What’s To Watch For Cartier Hills This Year

Cartier has three popular models, presumably everyone is already very familiar: blue balloons, tanks and Santos. Needless to say, the popularity of blue balloons has been worn by many people, especially girls. Today, everyone will talk about Cartier’s other ‘explosive models’: Santos. Santos, as a watch for all men and women, was one of the highest-selling watches of the brand last year, and has given satisfactory answers.

  This year, Cartier Santos is here again. This time, three models were released at the SIHH exhibition, including the 18K rose gold case version, the 18K yellow gold and stainless steel mashup version, and the ADLC carbon coating and stainless steel mashup version. Let’s take a look at the new Santos chronograph.

Santos Story
  Speaking of which, Cartier Hills has a long history.
  Santos is not only the first Cartier timepiece designed for men to be worn on the wrist, but also the ‘crystal’ of friendship between two men.

Left: Mr. Alberto Santos-Dumont Right: Mr. Louis Cartier

  The story of Cartier Santos dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Famous Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont intends to fly his new Santos VI spacecraft, taking off from Saint-Cloud on the outskirts of Paris, orbiting the Eiffel Tower. Return to the place within the time. But because he had to control the spacecraft with both hands, he couldn’t take the pocket watch to watch the time. In the end, the time exceeded 40 seconds, and the challenge failed.

Alberto Santos-Dumont and aircraft fly over the Eiffel Tower

  In order to solve the troubles of his friends, his good friend and master of jewellery and watches, Louis Cartier, subversively designed the pioneering work of the early 20th century engineering era, and named it SANTOS, which achieved the first modern significance in history. The watch also paved the way for Cartier’s Santos series.

Alberto Santos-Dumont

Subtle changes in high color
  The newly launched Santos model this year has added a timing function, but from the appearance, at first glance, it is still slightly difficult to see the slight changes. Today, the watch home will come to analyze what changes have occurred in the new Santos.

  The square case and eight screws are a recognizable design of Santos. Since last year’s new Santos, changes have been made to the bezel and lugs. The bezel extends up and down, connected to the bracelet. The connection between the case and the lugs has a certain arc, which is more clear from the side.

  This year Cartier continues to innovate the buckle system. In addition to the quick-release strap function last year, this year also added a push-button switch mechanism. I have to say that Cartier’s design in some small details is really humane. In addition to the quick-release strap function, you can change the bracelet and the strap. Where is the more convenient place? You can truncate the chain yourself without using any tools. The new push-button switch mechanism is used on rubber or crocodile leather straps, with lighter sheets to improve wearing comfort and convenience.

Cartier Mountain Toshi this year

  The three new Santos chronographs are all oversized, 51.3 mm long, 43.3 mm wide, and 12.5 mm thick. Let’s look at the disk surface again. The partition disk design is applied. The square area is made of brushed technology. The three function disks are decorated with snails to contrast. The hands changed from the blue steel hands of last year’s model back to the original sword-shaped hands, and the minute scale track was gone. Instead, the old minute scale circle was moved to the outer edge of the new dial to add movement to the watch. sense.

A distinctive timing button
  This time, the biggest change in the new model of Santos should be the timing button on the left of the model. Unlike conventional chronograph models, the chronograph buttons of traditional chronograph models are usually located on both sides of the crown to control the timing device. The Santos Chronograph has a chronograph button at 9 o’clock to start and stop the chronograph. This button is not only to highlight the difference, but also to balance the overall visual effect of the watch.

  A word is very popular now, ‘Technical Stream’, it can be said that Cartier plays ‘Technical Stream’ as well as others. Where this watch is released, many people mistake it for a single timing button, but it is not. Cartier has a zero button on the other side of the watch. Where is this button? It’s actually the crown. In addition to adjusting the time of the crown, the crown also has a function of resetting the timer.

  This distinctive timekeeping button is one of Cartier Santos’ most technologically innovative features.

1904-CHMC movement

  This time Santos new model uses Cartier’s famous 1904-CHMC movement. Cartier’s movement is actually very strong. Previously, the blue balloon, tank, and Santos used general-purpose movements, but the 1904-CHMC movement was Cartier’s self-produced movement.

 This movement is the movement used when Cartier launched the chronograph in 2013, which is very functional and practical. The movement is equipped with two barrels, a wheel column, a vertical clutch device and a linear return-to-zero hammer to form an exquisite mechanism for controlling and coordinating timing functions. The power reserve is 48 hours. The chronograph model released in 2013 does not have a small seconds dial. This year’s new Santos chronograph, we can see that the small seconds dial is small, and the other two dials are just embedded on the dial.

  The three versions of Cartier Santos Chronograph this time, the price of the rose gold case version is 20,000 euros, which is about 140 thousand yuan converted into RMB. Almost 90,000 yuan. The price of the other ADLC carbon coating and stainless steel mash-up models is much lower, 7,200 euros, which is about 55,000 yuan, which is expected. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)