China’ has once again sparked heated discussion among netizens. Writers, singers, hosts, lawyers, chefs, journalists, flight attendants, etc. look ‘very Decent ‘careers are on the list. In the previous article, I recommended watches for the top six in the rankings. In this article, I will continue to match the watches for the remaining five ‘single bachelor professions’ on the list.


   The pioneer of fairness and justice in law I think it is an enviable profession in the eyes of many people. The reason why lawyers are also included in the bachelor’s career list is probably related to the professional quality of ‘iron-tooth bronze teeth’. In the relationship, if everything is done before the right and wrong are considered, naturally they will not like the opposite sex. Of course, it is not ruled out that the working time of the lawyer profession is relatively unstable. When you are busy, you are too busy and at the same time have certain professional risks. Among them, female lawyers are similar to female anchors, and it is easy to leave the impression of being a strong woman, and many other men have to stay away.

   In the hit TV drama ‘Divorce Lawyer’ not long ago, Wu Xiubo, with his generous personality, successfully interpreted the image of a good man with countless but indifferent readings and experienced instability in the chatter and laughter. The Blancpain eight-day power reserve tourbillon watch he wore in this play undoubtedly fits his elegant taste and mature temperament. This watch features Blancpain’s double-layered bezel design, willow hands, large open flame enamel dial, etc., coupled with an elegant floating tourbillon and large window with 8-day power, revealing the elegance and integrity of the lawyer. The reference number for this watch is: 6025-3642-55B.

   For women lawyers, the editor recommends a Frederique Double Heartbeat Women’s Auto for them. ‘Accessible luxury’ is Frederique Constant’s brand motto. This watch is elegant and generous, but also has a bit of cute and smart temperament, which can effectively weaken the mysterious and independent strong woman’s impression in the minds of women lawyers. To make women lawyers more feminine and attractive, but at the same time elegant and solemn. This watch is equipped with a FC-310 self-winding mechanical movement, which can also reflect a woman’s independent personality and extraordinary taste from another aspect. Model: FC-310CDHB2PD4.


   I think the chef can be divided into two categories. Zhao Benshan once said that “the head is big, the neck is thick, and the husband is not big.” This should be the main reason for the first type of chef to be single. Traditional Chinese men do not seem to pay much attention to sports after work, causing many people to lose weight after work. Straight up, the chef himself is in the kitchen every day, coupled with his own hand-made dishes, the food does not need to beg, it is naturally a dangerous group of fat. For another category, I think it’s my own reason. A chef with good appearance can easily grasp a woman’s stomach, and there must be a lot of suitors around him, so if you are still single all year round, those eight achievements are too careless.

   At present, many high-end restaurants in China prohibit chefs from wearing watches and jewelry into the kitchen. This is mainly for health reasons. Compared with some foreign restaurants, they are more humane, allowing chefs to wear watches without affecting hygiene. And even wearing a wedding ring into the kitchen. However, even though it may be inconvenient to wear at work, as a chef, it is inevitable that you often have to show your hands in daily life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a watch that is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easily oily. The editor here recommends a radar precision ceramic series R13723702 watch for chef friends. This watch is stylish and elegant. The case and strap are all made of high-tech ceramics, which can last as long as they are in the kitchen environment.

News editor reporter

   News editors and journalists, especially those who have just joined the industry, are nicknamed “news laborers”. It is no exaggeration. The reason why special emphasis is placed on news editors rather than journalists is also because the industry requires journalists to collect, edit and edit. Skills such as broadcasting, broadcasting, etc., not only do not have a stable rest time, work overtime whenever there is an emergency, but also ‘where to go where dangerous’, even if a phone call is taken during a date is a common thing. Therefore, it is not surprising to hit singles. Ok? you ask me? I hit a bachelor for qiong’s reasons, so I’m not among the editors and reporters.

   Considering that news editors and journalists may often be in extreme environments such as disaster scenes, mountains, and battlefields, the editor specially selected a Panerai LuminorMarina1950 series, 3-day power reserve automatic watch, reference model: PAM00386. This watch not only has a simple, low-key and tough rough shape, but also inherits the military quality of Panerai, allowing news editors and reporters to grasp the time at any time in the extreme environment. The water-resistant depth of 300 meters can accompany you without rain or rain! This watch is equipped with a Cal.P.9000 self-winding mechanical movement, reference model: PAM00386.


   As ‘airline scenery’ flight attendants are not only beautiful, but also have a good salary, it seems that it is not easy to be a bachelor career. However, an online survey showed that a certain number of single men did not want to choose a stewardess as their marriage target. Of course, there is also a certain professional prejudice. Some men believe that flight attendants have been flying on flights for a long time, and the personnel they have contacted are very complicated, making them feel insecure, so they do not want their other half to engage in the aviation industry. On the other hand, the seemingly bright stewardess’s work intensity is very large, and the flight attendants who fly international flights often need jet lag, which may also lead to the situation of couples gathering and leaving.

   It is not difficult for stewardesses to get rid of bachelors. As long as the stewardess with a beautiful image and elegant temperament participates in social activities outside of work, learns to enjoy life, the peach blossoms will be able to open everywhere. The stewardess talked elegantly and with extraordinary temperament. Watches that were too simple could not bring out the beauty of the stewardess, while watches that were too luxurious would look tacky on the wrist of the stewardess. The watch I recommend here for the flight attendants is the Cartier Blue Balloon Series WE902031. Cartier, with the reputation of ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, can be described as the right proportion of elegance and luxury. The high brand recognition of the Cartier Blue Balloon series, combined with the elegant gold diamond design, makes this watch exude an exciting look.


   In order not to affect the normal training of athletes, most of the active athletes in China today are forbidden to fall in love. Therefore, athletes often need to play singles until they retire. However, as the saying goes, ‘there is no difference in style’, athletes and artists always seem to have an inextricable fate. First of all, athletes and entertainers in China usually take their career first and get married late; secondly, athletes and entertainers as public figures often appear in the spotlight, have high social prestige, and have a good understanding of each other , Coupled with matchmaking in the circle, has made a lot of good things.

   Athletes always feel powerful, so I recommend the RedMagic watch of the Hublot Supreme series for them. The red and black color of this watch is not only full of strong visual impact, but also has a unique outstanding fashion taste, which is in line with the athlete’s vibrant and healthy temperament. The watch is equipped with a HUB1240 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement has a column wheel and a Uni-compax flyback timing function, allowing athletes to grasp the moment and impact the King. The reference number for this watch is: 701.CI.1123.GR.

Summary: Although occupation is a very important part of most people’s mate selection criteria, it is obviously not rigorous to calculate the bachelor rate by occupation. Among them, more netizens have no malicious ridicule, self-deprecating, and emotional venting. If you are unfortunately shot, you might as well laugh. For many people, being single is more of an attitude choice than being a bachelor: as a glorious bachelor, we can not only invest more time and money in our dreams or hobbies, and enjoy freedom and happiness. Personal time has driven the development of the network economy. So bachelors don’t cry, look up and be a proud single nobleman! (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)