Rado Swiss Radar Shanghai Huaihai Road Flagship Store Reopened

The pioneering watch brand RADO of Swiss high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watch industry opened its first flagship store in Shanghai-Huaihai Road flagship store today. The Waldorf Astoria, a landmark building with a beautiful view of the Bund, held a grand celebration with the theme of ‘Loving Lives in Shanghai’. Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Swiss Rado China, and the well-known Taiwanese artist black Chen Jianzhou cut the ribbon for the flagship store. Together with all the media and guests, they will witness the Swiss Rado in Shanghai. The grand opening of the first flagship store in this city full of fashion and unique Shanghai culture.

 The connection between RADO and Shanghai can be traced back to the early days of reform and opening up in the last century. On March 16, 1979, the Swiss Rado advertisement appeared in newspapers and TV stations in Shanghai. The advertisement immediately caused a national sensation and became the headline of more than thirty media around the world on that day. This was after the founding of New China The first foreign product advertisement published by the media. Subsequently, in 1980, Rado Swiss Radar set up the first special repair station in Shanghai Huasheng Clocks, providing perfect customer service for overseas Chinese who brought the radar back to China. With this ‘Dare to be the First’ spirit and keen business sense, Rado has established a solid market position in China’s high-end watch market, making the ‘not easy to wear’ brand image set in China. In human memory.

 Time has passed. RADO has always adhered to the core spirits of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, and has worked hard in the high-end watch market in Shanghai. It has always been unique with its extraordinary high-tech materials and innovative design. . The re-opening of the flagship store on the Huaihai Road in Shanghai marks the brand’s strong confidence in the Shanghai market and demonstrates the firm determination of the brand to continue to cultivate in this fertile land. The flagship store of Shanghai Huaihai Road is located at 540 Huaihai Middle Road, covering an area of ​​75 square meters. It is the first flagship store of Swiss radar in Shanghai. The entire store adopts the latest design style of Swiss radar, combining high-tech materials and modern design styles, showing the brand’s DNA everywhere. In addition, this flagship store is also equipped with a professional maintenance center to provide customers with professional maintenance and consulting services.

 In order to celebrate the re-opening of the store, Swiss Radar specially held a grand celebration of “Loving Lives in Shanghai”, inviting friends of RADO Swiss Radar and well-known Taiwanese artist “Black” Chen Jianzhou, and released his first collaboration with him. A group of photos of ‘Chen Jianzhou Lohas in Shanghai’ taken by Swiss radar. The new video data records the black people’s 24 hours in Shanghai, which blends Shanghai’s local customs and feelings. It is filled with the hot feelings of black people and photographers towards Shanghai, and shows the city people’s longing for and desire for ‘Luohuo • Zhou’ status. In the picture, the new HyperChrome series of Swiss Rado watches matched by Chen Jianzhou in different scenes, with its iconic design and materials, has also become one of the focuses of all the guests at the event.

 Speaking of this collaboration with RADO, Ronald Chen said: ‘I have always liked Shanghai, a city with a breakthrough innovation consciousness, and I also appreciate Rado’s new Hyperchrome watch because it integrates Numerous creative high-tech materials, through this unforgettable shooting experience, I fully integrated into the lives of Shanghainese, so I also have a deeper understanding of the “Luohuo” advocated by Hyperchrome watches • The ‘freedom’ lifestyle, that is, to face various challenges in work and life with an optimistic and confident attitude, and constantly surpass myself. This is also the spirit of Shanghai that I deeply feel during this shooting! ‘

 Regarding the reopening of the flagship store on the Huaihai Road in Shanghai, Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Rado China, said: ‘As early as the 1930s and 1940s, Swiss radars already had a place in China’s high-end watch market .After years of training, after more than 50 years of meticulous cultivation, now the RADO Swiss radar watch has established a solid position in the Chinese high-end watch market. We also hope to continue to convey the brand spirit of ‘not easy to wear’ to Swiss radar watches. Consumers, and share their new “Luohuo • Zhou” attitude towards life, making the watch not only a tool for timing, but also a record and expression of lifestyle. I believe that with the recognition of high-end watches With the maturity of Rado, the development prospect of RADO in the Chinese market will be even broader! ‘