The Hublot F1 Han Han Limited Edition Watch Took A High Price Of 160,000

During the 2011 F1 Grand Prix Shanghai, HUBLOT Hublot announced that Han Han has become Hublot’s Goodwill Ambassador. At the press conference, the global CEO of Hublot Jean-Claude Beaver and Han Han jointly donated a limited edition of a Hublot F1 Han Han watch auction to a fund created by Mr. Li Lianjie for rescue. Children infected with HIV. Hublot F1 Han Han limited edition auction
As the official F1 watch, Hublot has held a press conference in Shanghai for the second consecutive year to celebrate the unveiling of this unique top-notch event. On this occasion, HUBLOT Hublot is proud to announce that Han Han, a Chinese racing figure, has officially joined the Hublot family and has become a goodwill ambassador. In the future, Han Han will represent Hublot and pay attention to and support the development of Chinese motorsport.
宇 On April 15, Hublot celebrated in Shanghai, congratulations on the opening of the F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai, and announced Han Han as a Hublot Goodwill Ambassador. Han Han not only participated in the auction of Hublot’s F1 Hanhan watch, but also decided to pay out of his own pocket and took out 100,000 yuan, together with the 160,000 yuan obtained from the watch auction and the 160,000 yuan donated by the Hublot brand, totaling 42 Ten thousand yuan donated to the One Fund to help children infected with HIV.
Hublot Global CEO and Chairman Jean-Claude Biver proudly said: ‘HUBLOT advocates the concept of ‘sharing’, and we actively support children worldwide. Related charity activities, I hope to share our care and love to more people. This time, I can cooperate with Mr. Han Han and invite this humorous, wise and caring young man to join the Hublot family. We are really honored to add strength to public welfare! ‘
Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Beaver and Goodwill Ambassador Han Han
Han Han said at the press conference: ‘Hublot has always been my old friend. The F1 and World Cup sponsored by it are my favorite sports. Of course, the most important thing is that Hublot is very unique. I especially like it. Its innovative materials and the future trends it represents. I also admire Hublot’s long-standing commitment to support for charity. I am honored to cooperate with such an excellent brand and become a Hublot Goodwill Ambassador! Looking forward to the near future We can do more together in the cause of charity in the future! ‘
Today is also the first anniversary of the official signing of Hublot’s F1 exclusive official watch worldwide. In the past 365 days, HUBLOT Hublot, which represents ‘the art of fusion’, has joined hands with the F1 motorsport, which combines high-tech, passion, and fashion elements, and has hit the sparks of passion numerous times. The Hublot print ads, which are based on the photos of F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone after the robbery, are humorous and powerful, and have stirred up a media craze.
At the Shanghai conference, Hublot F1 series limited edition watches were fully unveiled-in addition to the first F1 King Zircon, F1 King King Gold, and the world’s first F1 to use red sapphire as a mirror In addition to the limited edition of the Monza circuit, this year’s debut in China also includes the new F1 King Tourbillon and the F1 King Full Ceramic watch launched by Basel in 2011.
The limited edition of F1 King Tourbillon is limited to 50 pieces. The unique tourbillon frame, the balance wheel and the bezel are decorated with the same line of F1 car brake discs. The disc surface made of ceramics is brushed with satin, the design inspiration comes from F1 Racing brake discs. The F1 King Extreme Full Ceramics is limited to 500 pieces. The bezel and case are made of micro-blasted black ceramic, and the dial is black nickel plated with red luminous coating. Both have the hubris of Hublot Kings Extreme Series and the dynamic passion of F1 motorsport. Two watches have been launched in China for the first time. Hublot Beijing Wangfujing Store and Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Boutique Store are available for inquiry.