Swiss Plum Watch ‘cathay Edition’ Watch Unveiled

TITONI, a famous Swiss watch company established in 1919, has officially opened its flagship store in the Peace Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai earlier this year. In order to celebrate and commemorate this important milestone, the brand specially launched a special limited edition ‘CathayEdition’ watch and invited the famous movie star Dong Jie to visit the Plum Blossom Shanghai flagship store to unveil the watch. On that day, many media friends gathered together to witness this extraordinary moment.
     The unveiling ceremony was very lively. Ms. Dong Jie carried out a simple and solemn unveiling ceremony for the ‘Cathay Edi-tion’ watch, and then presented the watch elegantly with the model. The ‘Cathay Edition’ watch, which incorporates the image of the Peace Hotel, highlights the landmark significance of the Shanghai flagship store opened in this hotel with rich historical heritage and heritage. When asked about her feelings after visiting the flagship store, Ms. Dong Jie said she was very honored to visit this currently the world’s largest flagship store of Plum Blossom Watch. Her original classic decorative art style left her a deep impression. She also knows more about the long history of this watchmaking company that originated in Grinchen, Switzerland.
     The Bund, one of Shanghai’s most iconic landmarks, was once called ‘Asian Wall Street’. Peace Hotel, formerly known as Cathay Hotel, is located here, and is famous both at home and abroad for its legendary colors and deep historical heritage. The Plum Blossom Shanghai flagship store is located in the Peace Hotel’s Art-Deco-designed shopping corridor, facing the bustling Nanjing East Road.
     Plum Blossom entered China in 1959 and has won many loyal customers with its outstanding quality and classic design. At present, Plum Watches has 3 flagship stores, 9 specialty stores, about 800 special retail stores and about 50 service stations in Greater China. To continuously improve its service and sales network is the purpose and commitment of Plum Watch. This year, the brand opened flagship stores in Chongqing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, allowing customers to have a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the brand. The limited edition ‘Cathay Edition’ watch is the first time that the brand has launched a limited edition watch for a flagship store. It is currently exclusively available at the Shanghai flagship store of Plum Blossom, fully demonstrating the status of the flagship store.