Sports ‘pro’ Bucherer Plavier Scubatec Sfv Diving Watch

In 2016, the European Cup has ended in France. The month-long ‘European Feast’ can be described as full of color and fragrance, which is endlessly memorable. Compared with exciting games, the peripheral products related to the European Cup are also hot spots for fans to chase. If you are a watch fan and you are also a fan, you may be interested in this watch. The Bucherer Plavi series cooperation model ScubaTec diving watch, model: 00.10632.23.33.99.

    Before the start of the European Cup war, Bucherer announced that it would become the official timekeeper of the Swiss national football team. The partnership between the two will take effect from July 1st and last for four years. In addition, in order to commemorate the cooperation with the Swiss Football Association (SFV), Bucherer also specially designed a special timepiece for the Swiss national football team, this is the Plavier ScubaTec SFV diving watch .

   As one of Bucherer’s signature sports watches, the Plavio ScubaTec diving watch is a watch specially launched for the field of diving sports. It is positioned as a classic advanced sports timepiece. The practical design is really memorable at first sight, the biggest feature is that its clear dial perfectly matches the precise diving function. This model has been well-received in the years since its launch, and has been well received. The sub-special color mix is ​​even more eye-catching, incorporating the red and black designs representing the Swiss national football team in sharp contrast. The dial, bezel and case back are also decorated with the Swiss Football Association logo.

   The watch is really a ‘big guy’. The combination of the stainless steel case with a diameter of 44.6 mm and the diving reverse bezel makes the thickness of the case reach 13.45 mm. The dial is large in size, and the standard three-pin layout facilitates reading time. The embossed black dial with the Swiss Football Association logo is protected by a 4 mm thick sapphire crystal.

   The unique ‘Great Sword’ pointer and trapezoidal scale of the Plavi series are treated with Super-LumiNova coating, which will bloom bright blue light in the dark environment, so that the diver can still read the time clearly in the muddy water bottom.

   The external counter-rotating bezel with clear time scales is also extremely convenient and simple to operate. Here is a brief introduction to the practical method of external counter-rotating bezel. Generally, as long as the rotary bezel is rotated during diving, the 0 scale on the rotating bezel is aligned Align the minute hand and watch the scale on the rotating bezel after the minute walk to know the elapsed time. The left side of the case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve at 8 o’clock. The gas will be automatically discharged when diving and entering the water to avoid damage to the case.

   The waterproof setting of the crown and the oversized crown make the daily adjustment time and date very easy to operate.

   The black rubber strap is very conspicuous with red.

   The Bucherer’s rubber watch has a design that I think is very unreasonable. It is necessary to cut off the extra strap to connect with the buckle. This predestined that a watch can only be worn by people with the same wrist thickness. . When my husband can take it, his wife hangs. More importantly, if it is cut into a suitable length for daily wear, plus the diving suit is bound to be inappropriate.

   Large folding buckle with brushed finish.

   The buckle is also the short board of this diving watch. The folding buckle is easy to pop open and cause the watch to fall off in an accidental collision. As a diving watch, it has to adapt to various severe environments underwater. .

   The dense back has printed the logo of the football and the Swiss Football Association on the back of the case, and the maximum wading depth of this watch is 500 meters. It adopts the Bucherer CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, which has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory. We also tested this watch with professional instruments and the error was minimal.

Summary: As far as the subject matter is concerned, combining one of Bucherer’s most sports representative diving watches with football is undoubtedly a very good idea. After all, the purchasing power of fans cannot be overlooked. As for the watch itself, the ScubaTec diving watch is also a very attractive watch. It is sturdy, durable and accurate, and its outstanding appearance design is very suitable for daily wear. However, as a professional diving watch, I think the buckle and strap are a key point for Bucherer to consider in the future.