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Not every watch brand’s logo is as simple and clear as Mido, IWC, Cartier, Piaget, except for those clear English letters, It usually injects more elements into it. Perhaps you have also heard of the Maltese cross sign of Vacheron Constantin, you are also interested in the Patek Philippe cross, and you have wondered why Rolex used a crown as a sign of pride. A watch lover, you must know these hidden mysteries.
The Maltese flag of Minjiang River Constantin

The Malta Cross (MALTEse Cross) is composed of four ‘V’, inspired by the cross sign used in the first Crusade, and then used by the Yu Yuan Knights and the Malta Knights. In 1880, Vacheron Constantin adopted the Maltese Cross as the company’s trademark. This is not because of the meaning contained in the story, but because the shape of the precision gear used to adjust the clockwork in the shape of a hand watch happens to be similar to the shape of the Maltese cross. And the Maltese Cross here has been transformed into a symbol of superior craftsmanship and handmade.
Rolex crown logo

Perhaps you can’t imagine that the original look of Rolex’s trademark was a five-finger palm, which meant that its products were completely refined by hand. At that time, in 1908, many well-known watch factories would not dare the latecomers to take pride in themselves. However, due to the accumulation of the brand, Rolex’s position in the watch industry has also increased day by day, and it has gradually evolved into a well-known crown, showing the imperial spirit of Rolex in the watchmaking industry.
勒 Reindeer of Caledora Barbados Philippe

The emblem of Patek Philippe ‘Caldoraba Cross’ is a combination of an actual sword and the cross of a priest. This story is derived from a battle: In 1185, a Spanish city called Calledoraba was subject to the Moors. Invasion, the brave priest Raymond and the knight Digo & Bellas Keyes led the people in a desperate war of resistance, eventually driving the Moors away. And if you look at the history of Patek Philippe, you can know that its founder was two people. This symbol is a symbol of the spirit of cooperation between Anthony & Bull; Patek and Jane & Philip, so Calderabad’s cross is logical. Became the symbol of Patek Philippe.
图案 Kunlun watch key pattern

Kunlun watch may be unfamiliar to many people. It was founded in 1955 and comes from Switzerland. The company name is Corum. In just a few decades, it has been recognized as the world’s most energetic brand-name watch manufacturer. When deciding on the brand name, the creator decided to use the upright key of the perfect time key as the brand logo, which implies the mysterious things to be dismantled, and it can be seen that the brand’s positive creativity is also at the same time. Containing the meaning of ‘The Key to Success’, it actually did.
The beautiful stars of the sky at Zenith

Zenith is actually a watch brand full of romance. On a quiet night in 1865, Georges & Favor-Jacott developed a movement that he was most satisfied with. He strolled under the stars at night, looked up at the sky, and got the mysterious inspiration from the universe. A huge celestial body orbiting system around the North Star made him think of the complicated and precise structure of the clock gears around the axis. So he used Zenith (the word means ‘the highest point in the universe’) to name the movement and the watch bow, and used the star symbol as a symbol. This indicates that under the guidance of the stars, enterprises will embark on a promising path.

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